Guest Post: Green Beauty

Being a bit of a control freak, I didn’t do guest posts this vacation.  Instead, I set all my posts in advance, so that you’d never really know I’m gone.  There was one exception.  I’ve been begging Christin to do a post about her (green) beauty routine.  Christin doesn’t show her face all that often over at With a C.H., but if you know her, you know that she’s a total babe with flawless skin.  She’s also made me incredibly neurotic about my own beauty routine… and more mindful of what I’m putting on my skin.  I’ll let her take it from here, but you should probably be reading Christin’s blog.  She’s hilarious… and insanely talented in the kitchen.  (Not that I’d know… she has yet to bring any of her yummy treats to the office.)

Most people think that my hatred for parabens is borderline crazy, but when you realize that chemicals you put on your body go IN your body things change. I personally was enlightened when I was reading Clean by Dr. Junger. I suggest that everyone reads this book. Knowledge is power people!

 The easiest things to change in your environment are your cleaning & beauty products. Obviously, I have changed all cleaning products. Beauty was a bit harder, but now lots of green brands are making cosmetics and skincare lines making it easier and easier to be health conscious.

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 Admittedly, my routine is pretty simple. I’ve broken it down by daytime, nighttime and weekly routines.

In the morning I wash my face with this super-gentle cleanser from Korres. It is one of the best I’ve found and I’ve converted a lot of people, you should try it. I follow that with the best moisturizer with SPF known to man, Josie Maran. Not only is this SPF 40 but it won’t make your skin oily, is super light and goes on like a dream. I love.

For nighttime, I again use the Korres cleanser but I use it with my clarsonic. If you don’t have one, you need one. It is an amazing addition to any skincare routine. I follow up with this local toner and finish up with some of this face oil and this eye cream.  I’ve been really into oils at night lately, I just feel like you get more bang for your buck and less fillers.

I’ll alternate between this mask (that is sure to terrify your boyfriends, husbands or roommates) and this scrub weekly. Sprout, the same brand that makes my toner makes this scrub and it is the best (all of their products are organic, local and have 5 ingredients or less).

What do you think; is green beauty necessary or just a fad?

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  1. Samantha:

    i have been meaning to get parabens out of my skincare routine for ages now, so i’m going to look into these ones that you use right now. i would also be really interested to know what organic cleaning produts you use and love? thanks for this post! 🙂 
    and i really don’t think that green beauty is a fad because these chemicals are bad for us and the sooner we get rid, the better 🙂 xx

    10.17.12 Reply
  2. Kathy:

    This is so lovely! And this is obvious – but green beauty is an absolute necessity. While most of my skincare is green, my makeup is definitely not…something I need to keep working on!

    10.17.12 Reply
  3. Rita:

    100% necessary! i cringe whenever i see a magazine or blog suggesting cetaphil! yuck! thanks for sharing your routine!

    10.17.12 Reply