Giveaway: Monogrammed iPad Case from Pretty Smitten

Every now and then you see something so fabulous your heart stops a little bit.  I saw this fantastical iPad case on Alex’s blog… and had to have one for myself.  The pattern + color combinations are endless.  I know not everyone is as obsessed with monograms as I am, but wow… I was so impressed!  I ended up going with (of course,) navy chevrons with navy + kelly green stripes.  To be honest, I wanted one of everything in the shop (especially the lucite trays!) but I stopped with the case.  After purchasing, I got to talking to the lovely Elizabeth (founder/owner Pretty Smitten,) and she (squeal!) has offered to give away one of her lovely iPad cases to one Stripes & Sequins reader!

Want to enter?  Just visit her shop, and leave a comment below in the comments section, with which color combination you would get if you were to win!  Psst – she’s running a special deal with Gilt City right now… you might want to pop by and check it out – for a limited time, you can snag your case for $55 with free shipping!

Giveaway ends Thursday, 3/15/12 at 12:00am EST.

No purchase necessary; void where prohibited.  While I do not announce the winner on my blog, it will be available by Monday 3/19/12 by request.  By entering into this sweepstakes, the entrant acknowledges that they are eligible for this sweepstakes according to all laws set forth by their state of residency.  Not valid outside the US.

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  1. Taryn says 3.11.12

    I would get the clover pattern in pool with a khaki border! 

  2. RK says 3.11.12

    I would get the Rugby Stripe iPad 2 case with the Chevron pattern in papaya and the rugby stripe in strawberry and red! =D

  3. Beth says 3.12.12

    I love each one and unable to make up my mind. The colors are beautiful. Maybe the one with the circle monogram in any color combo.

  4. Megan M. says 3.12.12

    Ohhh, I love the one pictured, but it’s hard for me to resist the cheetah, maybe with the stripe in moss and kelly green, and the two intial monogram in black.  Thanks!!  (Fingers crossed!)

  5. Madeline Isabel says 3.12.12

    I just bought the new iPad 3 but forgot to buy a case because I was too excited, so I really need this!
    Grey chevron, rugby stripe in plum and blossom, with my three letter monogram in kelly green!  

  6. Modernly Wed - Kate says 3.12.12

    I just pre-ordered the new iPad and could really use an adorable case for it! I would get the chevron in gray with a moss and leaf stripe and three letter monogram in sunshine.

  7. Katie C says 3.12.12

    Ok, picking out a color and pattern combo is insanely difficult! I think I’d choose the chevron pattern…with some turqoise and kelly green…

  8. Nicole N says 3.12.12

    I LOVE the one shown gray/hot pink. My fave combo. But they are all fantastic…vibrant colors and fun patterns. Weee!

  9. Hannah says 3.12.12

    Thanks so much Grace! Please let me win! I love the cheetah print case!

  10. Sam B. says 3.12.12

    Oh my gosh, I absolutely love her designs! What a generous giveaway, too! I don’t have a case for my iPad, and I really like the monogrammed style pictured above.

  11. Tierney Elizabeth says 3.12.12

    I love the leopard print with the navy and pink.  It’s nautical AND leopard, which is pretty much the most perfect combo ever!  🙂

    Ruby Woo Loves You
    tierneykain (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. Hannah Y says 3.12.12

    I love the leopard print and I also love the zig baggy print! Thanks so much for doing this!

  13. Erica says 3.12.12

    I’d love the black/white polka dots! I hope I can win this, it’s so cute!


  14. Hannah Y says 3.12.12

    Sorry if Im not allowed to enter twice! But i really want to win the cheetah/leopard print case! So cute[email protected]

  15. Teamtichy says 3.13.12

    Chevron s my favorite. That is what I would get

  16. Cortney says 3.13.12

    I love these! I think I would either do grey chevron with pink and orange, or navy with orange and grey!

  17. Joo Yoo says 3.13.12

    Yay! I would love the cheetah, rainbow chevron, or hexagon!

  18. Cody says 3.13.12

    I would probably get clover pattern in Navy

  19. Allyson says 3.13.12

    I’d love the cheetah pattern with beet monogram! Adorable!

  20. Eliza says 3.13.12

    I love the papaya clover pattern with the moss circle monogram! these cases are a must have!

  21. Corri says 3.13.12

    I would get chevron and pool!

  22. Nicolette Bosco says 3.13.12

    OHHH! Love this! I would get the Clover in Kelly Green, and do Navy Blue and Fushia Stripes, with my Monogram…. of course! 

  23. Fashion By Alicia says 3.14.12

    There are so many great options but I am loving the Maze pattern.

  24. Tara Jobe says 3.14.12

    Wow- these are so pretty! I wish I could afford an ipad so I could get one of these for it! Good luck to everyone!

  25. Airess says 3.14.12

    I am officially in love!! I would love to have the leopard with the stripes down the middle that I saw for the iphone… I love leopard everything! I also love the one that you have pictured above! These are awesome! 

  26. Joo Yoo says 3.14.12

    EESHK! loving her cases right now! when i get an iPhone, i definitely want a monogramed case from her site! But until then, i’ll suffice with an iPad case! I love the leopard with striped down the middle or the one with polka dots! thanks grace!

    [email protected]

  27. Mpemma10 says 3.14.12

    So cute! I like the pink chevron with a navy stripe.

  28. Heather Lynch says 3.14.12

    WOW, so cute and stylish. I can’t even decide which one I like best they’re all so great.

  29. Kari Camacho says 3.15.12

    love it! Definitively Diagonale Stripe/Navy/Kelly Green/Circle Monogram 🙂

    [email protected]

  30. Calden300 says 3.15.12

    I would definitely go for the stripes in gray with the teal blue monogram!!  Love this!
    Caroline A

    [email protected]

  31. Joo Yoo says 3.15.12

    I would love the cheetah case of the rainbow chevron!!!

    [email protected]://

  32. Summer Rihey says 3.16.12

    from reading such cases, i like it