Happy Little Things

Happy Friday, friends!  We made it… finally Friday!  Whatever your plans are this weekend, I hope it’s absolutely wonderful (and relaxing!)  Take the time to slow down, relax, and unwind…(at least as best as you possibly can.)  The bf’s mother is visiting us this weekend, so we have a jam packed agenda… we’re going to the Philharmonic tonight, and Wicked tomorrow… with lots of activities during the day!  In between all of the excitement, I’ve promised myself to slow down and savor the little moments!  Anyway, I’m thankful for the weekend.  Here were a handful of little things that brightened up my week.

Some of you may know that I try to eat gluten-free as much as possible.  I’ve got an intolerance, which is entirely different than an allergy – but I feel 100% better when I avoid bread, pasta, wheat, the works.  It can be really, really hard – I love my bread. I am so thankful to have discovered Free Bread, for that reason. Their rolls are just incredible.  My favorites are the Jalaa (cheddar and jalapeno,) and the Creamer (with a little cream cheese in the middle.)  So, so good.  I get a dozen delivered every couple weeks.

I finally got my business cards.  It’s funny, I can be such a perfectionist that it becomes paralyzing… and then, I don’t do the simple and important things – like ordering business cards.  I got these from Moo – love their site, and the cards are way more affordable than anywhere I’ve seen.  Of course I had to do a little mini-DIY, gluing sequins on, over the i’s.  Of course.

I once had a boyfriend who told me that monograms were for narcissists.  I don’t think he’d necessarily approve of this collection.  And to be truthful; this isn’t even all of them.  But hey, I work for BaubleBar!  I get a discount.  I can’t help myself!  What do you want me to say!?

I really wanted that spiky Plukka ring that was all over the blogosphere.  Alas, it was uber expensive.  After a bit of hunting, I found this one.  For $20.  Much better.

Lastly, the amazing team at Truth Art Beauty invited me to design my own custom face oil.  I used an argan oil base with pumpkin seed and borage oil.  I’ve always been a big proponent of face oils but this might quite possibly be my new favorite.  It’s also much more affordable than other oils I’ve tried – at only $54, it’s a steal – relatively speaking, of course.

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Leave a Comment


  1. Natasha Fatah:

    I’ve been wanting to get business cards as well, I love how clean and simple yours are. 
    Nicely done.

    4.20.12 Reply
  2. christin:

    you had me at face oil. no joke. doing my research now. happy friday! hope you find a few minutes of downtime this weekend!

    4.20.12 Reply
  3. Virginia:

    Great stuff!!!
    love your blog!!!
    like to follow each other!!?


    4.20.12 Reply
  4. Liz {Sequins & Stripes}:

    I love Friday posts like this, and I definitely think it is so important to enter the weekend with a few deep breaths. I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to be super productive on weekends, when really I just need to shut my brain off for at least 24 hours. Your weekend sounds so fun, and I will tell you that I have a slight obsession with Wicked {+ all show tunes for that matter :)}. Love your new ring and all of the monograms, sometimes these are completely necessary details of being a girl. Happy weekend, Grace!

    4.20.12 Reply
  5. Danielledee1123:

    Great stuff Grace! I love your business cards! Have a great weekend 🙂

    4.20.12 Reply
  6. Lisa // Elembee, Etc:

    Love the design of the face oil. Happy weekend!

    4.20.12 Reply
  7. Georgina Castellucci:

    I’m a G also and have been meaning to buy something from BaubleBar forever! I think the monogrammed necklace may be my first purchase!!!

    4.20.12 Reply
  8. Alexa:

    Oh Grace your business cards came out beautifully! Happy weekend my friend.

    4.20.12 Reply
  9. Chic 'n Cheap Living:

    You had me at jalapeño!  Of course good bread still isn’t easy to find here in my corner of Asia, but I keep trying!
    Ahh and you are reminding me that I need to check out Baublebar!

    xoxo,Chic ‘n Cheap Living

    4.20.12 Reply
  10. Sarah:

    Your Friday roundups always make me so happy! 🙂 Such a nice little view into your week. I love your business cards – so and clean and simple. (& I adore the added sparkle!) It’s funny that you mention them today because I just met with someone yesterday to work with me on my blog business cards too (no more writing my blog URL on the back of my work business cards! Yay!). Looks like our timing is in sync. Have a wonderful weekend! <3

    4.20.12 Reply
  11. so anthro:

    So in love with your business cards and totally lusting over all of BaubleBar’s darling monogram pieces!! Happy weekend! xx

    4.20.12 Reply
  12. Bettina:

    Haha the other day I told my boyfriend that I love having things that say my name on them and he told me that maybe I shouldn’t parade around town saying that b/c people might thing I’m a narcissist.  Checking out the business card site, I def need some for my day job. Have a lovely weekend! 

    4.20.12 Reply
  13. Heather Pranitis:

    I love the look of your cards, streamlined, very nice. And monograms are absolutely fabulous – I have a whole series of cards in my shop dedicated to monograms because they are so fabulous and then some!

    4.21.12 Reply
  14. Onecraftyfox:

    The business cards look amazing, and I [heart] the necklaces.  

    4.22.12 Reply
  15. Fashion-isha:

    I’m also trying to be gluten free! I just thing it’s also an easy way to stay thin and feel great! I love your business cards and I’m so the same way…I’ll do nothing instead of facing my fears of imperfection. I’m going to check out the place you ordered them! And I love the sequins 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    4.22.12 Reply
  16. yesterdaystodolist:

    I can’t wait to try the Free products! I found out I had celiac’s disease in 2008, and I didn’t find a decent gfree bread until last year (Udi’s). Thanks for sharing 🙂

    4.22.12 Reply
  17. Alyson -- TAGG:

    Would love to chat with more about going gluten free! Adam and I are really considering it for different reasons and think it could make a huge difference with my neuro issues. Wish this bread was my way. Looks so good! And, yeah… those monograms are pretty amazing. Adore the bold acrylic one two in. 

    4.23.12 Reply
  18. Lonely Wife Project:

    The bread just gave me a reason to go gluten free! And your ex clearly doesn’t understand fashion 😉

    4.23.12 Reply
  19. Lindsey:

    Love the monograms and I love BaubleBar 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog!


    4.23.12 Reply
  20. Jennifer:

    i love your business cards & of course that extra special sparkle!


    4.24.12 Reply