Hot Summer Night Beauty Essentials.

7 beauty essentials for hot summer nights - urban decay eyeliner, nars orgasm blush, benefit hoola bronzer

When things get HOT, my whole beauty routine has to change. Case in point: while in Asia, I barely wore any makeup. It was just too hot and humid! And my summer beauty routine/overall look is definitely very different from winter. In the winter I like to be very polished and classic whereas in the summer it’s a little bit messier and all about being as dewey and glowy as possible. I want beachy hair, a (subtle, usually fake!) tan, and all of the glow.

Here are a handful of very summer specific products that I’ve added to my repertoire this month (with the exception of Hoola and Orgasm, which are two of my tried + true year round everyday go-to’s). And also, I left off Glossier Lash Slick as I just wrote about it. But it’s become my go-to mascara as it stays on all day and night without any funny business. And for those who will ask, for a fake tan I go to Sweetheart Tan in Williamsburg. The owner is so nice, does a fantastic job, and everything she uses is clean + organic.

7 summer night beauty essentials:

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.

First thing first. I NEVER thought I really needed a setting spray as I don’t really wear face makeup unless I’m shooting or have a big night out. I got sent a bottle of this and was playing around with it and just fell in love with it because while I don’t wear much foundation this time of year, I do wear other stuff (bronzer, blush, highlighter, a touch of concealer). And this will just lock all of that in place all day or all night long (without feeling sticky or drying or doing anything weird to your face). It is magic and I really, really love it. Even if you are a makeup minimalist, it will make sure that minimal makeup you so carefully applied lasts a while.

Hot Summer Night Beauty Essentials // playa salt spray, urban decay eyeliner, prtty peaushon body lotion, nars orgasm blush, urban decay setting spray, benefit hoola bronzer

Playa Endless Summer Spray.

Since getting my keratin treatment, one of the challenges has been adding more texture to my hair. I love how smooth and shiny the keratin treatment has made my hair. But I also want it to be a bit messy. In Asia I loved how my hair looked because I was in and out of the ocean and (salt water) pool. This sort of does just that. I will apply a little leave in conditioner after the shower and add some of this and let it air dry. And if it still isn’t messy enough then I will add a little bit more when it’s dry. LOVE this spray.

Urban Decay 24/7 Lucky Liner and Goldmine Liner.

This is a fun one! I don’t typically play around with my eyeliner but I got these in a mailing and they are super fun. What I’ll do is use just a tiny bit of black liner at my lash line (so that it’s super natural) and then apply this. Lucky Liner is my favorite as it’s the prettiest copper color (it really makes blue eyes pop) and Goldmine is great in the inner corners of your eyes for a bit of brightening. These are SO pretty!

Nars Orgasm 

Nars Orgasm 

It’s another tried and true favorite but I had to include it again because the limited edition oversized one is SO GOOD. I personally like to use a big fluffy brush and apply blush everywhere (this doesn’t happen with every blush – you could look crazy – but it works with Orgasm) for a flushed look + shimmery glow. It’s a lot easier with the larger blush, which is why I love this one.

Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder

I have been using Hoola since 2004 and have yet to find a bronzer I like as much as this. It looks scary dark in the package but it’s not. When you use a light touch, it’s the perfect natural bronzed glow. And it literally lasts forever… I use it almost every day only replace mine maaayybe every couple years.

Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion.

Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion.

Okay the spelling of this product really bothered me but then I learned that skin is “peau” in French and that’s kind of cool. But this is a clean/organic body lotion and it’s amazing. All you really need to know is that it tightens and firms like crazy. On top of that, it adds an ever so subtle glow with (natural looking) shimmer. Your whole body looks shiny and dewy – Victoria’s Secret Supermodel skin. I am a big fan of this product, it’s basically your holy grail summer body cream. It’s so unlike any other organic body lotion I’ve tried that I still a hard time believing it, but it is. I also love that it barely uses any packaging, and when you are done you can easily recycle it. I wish more brands thought about sustainability with their packaging!

Okay now I want your secrets! Let’s talk about this in the comments.

I would love to know how your beauty routine changes in the summer, and the products you are swearing by right now!!!!

7 summer night beauty essentials - The Stripe


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  1. Mines the exact same – I stop wearing foundation, (because it’s too hot and because it doesn’t work well with a nice tan!) and have been wearing bronzer only, I use Hula too! I might spice up my look trying a few of your recs. I use Not Your Mothers Sea Salt Spray and I’m in love w that product!

    6.27.18 Reply
  2. I love UD 24/7 liner, they apply so smoothly and don’t smudge. Demolition is my favorite, I’ll have to try out these new colors. Have a great Wednesday, xAllie

    6.27.18 Reply
  3. Steph:

    What is your favorite leave-in conditioner?

    6.27.18 Reply
  4. Cy:

    I also love UD liners too! I have smog, a pretty reddish brown ( black is too harsh for me) and invasion. The color selection is amazing! Invasion is a pretty dark teal, the same color as the ring around my irises. When you match that it really makes your eyes pop! My eyes are green. I need that setting spray and body lotion for certain. The mascara sounds great. Oh dear, I might have to get them all ……

    6.27.18 Reply
  5. Suze:

    Have you tried the Trinny London line? I love the just a touch concealer/foundation and the Fortune eye shadow. Long lasting and doesn’t melt off in the heat. Also- all her makeup clicks and stacks together which makes packing a breeze.

    6.29.18 Reply
  6. Current favourites (that I think you’ll love too):

    For messy beauty hair: the Bumble & Bumble salt spray (but the one with oil in it so it nourishes as well, rather than just drying out your hair as most salt sprays do)
    James Read tanning drops or the rosewater gradual tan spray for face (to give the best, natural glow) + his overnight mask is a great tan for body (and won’t stain your nice sheets)
    Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess (obsessed with this scent) shimmery body oil + body butter + exfoliating body wash
    Coola SPF setting spray (does the same as the Urban Decay one but also gives you an extra layer of SPF on top of everything)
    Fresh SPF tinted lip balm (I like the fuchsia pink ‘Candy’ for summer) to hydrate and protect parched lips
    And agree that Orgasm is the very best blush (I also love their Laguna bronzer as a great alternative to Hoola)

    Briony xx

    7.9.18 Reply
    • OOOOH thank you for the suggestions – I always love love love your advice!

      7.9.18 Reply
      • We are the worst beauty enablers for each other! It’s not like either of us ever need a new beauty product ever again, and yet… haha!

        B xx

        7.13.18 Reply