Hello, Gorgeous…

I’ve been dying for a sequin skirt since I don’t know… 2003? This season they are everywhere. My favorite store in the world, (also known as J.Crew) has several gorgeous versions…. here, here, here… and my personal favorite… here.

But they’re all a little bit pricey and I can’t really rationalize spending the money on something that in reality, I’ll probably only wear to a holiday party or two.
Enter this little lovely from Charlotte Russe…
It’s $32.50. So even if it falls apart after one or two wears, I’ll have had my sequined fun..
I love the gold.  I’ll wear it with navy and pearls. 
Get yours here.  It comes in black as well.
Note: I bought a size larger than usual. Charlotte Russe tends to run smaller and we all know that tight & shiny are not the best combination.

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