My Stay at Guesthouse Charleston.

My Stay at Guesthouse Charleston
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When I travel, I’m always torn: do I go with an Air B&B (more space and privacy, the ability to cook, generally – more affordable than a hotel) or a hotel (amenities! community space! generally – prettier, better designed). During my week between apartments while I waited for my things to arrive, I stayed at Guesthouse Charleston and I cannot stop raving about my stay there… for a whole host of reasons, but mostly because it combined both of those things I love: the space and independence (and kitchen) that you get when you rent an apartment… with the convenience, aesthetics, and amenities (and also: beautiful communal space) of a hotel.

My Stay at Guesthouse Charleston

I wound up staying in two different units: 46H Spring Street and 204 Saint Phillips as my move was a little delayed and I absolutely loved both locations. Big, comfy beds… beautiful bathrooms, kitchens with every utensil and accessory you could ever want or need… and so. much. natural light.

The photos below will give you a pretty great idea for the spaces. But I LOVED my stay here so much. I can’t stop gushing. Moving out of New York (and then flying with a cat) was chaos. And as I punched in the key code to my door and walked up the stairs and breathed a deep sigh of relief… it just felt like home. If you are planning a trip to Charleston, I can’t recommend staying here enough.

My Stay at Guesthouse Charleston bed

Besides being one of the nicest places I’ve ever stayed in Charleston (this would be my number one pick for a place to stay in Charleston), it’s also run by a really, really great couple: Rebecca Blackman Ramsay and her husband Alex. I loved getting to know them better throughout my stay.

Rebecca has no formal background in interior design but designed all of the spaces.

I had automatically assumed she had a design background as the spaces were so perfectly designed: homey and comfortable but also luxurious and really aesthetically pleasing. With both Rebecca and Alex, you can tell they really love what they do and that they really care. Wanting to make sure each guest that stays there has a great experience… I sat in the courtyard and watched them mingle and chat with guests. Answering questions, making sure that everyone was having a great stay.

Also: you might remember from my Instagram stories, but at one point during my stay, Tyrion got himself stuck under the dishwasher. It was a nightmare, and I spent nearly an entire day distraught / hunting for him. Rebecca and Alex not only helped me look for him, but also determined where he was. And drilled through a cabinet to get him out from behind the dishwasher. Anyone who takes time out of their day for a full on cat extraction has my undying loyalty. And I don’t know about you but I also just like supporting good people. Though I am a Charleston resident for now, I will be referring all friends and family to stay at Guesthouse!

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The photos above were all taken at 204 Phillips, but the photos below are from 46H Spring!

46H Spring Guesthouse Charleston

I don’t like to play favorites but 46H Spring was probably my favorite.

This is where I stayed for the longest. I really loved the other apartment too. But I especially loved the living area: the living room in this unit is just DRENCHED in light.

I was busy working, coordinating moving logistics, and just generally stressing… but I still remember sitting on that leather couch and taking in all of that beautiful light and feeling calmer and just happy. I loved the kitchen (I even cooked a little), and that couch is incredibly cozy. It was the perfect setup.

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Disclosure: Guesthouse comped my stay. I was not obligated to write a post about my stay but I had an incredible time and wanted to spread the word!

photography by Anne Rhett.

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  1. Such a beautiful place! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4.22.21 Reply
  2. Kate:

    Love a hotel/Airbnb hybrid. This place is gorgeous. And I love your front door pic.

    4.22.21 Reply
  3. Ellen:

    Just an FYI that the links to both of the Guesthouse locations go to Shopbop!

    4.22.21 Reply
  4. Monica Young:

    These are all gorgeous! Makes me 1) want to book a stay 2) re-do my entire space 3) both!

    4.22.21 Reply
  5. Oh my – sorry about that! Fixed!

    4.22.21 Reply
  6. Kyra:

    Dropping a comment to say, Charleston looks GOOD on you!! Also, those places are gorgeous. Would love to visit and stay there some day!

    4.22.21 Reply
  7. Erin:

    It looks gorgeous and was hopeful to travel with our dog-however it looks like all their units say No Animals…
    So very happy for you to be getting settled in your new place near family and friends!

    4.22.21 Reply
    • Maybe shoot them an email!!!! I feel like they make exceptions.

      4.22.21 Reply
    • Kim F:

      They must have updated their rules after operation Cat Extract. : )

      4.22.21 Reply
  8. I’m definitely going to add this one to my list! I’ve been thinking about planning another visit to Charleston. And I love the leather sofas. So key for cleanliness! 🙂


    4.23.21 Reply
  9. This space looks SO amazing! Bookmarking it for sure!

    4.23.21 Reply
  10. Katy:

    Thank you for this! Trying to get my friends to stay here. 🙂
    Any other good places to stay like this with a group of 8 mid-30s girls that you’ve come across since living there?

    5.12.21 Reply
    • Hi! I don’t have any other recs but maybe try searching Air BnB or VRBO 🙂 That’s a large group!

      5.12.21 Reply