Helen Ficalora: Mother’s Day Giveaway. CLOSED


Out of all of my jewelry, the piece I get asked about most often is the charm necklace I wear (nearly every day) from Helen Ficalora. This necklace is really special to me, and I’ve had it for nine years now. When I first moved to New York, my best friend Nicolette and I each bought the gold chain + our first initial. The charms were, (at the time, when we were roommates and in our early twenties) a major investment for each of us, so we’d usually wait until we got a bonus or a promotion at work to add another charm to our necklaces.

Now, Nicolette is a senior buyer for Macy’s, basically running the show over there… and I have my own little business. In a weird way, it’s kind of fun to look back and think about those early days in New York when everything was so hard. We shared a one bedroom apartment (split down the middle with bookshelves), worked a million hours, subsisted off of two buck chuck (Trader Joe’s $2.99 wine), and sometimes could barely afford groceries… but we still had so. much. fun. And we were fancy with our Helen Ficalora necklaces.


Eventually, I got to a point where I had all three of my initials… and a few fun extras.) At that point, I started to slowly buy them for my mom and my two sisters as Christmas + birthday gifts. And now we all have them (and all still wear them, almost every day.) It’s this special thing that we all have and I smile whenever I see my mom, my sisters, or Nicolette wearing theirs.

Though I wear this necklace pretty much every day, for outfit posts I typically tuck it under my t-shirt. But then I wore it in this post, and the brand reached out to see if I’d like to do a giveaway for Mother’s Day! And so I’m really excited, because now one of you can get the necklace pictured above for your own mother. (Or, if you are lucky enough to be a mom, you can keep it for yourself.) You’ll get the 16″ chain, the “MOM” disk charm, and the mini diamond sun (an in-store exclusive… but you could call to order it.) The total value of the necklace is over $450, so this is a good one… Just enter using  the Rafflecopter widget below.


My charm collection.



They have the best packaging!



(Wearing my necklace this past weekend in Hilton Head!)


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  1. Erin J. says 4.23.15

    I love the initial charms!

  2. Anne says 4.23.15

    How fun that you have this personal history with the company! This little sun charm is great, but I love the cutout heart with diamond one too.

  3. Allison says 4.23.15

    simply beautiful elegance!

  4. Elisabeth says 4.23.15

    What a lovely necklace! Thanks for featuring

  5. Melissa says 4.23.15

    I was just introduced to this collection and hoping to own my first charm this year.

  6. Stephanie says 4.23.15

    Ooooh! I would love a new “S” charm!

  7. Carly says 4.23.15

    love these!

  8. Erin says 4.23.15

    Love this necklace! I don’t know if I would give it to my mom or keep it for me!! 😉

  9. Bee says 4.23.15

    What a beautiful story & charm necklace!!

  10. Marty says 4.23.15

    Hi, Grace! My fave HF charm is the initial L, for my 2 -year-old nephew Lucas. I would love to pair that with the angel wing since he’s as sweet as an angel.

  11. Marisa says 4.23.15

    Great idea and the perfect gift!!!

  12. Danene says 4.23.15

    Such an oldie but goodie!

  13. Alex says 4.23.15

    Love this! Especially love the clover charm 🙂

  14. Jayme says 4.23.15

    LOVE these sweet necklaces!!

  15. Heidi says 4.23.15

    Well I’d have to wait until August when my little boy gets here, but I’d definitely go with a charm with the first letter of his name. I guess my husband and I should really get on that picking a name front!


  16. Ellen M. says 4.23.15

    LOVE all these charms but the initial and moon are a couple of my favorites!

  17. Kathryn says 4.23.15

    The simple initial charm is timeless!

  18. Aina Y says 4.23.15

    These are great. I’d like the MOM one for my mother.

  19. christina says 4.23.15

    The “mom” charm would be extra special – love her necklaces!

  20. Meredith says 4.23.15

    I like the simple initial charms best, although they’re all so beautiful!

  21. Casey says 4.23.15

    Love the Angel Wings!

  22. Marthe says 4.23.15

    I like the PAVE CROWN DISK CHARM very much

  23. Lauren says 4.23.15

    My favorite charm is the diamond initial.

  24. Kathy says 4.23.15

    I adore the mom charm.

  25. Allison says 4.23.15

    I have always wanted one of these charms. I think the Mom charm would look cute with an L for my kids names.

  26. Marissa says 4.23.15

    I would choose the moon charm as my mother always read a book to me that had my favorite phrase, “I love you to the moon and back.”

  27. Natalia says 4.23.15

    I would love to give this necklace to my mom for Mother’s Day! I am a huge fan of Helen- met her at the Palm Beach store- and I looove my necklace.

  28. Amanda says 4.23.15

    Great giveaway! As a new mom, this would be a great gift to keep for myself!

  29. Shen says 4.23.15

    The paw print charm is adorable!

  30. erin says 4.23.15

    I love personalized jewelry – and this is the perfect gift!

  31. Andi says 4.23.15

    I would get my son’s initial!

  32. Erica Forrence says 4.23.15

    Would be a lovely additional Mother’s Day gift for my Momma Joan!

  33. Sharona says 4.23.15

    I love the pave letter charms! <3

  34. lauren says 4.23.15

    I love the sun charm and would wear an “L” everyday!

  35. Caroline says 4.23.15

    these are so pretty! Love the initials and your crescent moon charm- I’ve actually been thinking of making my own charm necklace with the new Baublebar additions!

  36. Shannon says 4.23.15

    I love the MOM charm for a mother’s day gift! I think I am going to have to follow in your footsteps and start my own when big occassions arise!

  37. Asta says 4.23.15

    I LOVE their seashell charm!

  38. natalie mackessy says 4.23.15

    Love the color of the gold! The simplicity of the initial charm is so beautiful!

  39. Suzanne says 4.23.15

    ooh love the pave initials! xx

  40. Ellie says 4.23.15

    Love her necklaces. I have the horseshoe and love it

  41. Susan says 4.23.15

    I love the mom charm best.

  42. Cory says 4.23.15

    I love the C charm!

  43. Jeri says 4.23.15

    These are beautiful! I love the initial and the large crescent moon charms together. What a gorgeous everyday look.

  44. Mom says 4.23.15

    i love my Helen Ficalora necklace especially because it’s from you and your sisters! My favorite charms are the flowers. I have the cherry blossom from the year I visited NYC and it was too cold for cherry blossoms but I did see the magnolia. I also love the Mom charm and the little diamond, they are all perfection!

  45. Kimi says 4.23.15

    i’ve never had an initial “K” charm! i would love one 🙂

  46. Perri says 4.23.15

    I would love to give this to my mom for mothers day! She has always wanted a Helen Ficalora necklace!

  47. Sean says 4.23.15

    The FAITH charm is my favorite. Quite lovely!

  48. Sandy says 4.23.15

    I would get the “mom” charm and a “s” and “i” for my two daughters. Love this! So beautiful!

  49. jillian says 4.23.15

    CUTE! i’d love to get a necklace with my daughter’s initial and the moon charm! xo jillian

  50. Alina says 4.23.15

    I would love the charm is an “S” on it for my son’s name.

  51. Mara says 4.23.15

    I love the fleur de lis charm! Such a pretty necklace!

  52. Christina says 4.23.15

    Love the 3 initials idea!

  53. Haley says 4.23.15

    I love the mom charm 🙂 would love to give to my mom!

  54. Mallie Arns says 4.23.15

    Love these necklaces! Want to get a charm with my son’s initial on it too!

  55. Catherine says 4.23.15

    Love the mom necklace. I’m going to be a new mom in a few months and would wear this proudly!

  56. Melinda says 4.23.15

    I love the initial charms- a good monogram is always wonderful!

  57. Tim says 4.23.15

    My wife loves her initial charm and I’d love to win her the “mom” charm to go with it n

  58. Vanessa says 4.23.15

    The necklace is gorgeous — and a great idea for a unique Mother’s Day gift!

  59. Cherie montorio says 4.23.15

    My favorite is the LARGE TEA ROSE FLOWER CHARM.

  60. Hayden says 4.23.15

    I LOVE the little sun charm and the initials!

  61. Gina Kimbrough says 4.23.15

    I love the initial charms!

  62. Jeniffer says 4.23.15

    Lovely necklace, my favorite charm is the “DREAM” disk charm

  63. Christine says 4.23.15

    I love your crescent moon charm!

  64. Mili says 4.23.15

    I love the “M” charm!

  65. Alison + Amy | VelvetCrate says 4.23.15

    These necklaces are so dainty and sweet! Perfect gift for mom.


  66. Eva says 4.23.15

    Large Libra Zodiac Charm

  67. Emma Finlayson says 4.23.15

    I like the “mom” charm. My birthday falls on Mother’s Day this year and I have infant twins. I am so a MOM right now!
    xo Emma

  68. Ashley says 4.23.15

    I love love the “xox” charm, it’s how my fiancé signs all of his notes to me. I’d love to have it with me all the time.

  69. Abbe says 4.23.15

    Hamsa mini charm is my fav! Either pave diamond or straight up gold. Love it.

  70. Nicole Unwin says 4.23.15

    I love Helen Ficalora jewelry!! I would love to be able to give this to my mom for Mother’s Day!!

  71. jessica says 4.23.15

    i would love the mom charm and the letter b for my last name!

  72. Zita Nagy says 4.23.15


  73. kelly rae says 4.23.15

    the bee mini charm is super cute

  74. alison v. says 4.23.15

    since my first mother’s day is coming up, I’m all over that MOM charm 🙂 love Helen Ficalora so much! xo

  75. Anna says 4.23.15

    I love these necklaces–simple and delicate (which is pretty much the only type of jewelry I wear!), plus a great personal touch!

  76. Carrie says 4.23.15

    So pretty

  77. latanya t says 4.23.15

    the dream disk charm

  78. Jordan says 4.23.15

    Love the necklace! So beautiful.

  79. Tara says 4.23.15

    Very pretty, and love how each charm tells a story.

  80. Alex says 4.23.15

    Oh, I love the sun charm! So dainty!

  81. Denise M says 4.23.15

    I love the Taurus Zodiac sign

  82. Dariel | a daily dose of Vitamin D says 4.23.15

    i love the mini giraffe charm! adorable!

  83. Tina says 4.23.15

    I absolutely love HF necklaces and am so excited about this giveaway. I recently misplaced my very special mom necklace that my wonderful son picked out himself for me. I’ve worn it everyday for 6 years! I took it off in Florida before swimming and I left it there at the hotel!!!! I still don’t know how I let that happen. So upsetting.

  84. Jess says 4.23.15

    The angel wing is my favorite by far!

  85. Alena K says 4.23.15

    I adore the sweet Mom charm. I’ve love to wear it to make my daughter feel close 🙂

  86. Alyssa says 4.23.15

    I’d have to get this necklace with about 20 charms for all of the people I love!

  87. Alexa K says 4.23.15

    Such a cute personal gift for Mother’s Day!

  88. Samantha says 4.23.15

    I love the simplisticness of Helen Ficalora’s charms – but the personal touch that they add with an initial!

  89. Carly Taylor says 4.23.15

    really cute charms! love them all!

  90. Nora says 4.23.15

    I love the mom charm!

  91. Cindy says 4.23.15

    I can’t pick just one favorite! I’ve narrowed it down to the cherry blossom and the dragon fly. 🙂

  92. Lindsay says 4.23.15

    I love the initial charms! I would wear an L every day, like you do with yours.

  93. Colleen Boudreau says 4.23.15


  94. Gabriela Sanchez says 4.23.15

    I honestly love this beautiful Necklace all the Initials are perfect
    C for my son Christopher
    A for my daughter Allesandra
    G for Grace my daughter
    G for me Gabriela

    It was a pleasure to enter.

  95. Lindsay // Belle Belle Beauty says 4.23.15

    Love Helen Ficalora. I can’t believe I am just now finding out about the brand. Balanced between delicate but still with some presence!

  96. Valerie Gauthier says 4.23.15

    Love the crescent moon in your charms mix! I have a very simple combination from Ficalora: 2 alphabet charm with diamond, one in yellow gold and one in pink gold, for my daughters. I have an eye on the tulip charm, so delicate. Thank you for the inspiration!

  97. keely says 4.23.15

    so personal and timeless!

  98. Lori says 4.23.15

    I love the large pave crescent moon…too pretty

  99. Kelly D says 4.23.15

    I like the Pave K Alphabet Charm.

  100. Amy says 4.23.15

    Great gift idea!

  101. Shruti says 4.23.15

    This is such a charming necklace.

  102. Chelsea says 4.23.15

    The mom charm rocks…..since I’m a new mom!

  103. Nicole says 4.23.15

    I love the seashell charms and initial charms!

  104. Devon B says 4.23.15

    I love this necklace! I’m also completely in love the brief background of you and your best friend barely making it but splurging for something so special. So relatable 🙂

  105. Kimberly says 4.23.15

    I’m a sucker for hearts, so I really like the small smushie heart charm.

  106. Danielle M says 4.23.15

    Love all the initial charms:) Would get all my kids initials!

  107. Lauren Maiorino says 4.23.15

    i love the little dog charm. I’d also love a J and a B for each of my kids.

  108. Theodora says 4.23.15

    LOVE the palm tree!

  109. Elyse G. says 4.23.15

    This is so lovely! It would be a wonderful gift for my mom and a meaningful tradition to start with my family. *fingers crossed*

  110. Sydney - wttwcreate says 4.23.15
  111. Kate says 4.23.15

    I love the initial charms!

  112. Heather Lenes says 4.23.15

    I love the mini diamond sun!

  113. elizabeth ashley says 4.23.15

    Honestly, I’m such a fan of just a simple collection of initials!

  114. Christen says 4.24.15

    I love the “L” in the classic plain gold… And the key for extra!!

  115. Jordan :) says 4.24.15

    i have never heard of this brand but its beautiful. my favorite charm is the large diamond disk charm. maybe a 30th birthday present?! fingers crossed!

  116. dari says 4.24.15

    the g one in pic

  117. Winnie says 4.24.15

    I LOVE the sweet little angel wing!

  118. Megan says 4.24.15

    I love the diamond initials…a true classic with a hint of glam!

  119. Meg says 4.24.15

    I like the initials – I’d get a B for my son’s name (it’s my first mother’s day!)!

  120. Chelcey says 4.24.15

    I love how dainty these charms are. I would pick either the “C” initial, or the April birth month charm…I’m a first time mom, and my son just turned one earlier this month!

  121. Marta G (A Bilingual BAby) says 4.24.15

    My favourite charm is the angel wing. Thank you!

  122. Ash & Em says 4.24.15

    Love love love the angel wing.


  123. Holly says 4.24.15

    Love the diamond sunburst!

  124. jen says 4.24.15

    I love the initial charms!

  125. Lindsay says 4.24.15

    I really love the Mom charm! I am expecting May 21st so this will be my first mother’s day 🙂

  126. G. Ouellette says 4.24.15

    I LOVE the tea rose flower charm. So cute! My mother would adore this! xoxo

  127. Danielle D says 4.25.15

    I love you to the moon and back

  128. Aaron says 4.25.15

    My favorite from Helen Ficalora is the PAVE “A” ALPHABET CHARM!

  129. Erin H. says 4.25.15

    I love the H charm because both of my little boys names start with H and so does or last name 🙂

  130. Nicole says 4.25.15

    Hoping to own my first charms soon – would love an initial charm for each of my sons names. Being a mom to my two boys is the best job I’ve ever had!

  131. Tari Lawson says 4.25.15

    I like the cat charm.

  132. Margaret Smith says 4.25.15

    Love,love,love this necklace & charms. My favorite is the Heart Cutout Charm with Diamond but I equally love the Palm tree. They really offer a great selection of charms. Thanks so much.

  133. Rachel Travis says 4.25.15

    I love the “dream” charm!

  134. nickie says 4.25.15

    The simple initial charm is classy!

  135. Noemi says 4.25.15

    I love this necklace and the pendants, most of all the initials and the diamond sun. I never won anything, but try!

  136. Tracy Davis says 4.25.15

    My favorite charm is the diamond initial.

  137. Jessica says 4.25.15

    I would love a J for my name!

  138. Anne says 4.25.15

    the letter charms are too perfect! Would love to gradually stack up my initials

  139. Jennifer W says 4.25.15

    My favorite is the G-Clef mini charm! I’m a musician and so it’s a powerful symbol to me 🙂

  140. Tracy Pryor says 4.25.15

    I like the PALM TREE DISK CHARM.

  141. Deb says 4.25.15

    I like the MOM charm

  142. Tracy says 4.25.15

    Love the beautiful charms!

  143. Rosanne Morrison says 4.25.15

    I like the large pave crescent moon charm

  144. Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says 4.25.15

    I would love the J charm for my husbands name!

  145. Sara D. says 4.26.15

    I love the initials!

  146. Vero M says 4.26.15

    Love the mom charm with the diamond in it!

  147. Winnie Vien says 4.26.15

    Love how simple and elegant the necklace is! My favorite charm is definitely the initial for making it personal.

  148. Laura says 4.26.15

    love the mom, what a great gift!

  149. Lindsey says 4.26.15

    i love the mom charm 🙂

  150. Katie says 4.26.15

    Loving the Mom charm for Mother’s Day!

  151. Lf says 4.26.15

    Diamond anchor charm

  152. Elizabeth says 4.26.15

    Love these necklaces!

  153. Toni says 4.26.15

    I’d get the turquoise stacking ring.

  154. karenb says 4.26.15

    My favorite charm is the initial charms especially the “D” Alphabet Charm with Diamond

  155. Alyssa says 4.26.15

    I love the initial charms! They are so adorable!

  156. M Clarkson says 4.26.15

    The heart charm would be great for my mother!

  157. Melanie F says 4.26.15

    Ahhhh, LOVE these! I would cherish the timeless initial charms & would love to get my babies initials!

    • chickie brewer says 4.26.15

      I like the Mom charm..

  158. Jess Zimlich says 4.26.15

    The initials are my favorites 🙂

  159. Erica B. says 4.26.15

    I like the mom charm.

  160. Veronica says 4.26.15

    I am in love with all, but the initial is cute.

  161. Amanda K says 4.27.15

    What a wonderful giveaway! My favorite charm is the “Hope” disk charm with diamond.

  162. Michele P says 4.27.15

    I love the M alphabet charm with diamond, so pretty!

  163. deana says 4.27.15

    My favorite charm is the Pave “D” Alphabet Charm

  164. Paula Michele Hafner says 4.27.15

    I love the Heart Cutout Charm with a diamond.

  165. Christina D says 4.27.15

    I love the PAVE “C” Alphabet charm…really nice.

  166. Sara says 4.27.15

    Love love love those initial charms! So delicate and personal.

  167. Kim Pincombe Cole says 4.27.15

    In addition to all of the pave diamond initial charms, I love the sun cutout charm…

  168. Carolyn Daley says 4.27.15

    I like the Sterling Silver Turtle Coin Charm.

  169. Alex J says 4.27.15

    love the initial charms with the single diamond! beautiful!

  170. Rust says 4.27.15

    I love the angel charms, especially the Peace Angel Charm

  171. Francine Anchondo says 4.27.15

    Angel Wings

  172. Marty C. says 4.27.15

    I like the design of the diamond spiral charm. It would be nice if there were a less expensive version made with a semi-precious stone like amethyst.

  173. Sandy says 4.27.15

    my favorite is the Mom charm!! Of course!!

  174. JoAnna Carpentier says 4.27.15

    I love the small maple leaf cutout charm. So pretty! 🙂

  175. Peter G says 4.27.15

    The Clover Charm because clover leaves bring good luck.

  176. Leah says 4.27.15

    I really like the initial charms with the single diamond and I also really like the daffodil repousse charm.

  177. Mirian says 4.27.15

    The mom charm is sooo adorable. I hope to win this!

  178. Theresa Smith says 4.27.15

    My favorite is the PAVE BUTTERFLY MINI CHARM.

  179. Kira says 4.27.15

    Now I really want this necklace!!

  180. theresa J says 4.28.15

    I love the heart cutout charm

  181. Sandra says 4.28.15

    Hi Grace! I just love your blog and this necklace would be great! All the best for you 🙂

  182. Tara Woods says 4.28.15

    My favorite is The Pave “T” Alphabet Charm.

  183. Jennifer J says 4.28.15

    I like the SMALL PAW PRINT DISK CHARM. Thanks!!

  184. Jessie says 4.28.15

    The letter charms are classic and beautiful and personal!

  185. Richard Hicks says 4.28.15

    One of my favorite charms is the LOTUS FLOWER CHARM

  186. Erica L says 4.28.15

    I really like Small Paw Print Disk Charm.

  187. Tanya N says 4.28.15

    The ‘Mom’ charm would be a perfect gift to add my mother’s necklace that already has our initials.

  188. shawna says 4.28.15

    I would like the MJ Fox Charm

  189. Caitlin McGhee says 4.28.15

    The Mom one is my favorite this year as I am a first time Mom. I am in my final year of medical school and have worked so hard to get to where I am, but my greatest achievement is by far my Son. Thinking of the legacy I want to leave behind for him keeps me studying nights after he goes to bed, keeps me focused when I am working 48 hour calls and gives me something to look forward to come home to after a hard day. 🙂

  190. Sherry Conrad says 4.29.15

    My favorite charm is the diamond initial.

  191. Zak says 4.29.15

    My new obsession!

  192. Zak says 4.29.15


  193. stephanie baker says 4.29.15

    This is such special jewelry & will automatically become a family heirloom. Since I just be came a mother for the first time last year, & lost my mother almost 6 years ago, the Mom charm would be sentimental for me. I’d also love to add some initial charms for my daughter & the one that will arrive this summer, too.

  194. cynthia Dawson says 4.29.15

    I love the initial charms! I would get one for each of my children!

  195. Lee McKeon says 4.29.15

    I absolutely love the MOM charm!

  196. Sarah W says 4.29.15

    My favorite charm is the Dove Mini Charm. Doves remind me of my Momma, who passed away 6 years ago.

  197. Sue J. says 4.29.15

    I love the diamond initial charm!

  198. Kate Olmeda says 4.29.15

    I love the PAVE “P” ALPHABET CHARM! Simply gorgeous!

  199. Kate Olmeda says 4.29.15

    I love the PAVE “P” ALPHABET CHARM! Simply gorgeous.

  200. Tarah says 4.29.15

    I like the “Mom” Disk Charm with Diamond

  201. sarah says 4.29.15

    The wing charm is so pretty!

  202. Kassie says 4.29.15

    I’m really crossing my fingers! This necklace is so beautiful!

    I really like the Dove Coin Charm, and all of the animal ones in general 🙂

  203. Michelle D says 4.29.15

    I love the initial charm and would get one in an “A” to remind me of my son.

  204. Peggy Rydzewski says 4.29.15

    The charms with the pave stones.

  205. shaunie says 4.29.15

    My favorite is the PAVE “N” ALPHABET CHARM

  206. Stephanie Galbraith says 4.29.15

    My favorite charm is the KEY MINI CHARM.

  207. sand says 4.29.15

    The star charm is my favorite.

  208. Tina d Reynolds says 4.29.15


  209. Trisha McKee says 4.29.15


  210. Beverly Metcalf says 4.29.15

    I love the MOM charm. Thanks for having this contest.

  211. Susan Perkins says 5.2.16

    I love dragon flys I would love to have it but I can’t afford it

  212. Kate says 7.11.17

    What size is your chain? Fine or the medium fine? I love it!!!

    • grace at the stripe says 7.11.17