Gold Glitter!

As I’ve said before, and on my twitter profile, I’m a bit of a magpie.  I love all things sparkly, shiny, and glittery.  Lately, I’ve been particularly obsessed with gold glitter.  It started with the clutch that I wrote about here.  Well, Santa read my blog and I got it for Christmas – along with… amongst other, less sparkly things… a gold glitter nail file!!

The obsession just keeps getting worse. My new glittery items have only whet my appetite for more glitter.The Kate Spade skirt pictured above is to die for, the Tom’s shoes, and *be still my heart* the Arden B pumps! (I’m not usually a fan of Arden B – but with skinnies and a white blouse, these shoes would just be amazing!) ?

I just placed an order with JoAnn fabrics this week (stocking up on tote bags so that I can make more of these,) and I found gold glitter fabric spray. It sounds like the most amazing thing ever… can’t wait to get crafty!
Pssst – Get your own glitter nail file (for a whopping $.95) at Forever 21.  Glitter for everyone!

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