{guest post} Stripes and Sparkle from Sparkling Steps!

Today, Lynzy from Sparkling Footsteps is taking over on S&S.  Lynzy is a relatively new blogger friend… she was one of the brains behind Blogger’s Night Out.  I’m a huge fan of her sparkly style, and honestly I don’t know quite how she does everything she does – blogging, working in medicine, training for the New York Marathon, and planning a wedding!  Wowsa.

Hi lovelies! It’s Lynzy from Sparkling Footsteps. For those of you that don’t know me, here is the lowdown. I work in the medical profession saving lives and I love what I do. Outside of my scrubs I LOVE dressing up and playing with new trends. I am also currently training for the NYC Marathon and planning my wedding for next year! 

Since this blog is all about “Stripes and Sequins”, I dug through my outfit archives and pulled up a few favorites from the past! First, I must tell you sequins and stripes are a great combination when placed together and although I don’t have an outfit example, I will be playing around in my closet soon! 

Above is an outfit from New York Fashion Week this past September. I love playing around with a simple sequin skirt. I wanted to create a girly but menswear feel with this outfit. Enter a chambray top and cargo vest and voila! 

The second picture is from the winter with a pencil sequin skirt and same chambray top. Guess I like the combination!

One of my favorite dresses in my wardrobe is this striped candy dress from ASOS. I bought it because it reminded me of Kate Spade! The second outfit includes one of my favorite lace dresses and pinstripe blazer. 

Thanks to Grace for asking me to be a guest blogger!   Feel free to visit me over on my blog, tweet with mebe friends, or follow me on bloglovin!

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