Holiday Jewelry Edit with Dorsey.

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Holiday Jewelry Edit with Dorsey

If you’ve been here long, you know my obsession with Dorsey’s jewelry. The brand really got on the map with their editorial styling + riviere tennis necklaces (and bracelets!) but what has resonated most with my personal style are their more vintage inspired pieces.

Earrings that look like they could be family heirlooms. Hefty cocktail rings that feel like they could be royal treasures or from a glamorous estate. All so special and cool… and perfect for the holidays (whether you are wearing them out to parties or adding them to your wish list).

I get asked a lot about lab grown vs. traditional mined gemstones, so before we dive into the pieces, a primer! I didn’t know much about lab grown stones until Dorsey… it’s actually pretty cool. The labs engineer conditions that mimic the exact way that a stone would develop naturally (in the earth). The end result is a stone that has the exact same physical and chemical properties as a traditionally mined stone. The end result is an identical stone that is more sustainable and more affordable! More sustainable as no mining is required; more affordable as they aren’t rare.

I had never really considered or thought much about lab grown stones before (and Dorsey is my only experience with growing lab grown!) but I have been really impressed with everything I own. (And let’s be real, ahem… Spencer Ring, I could never afford some of these pieces if they involved traditionally mined gemstones!).

PS – this little shop page has all of my Dorsey favorites in one easy to access place!

Holiday Jewelry Edit with Dorsey

Holiday Jewelry Edit with Dorsey

This post isn’t going to focus much on necklaces because I already did a big blog post about them!

But I do have two things to share. Last week, Dorsey did a big restock of both the Clemence and the James. These are the last restocks until 2024 so if you’ve been eyeing them, now would be the time to take the plunge. I wear the 16″ in the James and the 17″ in the Clemence. But as I always say, measure your neck!

Dorsey Earrings

Dorsey’s earrings are truly just the most special. It started with the gold Crawford. Oh my goodness. The amount of compliments I receive on these is just bananas. Bananas. Women stop me and ask me about them. Blog readers message me thanking me for the recommendation. They regularly become the conversation topic when I’m at a party. They are just everything. And they look like a vintage family heirloom (except in perfect shape). I could not love them more. They are easily my most worn earrings, even over my fancier Irene Neuwirth earrings. I LOVE THEM. Note: they also make a silver pair. While I don’t personally own this version, it’s pretty beautiful.

But then! Dorsey went and made an emerald version. These are magic. I still find I wear the gold pair more, probably because they are more neutral. But the emerald is so special. My latest newest pair of Dorsey earrings (below) is the Margaux (sadly now sold out). These are SUPER sparkly. I like them a lot.

Dorsey Earrings Margaux
Dorsey jewelry review

Dorsey Bracelets

Next let’s talk about bracelets! I think… dare I say it… the arm party is making a bit of a comeback? Not the wild ones of the 2010 era but a stack of tennis bracelets and gold? Love. From left to right I am wearing the Clemence 5 stone strand bracelet, the Leonora Link Bracelet in gold, the Kate 3mm lab grown sapphire bracelet, and the 2.5mm lab grown diamond bracelet.

This photo is helpful as it illustrates the size difference between the 3mm and 2.5mm sizes. I’m wearing the 6.5″ size. The 2.5mm looks less sparkly as I wear it pretty much every day – I need to clean it!

Holiday Jewelry Edit with Dorsey

Dorsey Rings

We will end with rings! I have four Dorsey rings. First there is this stack of lab grown emeralds and white sapphires. I love that you can mix and match them for a very dramatic over the top look or just wear one.

And then, the piece I have been most excited to wear (this just arrived in the mail a couple weeks ago and I LOVE it): the Spencer ring. Oh my goodness. This ring. It is just as special as it looks. Just a 5.8 carat lab grown emerald set in sterling silver with 3 carats of lab grown white sapphires. It is as over the top and fabulous as it sounds. The most perfect cocktail ring in the world.

lab grown gems
Dorsey lab grown gems

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