Green and Yellow.

green and yellow outfit
coat // dress // tights // heels // bag

It’s Wednesday but feels like Friday. Anyone else? I worked a lot over the weekend so it feels soooo much later in the week than it actually is. Today is actually a kind of big day for me as NBC is coming over to film a segment for Open House! I am so, so excited to have my apartment featured there – it’s a huge honor and I absolutely love their Youtube channel. I have gained so much inspiration for my own home from watching their videos. Yesterday was spent cleaning and working on my script, so hopefully I won’t mess up. 😉

Some more exciting news! Today’s episode of the podcast is probably my favorite we’ve done. Like, ever. We had Katie Sturino of The 12ish Style on to chat with us. She is the perfect mix of inspiring, relatable, and hilarious – a combination that is rare to find. We talked about everything from being body positive (or even body neutral) to dating, and how she launched Megababe. It is, in my humble opinion, a can’t miss episode.

This is a favorite dressy outfit. The dress is old but I linked to a couple really similar options below. To top the look off I added these star earrings from Candy Shop Vintage (one of my best friends’ lines). They are the best. Emerald green glitter stars? I really can’t think of anything better.

A word about the coat, as shared on stories: I bought it from this site. It was definitely a gamble but it’s the same coat and shipped immediately. The quality is great and I absolutely love it! A little sketchy but I wanted to be honest with you – I wanted this coat soooooo badly but did not want to spend $800 on it. So I had all these google and eBay alerts set up for it and this one popped up!

Outfit Details: Kate Spade Coat (also here and here; bought on this weird site) // EDIT Dress (a few years old – this is almost identical, this is chic on the model and only $12 but I can’t vouch for this website) // Express Tights (the best, so opaque and thick) // Manolo Blahnik BB Pumps // Celine Sunglasses (I get a lot of questions about these, they’re the exact style) // Candyshop Vintage Earrings // Chanel Purse

green and yellow outfit Outfit Details: Kate Spade Coat Candyshop Vintage Earrings EDIT Dress (a few years old - this is almost identical, this is chic on the model and only $12 but I can't vouch for this website) Celine Sunglasses Express Tights (the best, so opaque and thick) // Celine Sunglasses (I get a lot of questions about these, they're the exact style) // Candyshop Vintage Earrings // Chanel Purse green outfit green dress

photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. I love the dress, but I love the coat even more, Grace! I’ve been really into mustard yellow for the longest time… I love that this shade is slightly brighter, but not OTT! So cute! 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Zoey says 1.9.19

    Love your outfit! The coat is beautiful!


  3. Shana says 1.9.19

    LOVE the color of the dress and the style! How do you decide what pieces to keep longer term and what to part with? I struggle with that as I try to keep my closet edited way down 🙂

    • thank you shana!

      i go through my closet once every two months and pull out the things I’m not wearing or no longer serve me… it leads to some hard decisions BUT it’s also so much easier to find what I’m looking for when it’s clean! Have you read the Marie Kondo book? I know everyone’s raving about it!!!

      • Shana says 1.9.19

        I’ve read the book but have not seen the show 🙂 I keep items that give me joy! This dress would give me joy 🙂

  4. Jenn Lake says 1.9.19

    Loooooove these colors on you, friend!

  5. Teddi says 1.9.19

    I think VERY few people can pull off a drop waist, and you do it just beautifully.

  6. Brianna Rooney says 1.9.19

    your love for green has made me love green SO much more and it’s all I am buying right now and I am totally OK with it!

    Currently listening to today’s pod episode!

    • Well that just makes ME happy as green is the best!!! Hope you’re enjoying the pod! xo

  7. dana mannarino says 1.9.19

    Loving all of the jewel tones here, Grace!
    And SO exciting about the segment on your apartment. AMAZING!

    The Champagne Edit

  8. Erin says 1.9.19

    I may need to get some Megababe for the boob sweat! My SIL has been using deodorant under her boobs for years and I finally tried it – it works, but Megababe sounds like a much better product (a.k.a. actually designed for it!). Even if you don’t have megaboobs, you still get megasweat. 😉 Also, LOVE your coat! Thank you for sharing the website and being honest about how you feel about “weird” sites. I’m always a little skeptical but it looks fabulous on you! I also really want to try green and yellow in one of my outfits. Thanks, Grace! Always love reading! xoxo – Erin (

  9. Allie says 1.9.19

    I’ve seen a few glitter star earrings recently, which makes me so happy! I love the yellow coat, you look marvelous!
    Thanks for the tip on the site, I have to comb through their inventory!xAllie

  10. Helen says 1.9.19

    I love this color combo, and that coat and dress are both so cute and fun. Also, I’m glad you were able to find that coat at a much better price!

  11. Some coats are just too good not to chance identity fraud
    xoxo Logan

  12. Marty says 1.9.19

    So looking forward to seeing you & your place on Open House! That’s so great that you are being featured & I listened to your podcast on the way home from work today & thought it was cool your guest is also going to be featured! Love the coat, too!

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement, Marty! I’m really excited about the episode!!! xx

  13. A Girl, A Style says 1.11.19

    LOVE this look Grace! I have the coat in pink but desperately want the black and mustard too as you make this one look so cute!

    Briony xx

  14. Natmari's Corner says 1.11.19

    That coat is gorgeous! I’ve been wanting a mustard yellow coat and want to wear more of that color this year. Such a great color combo. 🙂