Giveaway: The Ropes Maine

One of my absolute favorite independent jewelry designers is The Ropes, Maine.  The designer, Shana Aldrich, shares my affinity for nautical, East Coast style and whips up the most incredible bracelets in neons, metallics, and more classic hues.  She has an amazing eye for color and design (just look at her pinboards for proof) and makes everything out of marine rope and hardware.  I’m in complete and utter awe of each of her creations.  Lucky for us, she let me pick out an assortment of five of my favorite The Ropes bracelets to give away to one very lucky S&S reader.

To enter, simply like Stripes & Sequins on Facebook, like The Ropes Maine on Facebook, and leave a comment below (here on the blog in the comments section,) stating that you’ve done so.

Giveaway fine print:  Ends Wednesday, 9/19/12 at 12:00am EST.  If you do not have a Facebook account, you may still enter by leaving a comment below.

No purchase necessary; void where prohibited.  While I do not announce the winner on my blog, it will be available by Friday 9/21/12 by request.  By entering into this sweepstakes, the entrant acknowledges that they are eligible for this sweepstakes according to all laws set forth by their state of residency.  Sorry, US residents only.

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  1. Wore Out says 9.12.12

    Ahh I love The Ropes! I’m a Maine girl born and raised so Shana’s designs remind me of home in a weird way. I’ve liked both your pages for a while now, I should be all set there. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

  2. Jessica Z says 9.12.12

    Done!! What a fabulous contest… I have been wanting one of these Ropes bracelets for a while!  Love them! 

  3. Jessica Z. says 9.12.12

    Done!! What a fabulous contest… I have been wanting one of these Ropes bracelets for a while!  Love them! 

  4. Jessica Z. says 9.12.12

    Done!! What a fabulous contest… I have been wanting one of these Ropes bracelets for a while!  Love them! 

  5. Leigha B Style says 9.12.12

    I’m a fan of Stripes & Sequins and The Ropes Maine. I had made it offical on my FB page. Love, love, love east coast nautical style. Would love to be the lucky winner of these great bracelets!! 

  6. Emily Lunstroth says 9.12.12

    Oh of course already liking them on facebook…dur! Oh and you of course! 

  7. Ozeylah Maral says 9.12.12

    i did it and dying for them !! xx 

  8. Becca says 9.12.12

    I love the black,white, silver and coral bracelet! If I had a BF I would like you both!

  9. emily anne-marie says 9.12.12

    like both on fb!

  10. Cassandra says 9.12.12

    Liked both of you on fb!

    cassandra.nary at gmail dot com

  11. Pearlsandpoliticsgirl says 9.12.12


  12. Karrie Harper says 9.12.12

    I’ve been a fan of both for quite awhile.  I would love to have already owned one of these bracelets but just doesn’t fit into the budget right now.  Keeping my fingers crossed for my name to be picked!!!

  13. Kelly says 9.12.12

    Done. Love!

  14. Alina says 9.12.12

    I liked both Stripes + Sequins and The Ropes of Main on FB.

  15. lorissahatt says 9.12.12

    I love The Ropes Maine!! Hoping I get lucky 🙂
    I like both Stripes & Sequins, and The Ropes Maine on Facebook. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  16. Sarah923 says 9.12.12

    Fans of both!

  17. Sean says 9.12.12

    Liked both on Facebook. Great giveaway!

  18. Joana Dornellas says 9.12.12

    I am now a “liker” of Stripes&Sequins and The Ropes Main!

  19. A Refinaria says 9.12.12

    I am now a “liker” of Stripes&Sequins and The Ropes Main!

  20. Amberly Washington says 9.12.12

    Hey there!  I’ve been a FB fan of Stripes + Sequins and now I’m happy to like The Ropes Maine as well!  Love the bracelets, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll win one!  Thanks!

  21. Katie says 9.12.12

    liked you both on fb! yayy for giveaways!

  22. Jessie Erickson Folmar says 9.12.12

    Done & Done!

  23. Bradley says 9.12.12

    Just liked on Facebook! Love this giveaway! 

  24. Elizabeth Schneider says 9.12.12

    So exciting! I like you both!

  25. theevangelista says 9.12.12

    Just became an official fan of S+S and The Ropes, Maine on FB. Don’t know why it took me so long! 

  26. Danielledee says 9.12.12

    You know I’m a fan of Stripes & Sequins everywhere possible and I’ve had my eye on these chunky rope bracelets you’ve been flaunting 😉

  27. Madison Carlos says 9.12.12

    Happy Hump Day! I liked both pages on FB and would looooove to own this fun assortment of arm candy. Thanks for the giveaway and I love your blog!

    Madison Carlos

  28. Helen Eakin says 9.12.12

    C O N S I D E R it done!!! Woot WOOT!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

  29. Lauren Cooper says 9.12.12

    Already a fan of Stripes and Sequins…liked both on FB! What a great selection of arm candy!!

  30. Meagan Skeel says 9.12.12

    Liked Stripes & Sequins and The Ropes Main on Facebook! 

  31. Hgarrod says 9.12.12

    I’ve previously “liked” Ropes Main and I just “liked” Stripes & Sequins!!! I want that set of awesome arm candy 😉

  32. Star14bball says 9.12.12

    Both – liked! Have loved The Ropes Maine and can’t wait to see more 🙂

  33. Jennifer Wilson says 9.12.12

    Done and done! I just received my first The Ropes Maine bracelet and I have to admit I’m smitten!

  34. Laura @ Sweet Life a la Carte says 9.12.12

    Love these bracelets! So summer camp!

  35. Mandythrasher says 9.12.12

    Liked both pages! Love the bracelets!!!!

  36. Laly says 9.12.12

    I am a fan of both pages! My FB name is Doralis M. González. Thank you for the opportunity.

  37. rachel says 9.12.12

    I see the ropes bracelets popping up everywhere!!  So so cute!

  38. Nina says 9.12.12

    Fan of both! Love this giveaway. xx Nina

  39. Krista says 9.12.12

    Thanks Grace. After all those years of sailing with Coach, I can’t resist this designer either:) I’ve liked the page on FB. 

    • Krista says 9.12.12

      To clarify: I’ve “liked” both pages. 

  40. Vanessa Sicotte says 9.12.12

    FB fan of S&S and the Ropes Main: check. Fan all together of the Ropes Maine: CHECK!! (last summer, while visiting Kennebunk Port, I found a store that sold these bracelets called Spaces ( and I bought 3 over 3 days. I kept coming back for another one! Love Love Love them!!! 

  41. Melanie says 9.12.12

    Wishing there was a ‘love’ button! adore both and just made it public on Facebook!

  42. Jennie says 9.12.12

    I liked

  43. Aramide Esubi says 9.12.12

    I “like” both pages 🙂 

  44. megisi says 9.12.12

    Fan of both joints here … am I the only boy here? As if …

  45. Brooke Thomas says 9.12.12

    I liked this page.  I am already a lover of the Rope of Maine.  

  46. Mo says 9.12.12

    Love The Ropes!  No FB…
    [email protected]

  47. joedy cook says 9.12.12

    PLEASE PICK ME I LOVE THE ROPES & U!!!!!!!-XXXXOOOOOO – [email protected]

  48. Jen says 9.12.12

    Just liked them both, love Nautical style!

  49. Courtney says 9.12.12

    I am utterly obsessed with The Ropes Maine!! I have some but have been eyeing the neon orange and tan one! 🙂 I liked both on Facebook! (Courtney Elizabeth) [email protected]

  50. Lisa O says 9.12.12

    Already a fan of both!  Love these bracelets!

  51. Sarahays says 9.12.12

    I’m a fan of both! Love them!

  52. Dani Belinski says 9.12.12

    Love the ropes bracelets! Liked both on Facebook (dani Belinski)

  53. Meaghan says 9.12.12

    Liked both, can’t wait to win! 😉

  54. Kirsten K says 9.12.12

    Super cute! So fun and nautical!

  55. Elizabeth M. says 9.12.12

    Too cute! I love the whole nautical style! At first I thought this was a new DIY and I got really excited. Haha:) They are really unique. If j had a facebook I would totally like both of your pages.

    [email protected]

  56. Courtney Wyse says 9.12.12

    LIKED both Stripes and Sequins and The Ropes Maine on fb! Would love to win these and represent Maine everywhere I go! 

  57. leah says 9.12.12

    I don’t have an fb but if i could enter b/c i follow you on bloglovin’ i wish i could! great giveaway, though!

  58. Jill Homiak says 9.12.12

    I love The Ropes and couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a chance to have one of these #MadeinUSA bracelets! Thanks for a great giveaway S+S!

  59. Mariel says 9.12.12

    Your blog is amazing!! Love all the DIY projects and love this giveaway, liked both of you on fb!

  60. Tracychiasson says 9.12.12

    Love these bracelets.. My daughter saw a classmate in college had one on and fell in love.. We both love them!! Would love to win and show it off…

  61. Heather Moore says 9.12.12

    courtney from suttonrowe is always raving about these! would love to one to add to my arm party 🙂 I like both on facebook {Heather Moore}
    [email protected]

  62. Slasher says 9.12.12

    I have been a fan of The Ropes from the very beginning, and now a fan of S+S! Would love to win A fab bracelet!! 🙂

  63. Jennydrewbear says 9.12.12


  64. Nicole Levine says 9.12.12

    What awesome bracelets! x

  65. lisa says 9.12.12

    I got a Ropes Bracelet this summer in Maine and get complements all the time.  I’d love another to go with!  Great blog, BTW.

  66. Lindsay Maine says 9.12.12

    I love the ROPES so much that I have desperately tried to make the bracelets myself! I’m a native Mainer, and even though I’m not a FB user, I LIKE the ROPES and Stripes and Sequins! Thanks for the opportunity.

  67. Courtney says 9.12.12

    Follow on Facebook, instigram and pinterest! Love how fun stripes + sequins and ropes maine are! Both so colorful and creative.

  68. Mbonvino16 says 9.12.12

    I like Stripes & Sequins and The Ropes Maine of Facebook!! Love both!

  69. Sarah says 9.12.12

    Love these so much! I lived in Maine for the last six years and recently moved. I’d love a little piece of Maine to carry with me in Philly!!

  70. Stasia says 9.12.12

    Just entered!  Love The Ropes Maine and happy to find out about Stripes & Sequins.  Hope I win!!

  71. Sonicshan says 9.12.12

    Liked you both on Facebook!

  72. Jenn says 9.12.12

    Check, check and love the bracelets.

  73. Erin says 9.12.12

    I liked you both on Facebook!

  74. Vanessa says 9.12.12

    I liked both Stripes
    & Sequins and The Ropes Maine, on Facebook

  75. Liz says 9.12.12

    So awesome!

  76. Caroline Bay says 9.13.12

    Liked!! Thank you for the giveaway! love those colors… 

  77. gameday stylist says 9.13.12

    What gorgeous stuff! I’m loving all your giveaways lately 🙂 

    – Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  78. Ashley W Clark says 9.13.12

    I sooo liked both stripes & sequins and the ropes Maine on FB! Thank YOUU for the opportunity for a FAB giveaway!

    xx, aewclark

  79. Nwgirl79 says 9.13.12

    Following both! Awesome giveaway!!

  80. Tracydm5 says 9.13.12

    Love the fun colors & chunky statement the Stars & Sequins Ropes bracelets make.

  81. Aimee says 9.13.12

    Thanks for turning me onto the Ropes of Maine.  Beautiful pieces.

  82. Izzy Wijaya says 9.13.12

    Thank you for the opportunity!! I love The Ropes Maine but they do not have any stockists in my country.

  83. Info says 9.13.12

    A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! I love these bracelets so much, that I liked the facebook fan page! I am also a huge Stripes & Sequins

  84. Lindagerig says 9.13.12

    Love the jewelry. Linda gerig

  85. Heidi G says 9.13.12

    Love Stripes and Sequins and Love the Ropes Maine.  Liked it on Facebook as well!!!!!

  86. Annie S says 9.13.12

    Liked both on Facebook! Love the bracelets. Please!!

  87. Kelsey M. says 9.13.12

    I liked Stripes & Sequins and The Ropes Maine on FB. Been a huge fan of the nautical style for a while so would LOVE to win these beauts!! Crossing my fingers!! 

  88. Viviana Carmona says 9.13.12

    I liked both!

  89. Kathy says 9.13.12

    I liked both!!

  90. Charlotte Mosinki says 9.13.12

    I’m  one of 17 people on earth without a facebook account but I love this blog and those bracelets 🙂

  91. Sara says 9.13.12

    I like you both…equally!!!! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  92. Chris Pollard Dollar says 9.13.12

    I just know I will enjoy getting to know Stripes & Sequins and The Ropes Maine!  They look like so much fun!
    I “liked’ them both on Facebook : )

  93. Lacelikewhoa says 9.13.12

    I liked both pages. I would LOVE to win. These are adorable!

  94. Kendra B Shrode says 9.13.12

    I love your blog… And have been eyeing these bracelets for a while now ….. They are so amaze!!! I liked your FB page and also the ropes FB,,, would love to score one of these 🙂 thanks for sharing the love

  95. Clare says 9.13.12

    Super fun and stylish!  Great give-away!

  96. Laura Norman says 9.13.12

    Liked both pages! these bracelets are absolutely adorable! need them in my everyday look 🙂

  97. Kate Jaffe says 9.13.12

    Liked both pages on Facebook. Learned about The Ropes while I was in Portland. Such a great company! Love your blog!

  98. Stephanie Y. Henderson-Eaton says 9.13.12

    I just Love them:)

  99. Megan Armstrong says 9.13.12

    I liked both pages! Would absolutely love to win one of these!!1

  100. Caitlin Schillig says 9.14.12

    would love to be a the winner of the giveaway! love your blog and the ropes!! have a great weekend 

  101. Kira says 9.14.12

    such pretty bracelets! would love to win 🙂

  102. katie says 9.14.12

    i’m a fan of both.  great giveaway

  103. Suzan says 9.14.12

    Love your site..Bracelets are very cool! Not just for the younger set..I would like to be the winner of these very cool  items

  104. Zoe says 9.15.12

    Love your website. Gorgeous bracelets; would be so happy to win!

  105. San D says 9.15.12

    Loving both on Fb and the bracelets are FAB! xoxo 

    San Dalvi

  106. Katie says 9.15.12

    I live in Maine and would love to be able to represent my state in fashion form!!  Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  107. Marlina says 9.15.12

    I love everything about this xoxo. liked both with my Facebook. xoxo 

  108. Maggie says 9.16.12

    The bracelets are so pretty!! I would love to win them! I do not have a Facebook so couldn’t follow you, but I would love to!

  109. jenat says 9.16.12

    i love this blog and the ropes of maine! the idea of using something so normally mundane and turning it into something so awesome is so cool. 

  110. Martha Susan says 9.17.12

    Love the bracelets, they are ah-mazing.  Like both on Facebook; great colors!

  111. ERIN says 9.17.12

    perfect to keep my wrists warm during fall ;D!

  112. Dani says 9.17.12

    I like the ropes maine an stripes and sequins on Facebook 🙂 dani belinski

  113. Baldwin Michelle65 says 9.17.12

    I like this its different more my style

  114. Lieselot Degraeve says 9.18.12

    I liked both pages on facebook ! 😀
    my facebook name is Lieselot Degraeve

  115. Jennifer G says 9.19.12

    These are so cute!! Love the color combos…nautical with a little edge!

  116. Nannette says 9.20.12

    beautiful work  by you both

  117. KAYE BETH VIETTI says 1.14.13