{guest post} diy-spiration from The Average Girl’s Guide

Today, Alyson from The Average Girl’s Guide is taking over at S&S.  Alyson and I have known each other for ages now, but still haven’t actually met.  I constantly beg her to come to New York for fashion week… hopefully, she will make the trip next Spring.  She’s another amazing multi-tasker.  A mom, a blogger, and (what!?) she owns her own PR company.  I’m honored to have her on the blog today and know you will all love her incredible (and easy) DIY ideas!

Hi S&S fans! I’m Alyson from The Average Girl’s Guide, and thrilled to guest post since S&S is absolutely one of my favorite blogs – and Grace is by far one of the coolest chicks I’ve met since I started blogging. Her style and mad DIY skills are outta-of-this-world!

Since my blog is designed for all of you — we’re all the same average, typical (yet totally fabulous!) gal just trying to live her most fabulous life at the end of the day – I wanted to share with you some totes attainable, majorly easy DIYs. Grace has the fashion scene DIY covered, so here are some general DIYs that every gal, with just a few minutes and even without any creative skill (speaking to myself here!) can accomplish!

Vase in a vase (candy corn for Halloween, candy hearts for Valentines; the options are endless) / designer shopping bag display via made by girl (loves to decorate closet walls!) / brush set holder (not a painter? Just stick in your pencils and pens!) / chalkboard mug (when is chalkboard paint not cool?) / photo display (two-second DIY; add flowers to other vases)
Thanks again to Grace for letting me visit while she’s off eating croissants far, far away. Ha! If you have a second, stop by The Average Girl’s Guide (https://www.theaveragegirlsguide.com to say hi! 

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