Goody Spin Pins… It’s the Little Things…

It’s the little things in life that make me happy.. like, say… walking into the drugstore to buy the mundane necessities, and coming out with a fun little treat.  A new lipstick, a mascara, a sparkly hair clip… etc.
Last week, during a routine trip to Duane Reade, I popped into the hair accessories aisle.  I was excited to see that Good had all sorts of interesting new products in addition to the boring but necessary hair ties and bobbies.

These “Spin Pins,” pictured below, looked particularly interesting.

The premise is this:  the two spin pins do the work of 20 bobbie pins.  You take your hair, coil it into a tight chignon at the base of your neck and then spin one pin through from the top, and the other through from the bottome (don’t let them intersect.)  Voila, the perfect messy bun (that stays put and won’t fall out) in seconds. 

It’s genius really… (and trust me – if these guys were able to hold up all of my super thick, super long wavy hair, they will work for anyone.)?
Spin Pins are part of Goody’s “Simple Styles” collection – which also includes a pony pouf clip and modern updo maker (dying to try both.)
Learn about Simple Styles here.
Note:  The product mentioned was purchased by me.

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