Giveaway: Rose Gold Jewels from Gorjana

I’m excited to give away a set of three of my absolute favorite Gorjana treasures today… The Taner Bar Bracelet, the Small Taner Bar Necklace, and the Merced Adjustable Ring.  All in lovely rose gold.  The total value of this sparkly set is $145.00… and one lucky S+S reader gets it all!

You can enter to win by following myself and gorjana on twitter, and  leaving a comment below.

Good luck!

UPDATE:  This giveaway is now closed!  Thanks to all who entered!

Giveaway fine print:  Ends Wednesday, 9/12/12 at 12:00am EST.  If you do not have a twitter account, you may still enter by leaving a comment below.

No purchase necessary; void where prohibited.  While I do not announce the winner on my blog, it will be available by Friday 9/14/12 by request.  By entering into this sweepstakes, the entrant acknowledges that they are eligible for this sweepstakes according to all laws set forth by their state of residency.  Not valid outside the US or Canada.

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  1. Tierney says 9.5.12

    Followed both on Twitter!  Fingers crossed, since I love me some rose gold!

  2. Karrie Harper says 9.5.12

    Love her stuff and absoutely love following your blog & social media.  It fabulous!

  3. Caro! says 9.5.12

    I absolutely LOVE these pieces. Is there anything yummier than rose gold?! 

  4. Aubrey Miller says 9.5.12

    I love rose gold!  The tanner bar series is perfect for the fall wardrobe.

  5. lauren says 9.5.12

    oooh, i love these pieces!  pick me!

  6. christin schindewolf says 9.5.12

    i’d love to win some shit. 

  7. Kira says 9.5.12

    Following both! These are so pretty 🙂

  8. Rachelista says 9.5.12

    I just adore these!!! 

  9. Meagan Skeel says 9.5.12

    Followed both!

  10. Katherine Wellman says 9.5.12

    Love these and would love to win!

  11. Rachel says 9.5.12

    I would love to win, I dont have a twitter

  12. Emily Lunstroth says 9.5.12

    How beautiful are those!!! Following both! 

  13. Kai Fynn says 9.5.12

    I love rose gold.  This is one of the very few colours in jewelry that i think is flattering to every skin tone.   I would love these pieces.

  14. Sarah says 9.5.12

    I already follow you (obviously) but now I’m following Gorjana. Hope I win 🙂 These pieces are gorgeous!

  15. Shannon says 9.5.12

    Loving rose gold right now!  Would love to win.  Don’t have twitter….don’t hold it against me 🙂

  16. Carly | a simple affair says 9.5.12

    Stunning! Would love to style these beauties and never take them off. Follow you both on Twitter {le duh}.

  17. Cherylpisha says 9.5.12

    Rose gold for fall…perfect!  I already follow you both on Twitter.

    Fingers crossed!

  18. Katrina says 9.5.12

    So pretty!  I love rose gold!

  19. Emma says 9.5.12

    I did it! I did it!  I hope I win 🙂

  20. lorissahatt says 9.5.12

    Hi Grace! This is such a great giveaway, I love Gorjana. I follow you both on Twitter. I’m @Lorissa23 [email protected]. Thanks!! 🙂

  21. Elyse Greenberg says 9.5.12

    I adore all of Gorjana’s jewelry! *fingers crossed*

  22. Lauren Luhrs says 9.5.12

    So pretty! I’m following y’all! @laureninlaw:twitter 

  23. Caitlin says 9.5.12

    What a great giveaway! Delicate and gorgeous! Love your blog, as well and following you on Bloglovin’.

  24. Amy (Whatimlovinglately) says 9.5.12

    What a great giveaway, I love all the pieces! (don’t have twitter)

  25. Lauren M. Ferreira says 9.5.12

    Makes me wish I had twitter.  Loving rose gold!  Following on bloglovin, does that count?!

  26. Guest says 9.5.12

    rose gold, gorgeous!

  27. Jennifer Eggert says 9.5.12

    These pieces are so dainty and sweet- they would look just lovely on anyone!

  28. Julie & Lauren says 9.5.12

    Following! I love anything ROSE GOLD. XO

  29. Courtney Pearce says 9.5.12

    These are gorgeous pieces, hope I win!

  30. Lacey says 9.5.12

    That necklace is amazing! Beautiful pieces!

  31. Anniebritton says 9.5.12

    beauuuut the bracelet is GORGEOUS!! x

  32. Stephanie says 9.5.12

    awesome giveaway, hoping to win!

  33. Ashley says 9.5.12

    I’m recently a big fan of rose gold and these pieces are beautiful! 

  34. Emily Mann says 9.5.12

    beautiful pieces! i especially love the necklace 🙂 

  35. Danielledee says 9.5.12

    You + baublebar introduced me to Gorjana not long ago but my collection is growing as well as my love for their sparkle! Awesome giveaway, Grace 😉

  36. Alison Blevins says 9.5.12

    Following!  Those are gorgeous! 

  37. jenna says 9.5.12

    following –  love gorjana and the blog!

  38. Katy says 9.5.12

    these pieces are beautiful, hope i win!

  39. Ally says 9.5.12

    love love love! Rose gold is the best.

  40. emily anne-marie says 9.5.12

    love to win!!

  41. Chloe Gale says 9.5.12

    these pieces are gorgeous, someone is going to be very lucky indeed (I hope it’s me!)

  42. Christie Donnelly says 9.5.12

    love them all!

  43. Betsy Soos says 9.5.12

    Following both!

  44. kristin brophy says 9.5.12

    Great giveaway! I love Gorjana jewelry 🙂 I follow you & Gorjana on twitter. (username: @kristinbrophy:twitter ) Thanks for the opportunity

    xo, Kristin
    [email protected]

  45. Sharona says 9.5.12

    Love this!! I’m following both you and Gorjana — I’m @sharonasoks! 

  46. Ckppap says 9.5.12

    love to win!

  47. Cndecker says 9.5.12

    Beautiful pieces, would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  48. Ashleigh Ange says 9.5.12

    Gorjana jewelry is so beautiful! This is such a thoughtful and stylish give away 🙂 really excited for whoever wins this giveaway (and not-so-secretly hoping it’s me!)


  49. Ayannabrooke says 9.5.12

    I’m a huge fan of Gorjana’s leather wrap bracelets! @_AyannaBrooke

  50. Mocha says 9.5.12

    it’s really very nice…. 
    Thanks for this “game”….
    very cute ….

    [email protected]

  51. Hayley says 9.5.12

    I follow both of you!

  52. A Stylized Hysteria says 9.5.12

    I’m loving rose gold right now!

    Following you and Gorjana on twitter – @_najeema:twitter 

  53. Rachel says 9.5.12

    started following Gorjana on twitter…already followed you! Absolutely loving rose gold right now!

  54. Candy says 9.5.12

    Hope I win!  My arm party needs some more depth 🙂


  55. Megan Gibson says 9.5.12

    Oh I would love to win! Following you already of twitter of course, but now I follow Gorjana as well! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  56. Ash says 9.5.12

    Following you both! Love everything rosegold!


  57. Deborah says 9.5.12

    Love Gorjana and love you!

  58. cassie dulworth says 9.5.12

    So pretty! I’ve been looking to add some rose gold to my jewelry collection for a while now.
    Good luck to everyone.

    • Grace Atwood says 9.12.12

      Hi Cassie!  Exciting news – you won!!!  Please email me at [email protected], with your contact info + mailing address, so that we can get you your prize.  Congratulations.. I’m jealous! x

  59. Cassie Alejos says 9.5.12

    Omgosh these peices are gorgeous! I don’t have any but would love to win, that would just make my day so much better!! I’m following you on twitter and Gorjana too.
    Thanks and I wish everyone good luck!
    Cassie Alejos

  60. Aimesb815 says 9.5.12

    No twitter but these are gorgeous! Rose good is my go to metal hence the rose gold Michael Kors watch, perfect to match with!

  61. Emily Anderson says 9.5.12

    That bracelet is a perfect addition to any everyday stack! love them both!

  62. Holly says 9.5.12

    Following both on Twitter!

  63. taylor says 9.5.12

    i already follow both of you on twitter! i’m really loving rose gold for fall. thanks for the giveaway, grace!

  64. Jenna says 9.5.12

    These are so beautiful and amazing. Perfect addition for a fresh fall look!

  65. MaiBritharvey says 9.5.12

    I don’t have a twitter, but love these and appreciate the chance to scoop them up.  Thanks.

  66. Yvette @ Classic Glam Blog says 9.5.12

    Oh my gosh, WOW!! 🙂 I followed both you & Gorjana on twitter, & here is my comment! Super giveaway!

  67. Kelly C. says 9.5.12

    Love love love Gorjana and I love your blog!! Was following you both on Instagram, now Twitter!

  68. francine s says 9.5.12


  69. Izzywijaya says 9.5.12

    They’re beautiful! Makes me wish Gorjana has stores worldwide!
    Twitter: wijayaizzy, Instagram: izzywijaya

  70. Niki Caron says 9.5.12

    I followed you both on twitter (my twitter handle is @nikmariec:twitter and I’m excited!  I love all three pieces so much, rose gold is my absolute favorite lately!  Thanks so much for this giveaway 🙂

  71. Jessica says 9.5.12

    Gorgeous pieces! 🙂

  72. Jenn F. says 9.5.12

    Love Love Love this giveaway and the amazing pieces. 🙂

  73. Jordan - Queen of LA says 9.5.12

    ahhhhhhhh you know i love me some rose gold! fingers crossed 🙂 

  74. BCullenParker says 9.5.12

    Would LOVE to call these my own!  Love your blog 🙂

  75. Courtney Wyse says 9.5.12

    I follow both you and Gorjana (@MrsCocoWyse) and I would love to win this set, it is incredibly gorgeous and timeless! 🙂

  76. Emily says 9.5.12

    PLEASE pick me! I would love to win this gorgeous set! Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. Jayme E. says 9.5.12

    Not only do I love Gorjana, but I am completely obsessed with rose gold!  Fingers are crossed! 🙂

  78. Bsdh says 9.5.12

    Following you both, obvs! Great jewels above!

  79. Camille Tinder says 9.5.12


  80. Atthepinkofperfection says 9.5.12

    This set is so gorgeous, I am stunned! Following you both.

  81. Anne says 9.5.12

    Love these!

  82. Sheree says 9.5.12

    Love, love, love!

  83. gameday stylist says 9.5.12

    What beautiful jewelry! Followed both you & Gorjana. Fingers crossed 🙂 

    – Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  84. Ka says 9.5.12

    I keep changing my mind as to which piece is my favorite in this set.  Regretting not following you on twitter before!

  85. Laura Thompson says 9.5.12

    I love, love, love Gorjana’s jewelry and your blog! I’m following both! Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. Olivia Dorman says 9.5.12

    Pick me Pick me Pick me! 

  87. jeannn says 9.5.12

    been eying them…love!

  88. Jordana Dec says 9.5.12

    I follow you and Gorjana on Twitter
    Jordana Dec
    [at]twinplet2 (twitter)
    Great giveaway!! I love these pieces!

  89. Lauraw says 9.5.12

    Tweet away. Lovelovelove.

  90. Swetha says 9.6.12

    now following. i LOVE the delicacy of gorjana jewelry!

  91. LalyMargarita says 9.6.12

    This is amazing! I follow you both on twitter! I’m LalyMargarita.

  92. Megansobie says 9.6.12

    Love the pieces! I have a rose fold watch and they would go perfectly together!

  93. Jessica M Taylor says 9.6.12

    i follow u both on twitter! @jayemmtee 🙂

  94. Caroline Bay says 9.6.12

    Wow! I don’t have a twitter account…but these pieces are so pretty! Thank you, you’re so generous.

  95. Vanessa says 9.6.12

    Beautiful pieces. If i did have a twitter account, I would definately be following both of you.

  96. The Avg Girl Guide says 9.6.12

    Amazing, love Gorjana and all their beautiful delicate piece. I’m following both. Thanks, Grace! 

  97. Laura @ Sweet Life a la Carte says 9.6.12

    so beautiful! Follow both on Twitter…this giveaway winner will be a very lucky girl!

  98. Kaylee says 9.6.12

    Love Gorjana rose gold!!!! 😀

  99. Jessica Pajak says 9.6.12

    What gorgeous pieces! Whoever win is going to be very lucky:) I followed both you and gorjana on Twitter!

  100. Katie says 9.6.12

    Followed you both (@KatieSieger) , LOVE rose gold!! 

  101. Kentigar says 9.6.12

    What gorgeous warm color…a perfect lush element for fall’s saturated colors and metalwork.  Fingers crossed! 🙂

  102. Shea Sayers says 9.6.12

    Those are beautiful pieces–so delicate, exactly what I like! I’m following you both on twitter. (@shealennon) 

  103. CCKelley says 9.6.12

    I would like to be entered please!

  104. Sarah Pickell says 9.6.12

    wow! gorgeous! rose gold is my new favorite metal, and these pieces are so delicate and beautiful! perfect for my wardrobe! 

  105. Rachel says 9.6.12

    I have always loved Gorjana jewelry! And your blog, too!

  106. Alena (Oh, It's Just Perfect!) says 9.6.12

    I’m following both on Twitter!! I LOVE me some gorjana jewelry!

  107. Dana says 9.6.12

     that`s so amazing, great giveaway. followed both of you :))

  108. Kegalbrun says 9.6.12

    Love! Great Giveaway! 🙂 [email protected]

  109. Roxy Barr says 9.6.12

    It would be wonderful to win this! I have been eyeballing Gorjana jewelry on Gilt and wish I could purchase it all! thanks for the amazing giveaway. I followed both in twitter 🙂

  110. Natasha Janzen says 9.6.12

    I follow you both on twitter 🙂

  111. Stephanie Ko says 9.6.12

    All the pieces are beautiful! Thanks for having this giveaway! 

  112. Brightening_soul says 9.6.12

    Following both you and Gorjana 🙂 This is an awesome giveaway!

  113. Sara B says 9.6.12

    I follow you both on twitter and would looooove these pretty pieces!!!! Such a great giveaway! xo

  114. Laura says 9.6.12

    Wow! What an amazing giveway! Would love to win. 

  115. Cindy da Perky says 9.6.12

    big winner!!! 😀

  116. Charlotte Mosinki says 9.6.12

    These are so pretty and very affordable. Great giveaway!

  117. hschilpp says 9.6.12

    I follow both of you on twitter! Thanks for having such a great giveaway. 

  118. Taylor Curlyinthecity says 9.6.12

    What a GREAT Giveaway!!! I follow both of you on twitter!!! xoxo – T 

  119. Anne Hilbert says 9.6.12

    Cute! Following you on Twitter. Hope you pick me!!

  120. Sutton Lasater says 9.6.12

    Obsessed with rose gold lately! These are awesome! Following both of you on Twitter! Thank you! 🙂

  121. Gabriela says 9.6.12

    Those are some lovely Rose Gold Jewels! I hope I win!

  122. julia vivian says 9.6.12

    following you both & LOVE these gorjana pieces! xo <3

  123. Caitlin says 9.6.12

    FOLLOWED!!! Crossing my fingers!

  124. Lauren says 9.6.12

    Following both of you! Thanks for the giveaway!

  125. Perri Schneider says 9.6.12

    Such simple and delicate beauties!!! I just love! Following both of you already! Such an exciting giveaway

  126. Evanandbridge says 9.6.12

    I follow you both on twitter : )

  127. Melanie says 9.6.12

    All very lovely! Follow you both on twitter @katmagick:twitter 

  128. Laura Podlich says 9.6.12

    i’ve already been following both of you on twitter, of course!! LOVE gorjana. i have that necklace in my post tomorrow because i absolutely love it. great giveaway lovely!

  129. KC Herrin says 9.6.12

    Gorgeous pieces! I’m a follower of both on [email protected]

  130. Gail Jimenez says 9.6.12

    Joined your giveaway and I hope I win ’cause I love them all!!   @abjmnz:twitter                 

  131. Erin says 9.6.12

    I follow both of you!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  132. cait says 9.6.12

    Following ya both!

  133. Amanda B says 9.7.12

    Following both! YAY!

  134. Ania says 9.7.12

    I dont have a twitter but I’d love to enter!

  135. Courtney Steffy says 9.7.12

    Love both your DIY and Gorjana treasures – awesome giveaway!

  136. Emily @ Sparkle Meets Pop says 9.7.12

    I follow you both now. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  137. AmyS says 9.7.12

    Love love love!

  138. Patti LeBlanc says 9.7.12

    I follow you both on twitter! @leblancpatti  [email protected] Lovely giveaway!

  139. Carla Ortiz says 9.7.12

    So cute and delicate perfect for a subtle sparkle or to pile with other pieces.

  140. Jameisha says 9.7.12

    I follow you both on twitter! @perfectgrrl85:twitter 

  141. Krista Harrison says 9.7.12

    🙂 Done. Thanks Grace!

  142. Sheremartinez says 9.7.12

    Just discovered ur site and Im obsessed! Would love to be the lucky winner! @NYCLivingRoom is my Twitter handle 🙂

  143. Susie Cui says 9.7.12

    Follow both of you on twitter! @susiecui:twitter is my handle! 

  144. Nicole Q says 9.8.12

    Gorgeous jewelry!  I follow you both on twitter @nicoleq73.

  145. Abigail from says 9.8.12

    dont have a twitter acount,, still would LOVE to enter!!!!

  146. Marta_ says 9.8.12

    Follow both of you!! Love them all! Here’s my comment! Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  147. District Sparkle says 9.8.12

    These Tanner Bar jewels are my favorite! Great giveaway & already follow you both in Twitter
    xo Meaghan
    District Sparkle

  148. blessedta says 9.8.12

    Please enter me in the contest. Thanks

  149. ERIN says 9.8.12

    Entered, pick me pick me! 

  150. Caitlin Brigid says 9.8.12


  151. Jennifer says 9.8.12

    Excited about this giveaway! I’m now following you and @gojana! Yay!

  152. Danielle says 9.8.12

    Love love the jewelry!! Hope I win:) I follow you both on twitter:) [email protected]

  153. mlg12geg says 9.8.12

    They are BEAUTIFUL! Can’t wait to win!

  154. Julimi says 9.9.12

    I followed on Twitter (@julimijulimi:disqus )

  155. Sert says 9.9.12

    I’m following! I’d love to win this

  156. Flippingdancer says 9.9.12

    Awesome giveaway

  157. melan26 says 9.9.12

    Beautiful pieces that I would definitely want.

  158. sally says 9.9.12

    What a great giveaway. Love the delicate necklace

  159. Cindy says 9.9.12

    Rose gold is one of my favorites, i especially love this bracelet…

  160. Ann-Alecia says 9.9.12

    I don’t have twitter, but what beautiful pieces!

  161. Ceperk says 9.9.12

    I follow you both from @ceperk and I’ve always lovedddd Gorjana! Quality, on trend pieces 🙂 xoxo

  162. Meredith says 9.9.12

    Awesome giveaway! I don’t have twitter, but if I did I would follow you both. Thanks!

  163. Sweta says 9.9.12

    So excited for this giveaway. Love both you and Gorjana!

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  165. chrystal7854 says 9.10.12

    Follow you both. @itsfairlyobvi

  166. Hroberson001 says 9.10.12

    This giveaway is the best! Gah!

  167. Lucy Huynh says 9.10.12

    oooh please. i follow you via fb!

  168. hofken says 9.10.12

    Twitter follower of both @hofken

    [email protected]

  169. tiffany gomez says 9.10.12

    I LOVE all things Gorjana! I follow both Gorjana and S&S on Twitter.  Great giveaway!

  170. Kirsti Dao says 9.10.12

    I love these pieces! so beautiful!

  171. Piarpreet Kaur says 9.11.12

    I want to enter but got no twitter so here i am writing this

  172. Talik says 9.11.12

    Ohh I love that bracelet! No twitter, entering here. Thanks for the opportunity!

  173. Irini-greek92 says 9.11.12

    Oh the necklace is just gorgeous!

  174. Carolyn Anger says 9.11.12

    Gorgous pieces. Love your blog

    Carolyn Anger
    [email protected]

  175. Molly K McGonigle says 9.11.12

    Love Gorjana! 

  176. Chloe S says 9.11.12

    Oh my goodness gracious, those are lovely! I am definitely following both of you on twitter!! 🙂