{guest post} diy-spiration from Curly in the City

Today,  Taylor from Curly in the City is taking over on S&S.  Taylor has been a blogging buddy from the beginning.  I can’t believe we’ve “known” each other for this long and never actually met!  Taylor is a West Coast girl, living in Chicago.  We pretty much have the exact same taste in clothes, and she shares my love for DIY!  I’m honored to have her guest blogging for me while I’m away!

Hi Everyone, It’s Taylor from Curly in the City and I couldn’t be more honored to fill-in for Grace while she is out enjoying herself on a much deserved Holiday! I’m sure we can agree on how jealous we are (I’m not alone right?! Man I need to follow her lead and book a vacation ASAP!)right?!

I am a long-time reader of Stripes & Sequins.  I was instantly drawn in & it’s like there was a connection.  I could totally relate to every post Grace was putting out, like chatting with a friend! Her taste in clothes -spot on & totally matching mine, and her affinity for more than the occasional DIY. It’s like I had met a virtual twin!!! We lust after the fabulous designer duds & relish in finding a great bargain and sometimes strike out on our own to replicate! One of the first DIY posts I recall reading was where she had made the Proenza Bracelet – It was just fate – I had to!

Anywho – Knowing Grace’s knack for recreating jems & being a DIY lover myself I had to share some items I’ve seen around the interwebs recently that I want to try my hand at making… a little DIY TO-DO List if you will: 

Items for Around the House:

– A colorful & festive Wreath to welcome Guests (maybe in solid white or red?!) – 
And maybe even coordinating garland!
– Dishware adorned with Gold! (Maybe a vintage plate Monogrammed with a gold-paint pen? Plain white bowls with a chevron print – what great little gifts for your girl friends!)

Items to wear: 

 – Glittery Boots – whats not to love (Maybe the Originals Price $500+)
These would brighten up my dreariest of cold fall days! 
– A new Statement Necklace – Dress up a plain Tee and Blazer with a new eye catching piece!!! 
Aren’t these fun?! Are there any items you are hoping to make soon? Now that the weather here is Chicago has headed to Cold-ville I will be more than happy to occupy some free time with these! 
Thanks again Grace for having me! And it was such a pleasure to meet all of you (virtually – you know what I mean!) , I would love to have you over – so stop by and follow along! Be sure to leave your name and blog so I can do the same! xo-Taylor 

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