{guest post} Stripes on Stripes by vmac+cheese!

Today, Victoria from vmac+cheese is taking over on S&S.  I discovered Victoria’s blog via Liz from So Much To Smile About.  From the first post I read, I knew we would get along.  She likes stripes?  Check.  J.Crew?  Check.  Beautiful interiors and colorful style?  Done.  Her blog is one of my daily reads and I’m honored to have her guest posting on Stripes & Sequins while I’m galavanting around Europe.  Not to rub it in or anything.

Hi everyone! Victoria from vmac+cheese here, happy to be filling in for Grace while she frolics about Europe. Does it need to be said? I’m jealous. Really jealous.

When Grace asked me to post on something S&S related, the first thing that came to mind is one of my favorite styling tricks — stripes on stripes. I mean, what’s better than more stripes?  Stripes, obvi.

I already have lots of striped tees in my wardrobe, but I keep reminding myself to stock up on varied pieces (think cardigans, skirts, button downs, and of course, stripes in lots of fun colors) that would allow me to mix and match stripe sizes. That’s the key to making this look work, otherwise, it can be a bit overwhelming (read: prison inmate). This style can also look great with any number of fabric patterns, so long as the repeat differs. Dots on dots, chevron on chevron — get creative!

Thanks so much for letting me stop by today, Grace. I hope you’re having a great time in Europe!

Image Credits: onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnine

Sidenote:  I’m so thrilled – Stripes & Sequins featured on The Today Show today – in great company with several amazing DIY bloggers – check out the interview and slideshow here!

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