Happy Little Things

I feel so boring, lately.  All I want to talk about is our apartment and the renovations we’ve been making.  But that said, it’s kind of exciting.  Also – I spent the past 7 months without a dresser, so finally having one is pretty much the best thing in the world.  We’re in the thick of it right now.  Our couch, chaise lounges, bed, and my dresser arrived last weekend and we spent the entire weekend cleaning, arranging, and throwing things out.  We still have so much more decluttering, purging, and decorating to do, but it’s starting to come together quite nicely… I thought it would be fun to share some photos of where we’re at right now.

Isn’t she lovely?  Finally – a place to store my precious cargo.

Random baubles (BaubleBar earrings, an agate necklace I made, my Eddie Borgo bracelet,) waiting to be put away.

I might be a little too obsessed with studs (particularly those that are nautical or animal-related.)

Styling our coffee table!

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  1. Melissa says 5.4.12

    You can never have enough animal-related studs, never ! Have a happy friday 🙂

  2. The Life of Clare says 5.4.12

    I love the different sized draws in your dresser! Fantastic jewels!

  3. Ceperk says 5.4.12

    Beautiful styling!!

  4. Mady says 5.4.12

    love the pieces! amazing necklace!



  5. Mai says 5.4.12

    lovely! i really like your decorating style.

  6. Viviana Carmona says 5.4.12

    Loving the new improvements! And all those jewels… gorg.

  7. Liz {Sequins & Stripes} says 5.4.12

    Looks amazing! This would definitely be a consuming amount of happy things! Happy weekend! xo

  8. Jacquelyn Giardina says 5.4.12

    i have an obsession with studs too! of all designs and colors. I try to wear larger earrings but always go back to my studs!

    xo Jackie…livingaftermidnite

  9. Meg (MIMI+MEG) says 5.4.12

    I’m totally obsessed with studs. Wear them almost every day!

  10. Frankie hearts fashion says 5.4.12

    The coffee table looks so good G! Redecorating is so much fun! Have a great weekend. xoxo

  11. BmoreLoveLeigh says 5.4.12

    Your coffee table looks really really good!  Love it!  I live in a rowhouse, so have never been able to have a coffee table due to space limitations!

  12. Megan Zietz says 5.4.12

    i love the coffee table, i’m in home envy, I wish I could have glass and stuff on the table without the kids grabbing it

  13. Martarossinistyling says 5.4.12

    very nice!

  14. Molliee Martin says 5.4.12

    loving your  new place! I think I have that same dress form! I am in love with those seat cushions by your coffee table! cute metallic one!

  15. Becca Atwood says 5.4.12

    I love seeing how everything is coming together! Can’t wait to see it in person. xx

  16. Jordan - Queen of LA says 5.4.12

    the dresser looks great and the coffee table looks fantastic! more sneak peeks please!!! 

  17. Kate {domestikatedlife} says 5.4.12

    love the dresser, such a cute little vignette!

  18. Laura | Styledbylaura.com says 5.4.12

    It’s looking great! 

    Laura xo

  19. Bestie says 5.4.12

    i love the studs!  and the dresser looks fab too.


  20. Fashion-isha says 5.4.12

    The turqoise jewelry is heavenly!! Have a gorgeous weekend sweets!

  21. so anthro says 5.4.12

    Your studs are a-freaking-dorable. Your baubles tempt me so terribly!! And I love your coffee table! 🙂

  22. Lindsay says 5.4.12

    coffee table looks fab. I am on a coffee table book buying binge right now. I love em on a round tufted ottoman too!

  23. Eat and Sip in the City says 5.4.12

    I totally know how you feel since I am moving very soon and cleaning, packing, and purging. But best of all decorating and shopping:-) Enjoy it 🙂

  24. Jennifer White73 says 5.5.12

    Your coffee table is lovely. Inspired!



  25. Tamra Sanford says 5.5.12

    Ohh love these sneak peeks!  the dresser is fab!  but you know my eye is on that mannequin.  I’m dying for one!  Heart the coffee table too.  Great styling!

  26. Bettina says 5.5.12

    Love the new dresser and how the perfumes look on the top! Keep the home renovations coming I’m loving it! 

  27. anna_sterretje says 5.5.12

    love the beetle earrings!


  28. KateSarah says 5.6.12

    Hi, love the dresser! I’ve been in the market for a new dresser forever, do you mind telling me where it came from? Thanks! 

  29. Jessica says 5.7.12

    love the Moroccan poof! Have fun nesting

  30. Tiffany M says 5.7.12

    How did you make that necklace?? Did I miss that DIY? Its absolutely stunning!

    • graceatwood says 5.7.12

      It actually wasn’t a DIY post… I just strung together some chains and agate stones. Maybe I’ll do a post on it!

  31. Alyson -- TAGG says 5.7.12

    Love all the home glimpses! I’m so envious of gorgeous coffee tables….. little kids and nice books do not go well together! 🙁 ADORE that table though and I’ve been on the hunt for a bust, too. So fun for jewels.

  32. johanna says 5.7.12

    I feel the same lately – home projects have me in a creative rut but it’s exciting stuff, no? By the way, loving your stud collection. I’d wear any and all of ’em!

    • graceatwood says 5.7.12

      thanks, Johanna! I am so obsessed with studs 🙂

  33. Rachel DeSimone says 5.9.12

    Your coffee table had managed to look super cool and also practical/usable. I really like the use of coasters as a part of the stylescape, they blend pretty seamlessly.