Giveaway: Rose Gold Bracelets from Derng

Isn’t discovering fun new Etsy shops just the best?  I fell head over heels with Emily Segall’s sweet little shop, Derng.  It’s chock full of beautiful baubles – chain link bracelets, fun necklaces… and these pretty little bracelets that are just perfect for stacking.  She was kind enough to offer up a set of two for one lucky Stripes & Sequins reader!  Lucky you – they are perfect for stacking!

To enter, just leave a comment below, telling me how you’d accessorize these bracelets.  What would you stack them with?  Be sure to check out Emily’s beautiful shop, and follow her on twitter.

Giveaway ends Thursday, 3/22/12 at 12:00am EST.

No purchase necessary; void where prohibited.  While I do not announce the winner on my blog, it will be available by Monday 3/26/12 by request.  By entering into this sweepstakes, the entrant acknowledges that they are eligible for this sweepstakes according to all laws set forth by their state of residency.  Not valid outside the US.

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  1. Ann says 3.15.12

    Hmmm. How to wear them – I have the perfect cocktail dress that I’d wear them with at a wedding in June

  2. Alyson -- TAGG says 3.15.12

    Gorgeous! Have been admiring (err, ok, drooling over) her jewelry on instagram! I’d wear these daily, with everything, from jeans to business attire. So pretty!

  3. Things That Sparkle says 3.15.12

    Absolutely love these. I’d wear them with the rest of my crazy bangles! Always loving adding to the collection. 

  4. Elle says 3.15.12

    Two words – They’d go great with my MK chronograph!

  5. Lisa says 3.15.12

    I’m a bit of  a minimalist – so just a white leather watch and rings for me!

  6. Kcherrin says 3.15.12

    These are beautiful!  Would be yummy with my MK rose gold watch and black and jade bangles!!!   Thanks for the great giveaway.  [email protected]

  7. Jordan says 3.15.12

    I would wear these with my rose gold watch, or even just on their own. They’re so pretty!

  8. so anthro says 3.15.12

    Oh wow these are darling!! So pretty and delicate, so I’d probably accessorize them with a chunky bracelet or watch for contrast 🙂

  9. Kristina says 3.15.12

    Obsessed with these.  I would pair them with my other dainty rhinestone bracelets and create an arm party of sparkles and mixed metals!!!

  10. Sarah Christensen says 3.15.12

    I would pair them with my gold watch— I love mixing the different metals to spice up my arm candy a little!  They are so pretty!!

  11. Kirsten Knutson says 3.15.12

    I think they would be perfect alone! I don’t like to have a lot on my wrists since I work on a lap top all day!

  12. Patti L says 3.15.12

     I love Derng! I would wear it with a boyfriend watch. I think the large and dainty would work well together. I follow Emily on twitter.

  13. Samantha says 3.15.12

    I would love to pair them with my trusty tortoise shell watch & diy wrap bracelets!

  14. Nichole_K_ says 3.15.12

    I had bought my mother a set of 3 bangles for her b- day and these would be a great addition to them for Mother’s Day

  15. Viviana Carmona says 3.15.12

    Gorgeous!! I love these… so simple and chic!

  16. Mero924 says 3.15.12

    i’d pair them with a big matte black wood bangle

  17. Kate says 3.15.12

    These are so cute, I love how delicate they are — it would make it easy to incorporate these in with other metallic finishes!

  18. Jessie says 3.15.12

    Love the delicate look and of course the color of these pretties! At first, I thought I’d style them up with my silver and gold bangles, but now I’m thinking of going all out with my rose gold BB cuff!!! 🙂

  19. Julie says 3.15.12

    These bracelets are so refined and delicate, I would probably highlight that by pairing them with something a little organic and masculine like a turquoise leather wrap watch.

  20. ChuckRefreshed says 3.15.12

    I’d stack them of course–with my MK watch, a mix of my grandmothers vintage bangles, and a few of my DIY bracelets!

    Great giveaway!

  21. bestofbklyn says 3.15.12

    I think I’d stack them with a gold MK watch, and a silver chain bracelet I’ve had forever to get a multi-metal look! These are gorgeous!

  22. Sam B. says 3.15.12

    Those are lovely! I’d pair them with a leather strap watch 🙂

  23. Mama Fashionista (Quinn) says 3.15.12

    I’d wear them with my clear link watch from Send the Trend and some of the bracelets my little girls and I have made together!

  24. Danielledee112 says 3.15.12

    I love how thin & dainty these are and the square beads! These options for pairing these up are limitless but I could see them on my wrist with BaubleBar mixed skeleton wrap, Noir stack, Roseland disco wrap and pb&j maze cuff! Arm party 🙂

  25. Jaclyn Watling says 3.15.12

    I’d stack them with a big men’s watch and some cute dainty rings, love how gorgeous they are!

  26. Jess says 3.15.12

    I love how delicate these look! I would probably wear them on their own with a pair of pearl earrings. 🙂

  27. nancy @ adore to adorn says 3.15.12

    Another awesome giveaway! I love these bracelets. I’d wear them different ways depending on the day – stacked against bolder and “heavier” bracelets, alone to let it “stand out” or stacked against other delicate strands that I have. The possibilities are endless with this! I love Emily’s shop…

  28. Rai says 3.15.12

    Theses are super sick!!! I’m like a armcandy maniac…I would stack these pretty little bracelets with the rest of my arm party going on. My Buddist prayer beads, LovLavish bracelet made by myself, and a cute rose gold watch. I try to color coordinate! So my left hand it is.

  29. Fleurdelizzie says 3.15.12

    I would play around with gold and silver with them. I would add one of my gold and silver bangles to it, and wear my favorite silver necklace with it.

  30. Ashley G. says 3.15.12

    Gorgeous bracelets! I like to keep things minimal so I think they would look great alone with a t-shirt and jeans. Perfect for a casual shopping day!

  31. Sara says 3.15.12

    These would look perfect stacked with my gold watch!

  32. Nora Badiner says 3.15.12

    so pretty! I would probably stack them with my rose gold watch (more gold than rose) that I wear everyday, and sometimes add in a brass/rhinestone multichain necklace from Urban Outfitters that I’ve been wearing lately as a bracelet.

  33. Eleanor James says 3.15.12

    I’m in love with golds and bronze lately; these are perfect. I’d layer them with my brown leather strap watch from fossil.

  34. Kylie says 3.15.12

    I would love to stack these gorgeous bracelets with some fun DIY friendship bracelets and (my “save-up-for essential”) Rose Gold Michael Kors watch!! Outfit being a floral dress and an awesome sun hat!! Or for a simpler look, and because these bracelets are so gorgeous (I LOVE rose gold!) they could be stacked along with some friendship bracelets and a neon cuff! Outfit sexy disco pants and a neon/pastel tee! (Neons are a new trend I have just began exploring!) Love the giveaway!!


  35. Vikkidavis98 says 3.15.12

    I like to keep it simple and I think there so pretty that I don’t need to stack them with anything else. I would wear something cute like a cute top with some jeans and sandals…Im a simple kind of chick =)

  36. CC and me says 3.15.12

    These little bracelets could be accessorized with anything, my plain plastic Chanel bracelets or even a Cartier Tank Francais!  On those days you just feel like something simple, I would feel accessorized wearing them alone.  I love rose gold with any other color metal.  It adds a warm rich color.

  37. Necole says 3.15.12

    These bracelets are super Gorgeous!! I would dress them up or down, with a cute relaxed fit tee or a pretty spring dress! Would also throw them with my brown wood chunky bangles! I hope, hope I win!!:)

  38. Alexa says 3.15.12

    Beautiful! I would wear them with a long maxi dress in a bright beautiful color! 🙂

  39. Nike Alli says 3.15.12

    Lovely, I would wear with a short, sleeveless black dress, so that the beauty of the bracelet really shows!!

  40. saucyfbaby says 3.15.12

    —————————– I’d stack them with my Michael Kors Pave Curb Link Bracelet! (Image Attached Below)

    —————————– Just favorited her shop under: saucyfbaby

    —————————– Also just followed her via Twitter under: @saucyfbaby:twitter 

    Thank you for the chance! 🙂

    saucy.baby21 [at] gmail [dot] [com]— Nicole O.

  41. Natasha Fatah says 3.15.12

    Thank you for a lovely giveaway!
    I have a beautiful orange summer dress that I’d love to style with an arm full of gold bangles, including these two beauties!

    natashafatah at gmail dot com

  42. Henna says 3.15.12

    Ohhh these are sooo pretty, I would stack them around my Black/Gold MJ watch, or even by themselves they’ll look so chic!

    • Grace - Stripes & Sequins says 3.27.12

      Hi Henna, you were the lucky winner!  Please shoot me an email at [email protected], so that we can get you your prize!!

  43. Junior Alli says 3.15.12

    I Would Give It To My Mother To Show How Much I Love Her

  44. Gabby Hayes says 3.15.12

    I would stack them with a few vintage costume jewelry bracelect I have and most likely wear with a sleek pencil skirt and button-up look ? LOVE this Giveaway!!!

  45. Zahra C says 3.15.12

    I would accessorize the bracelets with my leather bracelet engraved with my name and a gold men’s style watch. 🙂

  46. Elizabeth says 3.15.12

    Hi Grace! This is a great Etsy find! I would love to wear these little gems stacked with my gold wrap bracelet and HOH bangles for the perfect pop of gold at the office! 

  47. Betsy Soos says 3.15.12

    I’d wear them with my grandmother’s gold cuff that was given to her by my grandfather for their first Christmas together as a married couple.  It’s something I wear almost everyday and I love adding new jewels to such a sentimental piece!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Lauren Ferreira says 3.15.12

    Wow love her etsy shop!  Rose gold is the perfect addition to mix gold and white gold.  Although I’d probably where them most with my grey jade bangle.  These are so pretty.  Are they on sale in her shop too?

  49. Kerry W says 3.15.12

    I’d add them to my arm party and where them everywhere!

  50. Alexandra says 3.15.12

    I would wear these with a turqoise bangle or my navy and rose gold watch! the more the merrier.

  51. Randilea Nichols says 3.15.12

    Gorgeous! I would stack them with a leather wrap bracelet from gorgana. 

  52. Ashley says 3.15.12

    These are so gorgeous! I would accessorize them with the wooden bangles from the Bahamas and my new turquoise watch I snagged at Target last week.

  53. Sarah Lukonis says 3.15.12

    Oh my gosh i love this bracelet so pretty!

  54. Amy says 3.15.12

    I would wear them with my tortoise-shell and gold link bracelet from J.Crew (which looks like I’ve had it forever)!

  55. Nicole Elizabeth says 3.15.12

    Such pretty bracelets – I think I would just wear them on their own!
    [email protected]

  56. Kathleen says 3.15.12

    These are great! I’d probably just wear them on their own because they are so pretty and elegant!

  57. Amy says 3.15.12

    These are lovely! I bought a few white dresses for dinner dates and events this spring, and think these bracelets would be a beautiful complement to my outfit.

  58. Mbonvino16 says 3.15.12

    I would stack them with a few neon bracelets! 

  59. Lmcass says 3.15.12

    I would stack them with my rose gold Michael Kohrs watch!!!

  60. Vanessahaim says 3.15.12

    These would add an elegant touch to my daily arm party of neons & leather!

  61. tessclassic says 3.15.12

    I think they’d be lovely between my watch and Red Thread Movement bracelet. Beautiful stuff!

  62. Haley McLain says 3.15.12

    So gorgeous! I’d wear them with the claw cuff I have 7 a LBD :]

  63. Alex Hubbard says 3.15.12

    Those are so gorgeous and dainty! I’ve got some fabulous colorful bangles from Stella & Dot that would look stunning with these 🙂

  64. MonicaVerbeke says 3.15.12

    these are so pretty!  I would pair them with a pop of color – a turquise bangle. 

  65. Shoppy Shops says 3.15.12

    I’d “go rouge” and wear them solo!

  66. Ellissa Schatz says 3.15.12

    id love to wear it with cute white bracelets, my rose gold watch, and a couple handmade bracelets!

  67. lauren says 3.15.12

    these need to be mine! I would wear them with anything and everything. Would pair perfect with my gold Love bracelet and Michael Kors watch!

  68. Supal says 3.15.12

    I’d definitely stack them with a timeless Timex watch! 

  69. Airess says 3.15.12

    These would go great with my rose gold watch from Target or just some gold bangles to add color depending on the type of outfit I was wearing! 

  70. Ceperk says 3.15.12

    These are amazing! I’d mix them up with other metal colors! Following on twitter from @ceperk and visited her super cute etsy shop! [email protected]

  71. Cara says 3.15.12

    I’d stack them with a rose gold Michael Kors’ watch 

  72. Stephanie Picard-Colomb says 3.16.12

    I would stack them with pearl bracelets and a silver watch.
    All about mixing metals.

  73. Laurenrissjohnson says 3.16.12

    i would stack them with leather wrap bracelets!

  74. Jackiemacks says 3.16.12

    i’d wear them with my rose gold Michael Kors watch & my pearl and sideways cross bracelet.

  75. Joxy88 says 3.16.12

    I d mix them with some great watch, few knit bracelets and with gorgeous biker jacket !

  76. Ana Puzovickv says 3.16.12

    I would wear it with a great ring like them and great classy and sexy dress to seduce
    and after, I will stay  only with them on me
    so perfect commercial 🙂

  77. LeeKI says 3.16.12

    I would wear it with my gold watch…
    Great giveaway… 🙂

  78. Sarah Moran says 3.16.12

    I am definitely a bracelet whore.  I stack on as many as I can and I’m in desperate need of some thing baubles.  Rose gold is perfect.  And I’m seriously loving everything in her shop.  I’m off to place an order now!  Thanks for the great giveaway!

  79. Jayme Evans says 3.16.12

    I’m obsessed with all things rose gold!  I think I’d stack these with my rose gold Ballon Bleu!  I love the Etsy Shop, everything is so cute and so affordable!

  80. Katie Hall says 3.16.12

    I would wear them with my silver and rose gold Fossil watch! Definitely would keep the outfit classic and casual. Great giveaway! 🙂

  81. Sandy says 3.16.12

    I’d stack this lovely piece with my favorite J. Crew bracelet!

  82. julia vivian says 3.16.12

    i’d stack these beauties with a few other thin bangles – some in yellow gold and some in silver/white gold! i love mixing metals.

  83. Elisabeth says 3.16.12

    These are gorgeous! I would stack them with a watch!

  84. Tasha says 3.16.12

    These are so beautiful and elegant I would stack them with only other understated pieces so that they can SHINE (literally)!

  85. Laura @ Sweet Life a la Carte says 3.16.12

    These are so beautiful, I just added them to my Etsy favorites list! I am thinking they could be a perfect bridesmaid gift next spring. I would honestly probably wear them on their own! 

  86. Jordan - Queen of LA says 3.16.12

    rose gold is my absolute fav. id wear them with a hammered silver cuff i got in jerusalem, a good charma heart bracelet, and the gold bracelet my boyfriend got me for my birthday. fingers majorly crossed! 

  87. Mairin Mcpartland says 3.16.12

    These rose gold bracelets are gorgeous! I would stack them with my oversized watch and a few J. Crew bangles

  88. Victoria says 3.16.12

    These wold look great next to my rose gold watch. Which I wear with just about everything–especially my blue stripes, navy sweaters, and coffee colored knits. 

  89. BmoreLoveLeigh says 3.16.12

    I’m obsessed with rose gold lately.  I have lots of bigger bracelets, but I love these dainty ones.  They would be perfect to stack with what I already have.  Mixing metals of course!

  90. Kira says 3.16.12

    So cute! I’d definitely mix them with a wider cuff and a summer dress!

  91. Deirdre says 3.16.12

    I would wear these stacked with my red enamel and 14 karat gold Kate Spade bangle. Thanks for the opportunity to win! XO

  92. Toni Marie says 3.16.12

    Thin strands of miniature freshwater (to maintain the textural vibe) pearls, a million of them! 

  93. Dragana Aksentijevic says 3.17.12

     Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    I would wear these with black outfit.

  94. Claire Ayendi says 3.17.12

    so cute..

    I would wear them in multiples with a black dress

  95. kaity says 3.17.12

    rose gold is so pretty!  I would to pair this with maybe a navy and white striped shirt?  I think the warm tones in the bracelets would go so well with a dark blue.

  96. Meredith says 3.17.12

    I’d stack them with my gold boyfriend watch.

  97. Celeste says 3.18.12

    I’d wear them with my tortoise-shell watch.

    [email protected]

  98. Ally says 3.18.12

    These are so cute! I tend to stack bracelets like crazy, but these look like they would get lost in the pile if I did that… I think I’d pair them with my leopard-print cardigan and a few other simple pieces of jewelry. And red lips, of course!

  99. Selmica Kiki says 3.18.12

    So nice giveaway! I’d wear it when i go out 🙂
    [email protected]

  100. Moniquehasana says 3.19.12

    Oh wow, these are amazing, I would rock these with my turquoise bangle. Thank for this giveaway and have a blessed day

    moniquehasana at hotmail dot com

  101. Taylorbartik says 3.19.12

    i would stack them with my michael kors watch! their simplicity is perfect!

  102. danya says 3.19.12

    how pretty!! i think i’d pair it with yellow gold, silver, and colored bracelets, bangles- all different thicknesses. 

  103. Casey Bowlin Minton says 3.19.12

    these would be absolutely perfect with my silver & rose gold Michael Kors watch.  love these!!

  104. Jessica Picasso says 3.19.12

    Love the look of these bracelets. I would pair them with my rose gold watch and some bangles 🙂

  105. Danielle070806 says 3.19.12

    Love the bracelets! I would stack them with my Stella & Dot Rhea bangles and of course my Michael Kors watch!!

  106. Tracy says 3.19.12

    I’m a big fan, actually I think I’m addicted…lol!! I would stack mine, and I have to go get me a Michael Kors watch to set it off even better.

  107. Elisabeth says 3.20.12

    I am obsessed with anything rose gold! Most of the time I think simple is better and would actually wear them alone since they are so beautiful! If I were to stack, I’d add my vintage leopard print bangle or a oversized watch. 

  108. Britty says 3.20.12

    These are amazing! I just discovered how awesome Rose Gold can be, and have a sequin-stripe top that would work perfectly with these! Either that or I’d rock ’em with an all-black ensemble, letting them stand out on their own. Oh man they’re pretty!

  109. elizabeth primo says 3.20.12

    i’d surely stack them with my bauble bar dazzle bead and my watch, and my wedding rings, opposite arm leather wrap bracelet, spike bracelet, bangles, and my fave thin cuff.. and put on some cute colored denim, ankle strap heel and denim shirt. grab a clutch.

  110. Lucia H. says 3.21.12

    so beautiful. i’d stack it with a few other bracelets & wear it with a printed maxi dress – perfect for spring 🙂

  111. Tara Jobe says 3.21.12

    Gorgeous! I’d stack them with my rose gold watch! Thanks for the giveaway!

  112. Meg S says 3.21.12

    So pretty! I would love to wear these with a simple dress. 

  113. Demetria Johnson says 3.21.12

    I would stack mine with the Michael Kors Rose Gold boyfriend watch and some big pearl bracelets!!! 

  114. Tiffany says 3.21.12

    Oh, those are so pretty! I’d stack them with a few other bracelets and wear them with my white sundress!

  115. Tina Renee Barker says 3.21.12

    I have some Alex and Ani expandable bracelets I’d pair these with! So chic!

    twitter: @warp65
    treneebarker at hotmail dot com

  116. Alicia Pearce says 3.22.12

    as much as i love a stacked arm lately i think these babies speak for themselves, so i’d wear them all alone. 

    alicianpearce at gmail dot com

    i don’t have a twitter 🙁