Hello from Nail Rehab.

Created in partnership with Dr. Dana.

Hello from Nail Rehab

I have to be honest with you, I stopped getting professional manicures this winter and my nails have not looked so great. I never was a nail-biter but started biting them this year. They’re rough, brittle, damaged, and cracked in places. Don’t even get me started on my cuticles. It isn’t pretty.

When Dr. Dana approached me about a partnership for their product (meant to give you beautiful bare nails), I honestly wasn’t sure if I could say yes. I was intrigued by the idea of healthier-looking nails (and being able to go polish-free) but honestly? I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to show the Internet any close-ups of my bare fingernails. They just looked so sad.

The brand overnighted me the product and I got to work testing. I pretty much immediately fell in love with the product. Note: my nails still don’t look perfect, but it’s a HUGE improvement. Also, this is a process, so please be kind! I will show you progress pics. You can’t turn short-bitten nails into long, beautiful nails with one treatment! But before we dive in, a little before and after. This is ten minutes (+ a little trim). I am impressed.

dr dana nail renewal system

Hello from Nail Rehab

Fun fact: Dr. Dana Stern is the only dermatologist in the country who devotes her entire practice to nail diagnosis, surgery, and treatment. The first of her kind! Vogue has even named her “the go-to dermatologist for nail disorders and cosmetic conditions.” Her Nail Renewal System is also the first of its kind… I’ve never seen anything like it! The products are clean, effective, and just make your nails look and feel really good. The formulas in the kit are free from artificial fragrances, dyes, alcohol and parabens.

The system consists of three products. A glycolic acid prep, a priming wand with three different surfaces, and her deep hydrating formula which strengthens the nail and also gives gives nails and cuticles a heavy shot of moisture!

The whole system takes about ten minutes. It’s easy and doesn’t require a ton of focus (I can do this watching TV and not mess up!) Use once a week for best results!

dr dana nail renewal system step 1

The first step is the glycolic prep.

Paint a thin layer onto the nail and cuticle. Let it sink in and dry.

nail buffing pad

Next, we move onto the wand.

This is essentially, a really lovely buffing pad. You start with 01 (the grey side – luckily they are numbered so you won’t forget which step is when), the grittiest of the 3 surfaces. This smoothes out ridges. Don’t go overboard with this. You will notice the nail will have a powdery white coating after this step.

Then, move along to 02 – the hot pink. This is slightly less gritty and polishes up the nail.

The real magic starts with 03, the white. This one is pretty much completely smooth. You will be shocked by how shiny it makes your nails; almost like you have on a coat of clear polish.

Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System review

The last step is the deep hydrating formula.

I love that it hydrates AND strengthens the nails… (it contains a natural nail strengthener). Brush this all over the nail (get your cuticles!) and massage in!

Hello from Nail Rehab - Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System review
Hello from Nail Rehab | Dr. Dana healthy nails at home
Hello from Nail Rehab | Dr. Dana beauty

Buy yours at drdananails.com.

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  1. Shayla:

    Thanks for sharing this! I just recently waned off of acrylic nails and manicures that I had for over a year long straight on my poor nails. I need something like this to get them back to their natural strength and color! Cheers, Grace!

    PS – have you heard of getting a deep scalp clean? It’s a Japanese practice but they are popping up in the US now. It seems like it might be up your alley! 🙂 https://www.blowmeawayla.com/the-head-spa

    6.28.22 Reply
    • I think this will definitely help!!!! Just don’t go too hard on the grey part as your nails are probably weak from gels. Keep me posted on how that goes.

      And no I have never done that but sounds amazing!

      6.28.22 Reply
  2. Megan Caldwell:

    Oh man, I may have to try this!

    8.4.22 Reply
  3. Jennifer:

    Did you use this one time? From her website it looks like you can do a single treatment, three or five treatments. And it sounds like once a week is what she suggests. I am curious what you feel about using it weekly etc.

    8.4.22 Reply