Goop Glow Review.

GoopGlow Review

This time of year is when my skin goes a little nuts and just gets SO dry. It’s lizard season!

To combat that, I exfoliate a lot… generally at least a few times a week. A few months ago, the goop team sent over a few new releases and I wanted to highlight two products that I’ve been testing as they are both SO good. I will caveat that both products are a little pricy. I find them both to be very effective but if you are like GIRL I AM ON A BUDGET, stop reading this post and go get the Seaweed Bath Co scrub and use my not so secret tip – gently massage it in for a full two minutes! It’s amazing and will leave your skin SO smooth.

But if you want something a little more high tech, I really love both of these! I think that both treatments deliver results that are on par with spa treatments (microdermabrasion and a chemical peel, respectively) using totally clean ingredients.

GoopGlow Review

GoopGlow Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator

I think of this as a next level face scrub. Gwyneth calls it a “facial in a jar,” and I’d agree with that sentiment. You can use it 2-3x a week. The beautiful thing about it is that it exfoliates two ways: manually (with grains), and chemically (with glycolic acid). Massage it into skin and leave on for 2-3 minutes. The results are on par with a professional/spa microdermabrasion treatment. Silky, soft, so smooth. I will say that you can use the tiniest amount so the jar lasts a long long time!

GoopGlow Overnight Glow Peel Pads

I love these peel pads. They are intense. You only need to do them once a week but what I like about them is that they’re inspired by professional chemical peels (and frankly, yield the same results!). This peel instantly exfoliates and brightens… and you wake up with noticeably smoother skin. It’s only short term but I definitely see a dramatic difference in fine lines the next day and it’s SO good for texture. I will say that these are pretty intense, so you should probably avoid them if you have very sensitive skin! (Also: make sure you use sunscreen the next day as your skin will definitely be more photosensitive!) One last tip is that there’s a lot of product in each pouch so I’ll typically also do my neck, chest, and upper arms!

Photography by Allie Provost.


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  1. Interesting! I’ve always been wary of Goop’s products because of their brand lol… and the fact that I can’t easily get their products where I live… but the peel pads sound really good! Thanks for sharing, Grace! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.9.20 Reply
  2. Michelle:

    Hi Grace! Have you tried the Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads? If so, how does the Goop peel compare? I like the idea of the Goop because you only do it once a week, so it ends up being cheaper overall (Dennis Gross pads are supposed to be daily use and $88 a box). Thanks!

    1.9.20 Reply
    • rachel:

      hi! obviously not grace but i’ve used the ddg peel pads and LOVE them. i don’t use them daily if that helps you decide at all! i’m interested to try the goop ones.

      1.9.20 Reply
  3. Shana:

    Yes to the micorderm exfoliater! If it can replace one facial a month + commute time + 1 hour getting the facial, this mama is in 🙂 Also tried the Kosas foundation oil over the break and LOVED it. I had a bit of a learning curve with it which is why I tried it when no one was in the office other than me, but the girl at Sephora was super super helpful with color matching, etc.!! Was legit my first ever Sephora purchase 🙂

    1.9.20 Reply
  4. Mary:

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been on the fence about trying GOOP products since they are so expensive. I’m wondering how the peel pads compare to Dr. Gross Alpha Hydroxy pads that I love.

    1.10.20 Reply
  5. Heather:

    How would you compare the result/experience of the Goop peel pads to Drunk Elephant Babyfacial?

    1.13.20 Reply
    • I’d say results are about the same but I love the format of the peel pads so much better (and the drunk elephant pump always gets clogged!)

      1.13.20 Reply
  6. Melanie McNatt:

    Ugh my whole jaw line, neck, and chest broke out in horrible itchy bumps for a week. I’ve had several medical grade peels that never has this reaction. Anyone else? These are too expensive to just throw away.

    2.10.20 Reply
    • Josie Hoban:

      Me too! I applied the pad for the first time 3 days ago. Small bumps appeared on my lower face and my neck. Maybe the skin is purging? I’m hesitant to do the second treatment.

      3.7.20 Reply
      • Melanie:

        Hey I waited 2 weeks, did it again. I washed my face with mild cleanser, did the pad face, neck, chest. No bumps! I think I put moisturizer on top last time, honestly can’t remember. But I agree with you, could have been a purge. Actually doing another one this evening.

        3.8.20 Reply