Giveaway: Ariel Gordon Diamond Lariat. (CLOSED)

ariel gordon diamond lariat giveaway the stripe 2

Of all my jewelry, my Ariel Gordon Diamond Lariat is one of the pieces I reach for the most. It’s tasteful and elegant, and most importantly… versatile. It’s beautiful whether worn on its own or layered with other jewelry. I love it layered with a couple with shorter necklaces, or wearing it by itself with a plunging neckline (see how I styled it for the L’Oreal Women of Worth Awards here on my Instagram). Ariel’s been a friend + favorite jewelry designer of mine for years now. She has impeccable taste and the quality of her jewelry is really, really good. When you buy something from her, it’s an investment, but you know you’ll have it forever.

Today, one of you will win your own diamond lariat, valued at $545! Enter using the rafflecopter widget below and don’t forget to comment below telling me your favorite AG piece!

ariel gordon diamond lariat giveaway the stripe 6

ariel gordon diamond lariat giveaway the stripe 1

ariel gordon diamond lariat giveaway the stripe 3

ariel gordon diamond lariat giveaway the stripe 5

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  1. Holly says 12.4.15

    Love the lariat most!

  2. Kate Che says 12.4.15

    I love the AG rings the most, their design is timeless to me. Especially the Diamond Horizon Ring: essentially it has simple design yet it’s very feminine. It also has 5 diamonds – my favourite number, so overall it’s a prefect timeless ring.

  3. Elisabeth says 12.4.15

    Gosh so many pretty things, but really I love the diamond lariat most! xoxo

  4. Julie says 12.4.15

    Love Knot!

  5. Lisa says 12.4.15

    Dying over that diamond lariat!

  6. amanda says 12.4.15

    the spike & feather pendants!

  7. Marty says 12.4.15

    So many gorgeous options. A standout for me is the geo diamond half disc

  8. Christina says 12.4.15

    I love everything of hers but my favs are the etched star ring and diamond collar!

  9. Sandi says 12.4.15

    Liking the jacks studs!

  10. michelle says 12.4.15

    This lariat is so pretty and delicate. Love it!

  11. Claire says 12.4.15

    I love the Diamond Lariat! Such a modern look!

  12. Lindy says 12.4.15

    The jack earrings are my fave!

  13. Megan Davis says 12.4.15

    I have to say, the diamond lariat is my favorite piece! So beautiful and versatile. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  14. Linda says 12.4.15

    Nothing tops the lariat!

  15. Tierney says 12.4.15

    you’ve been killing it with these giveaways lately! I really love this necklace–I”m a sucker for anything super delicate (and the rose gold is basically my perfect combo).

  16. Stella C. says 12.4.15

    Hi Grace! I remember your Insta of the Loreal event and the beautiful necklace peeking out! It’s the most dainty piece of jewelry, but it still managed to make a statement! Obviously, I need it. Ha!

    Necklace aside, the dainty AG stackable rings are some of my favorite –initials or the ones with the tiny diamond. I’m not that picky 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend,
    XO, Stella

  17. Liora (Allthingsloveli) says 12.4.15

    So many stunning pieces, I would have to agree I love the simplicity of the Lariat!

  18. Rachel says 12.4.15

    My favorite piece is the lariat! Perfect for everyday or to dress up a simple outfit.

  19. Lindsay says 12.4.15

    I love, love, love the diamond lariat. So simple and gorgeous. That being said, I also wouldn’t mind those snake studs or stack rings either!

  20. Ashley says 12.4.15

    I love the dual birthstone cuff!

  21. Jenn says 12.4.15

    I love her Menagerie collection. 🙂

  22. Jane says 12.4.15

    Love the lariat!

  23. Linda says 12.4.15

    Ooooooh the lariat is my favorite!!

  24. Katie Fegert says 12.4.15

    All such beautiful delicate pieces, but I’m a huge fan of the triple pearl lariat!

  25. Lucy says 12.4.15

    oh wow I think I like the lariat best, so gorgeous and simple

  26. Robin says 12.4.15

    I have an initial necklace from AG that I love – simple and pretty!

  27. Caylynn Lasko says 12.4.15


  28. Heidi Mirdala says 12.4.15

    I love the twin diamond choker!!

  29. Lauren says 12.4.15

    I love the diamond dust necklace and the diamond lariat!

  30. CAITIE says 12.4.15

    I love the diamond lariat and the elephant necklace!

  31. Andi says 12.4.15

    I love the gold layered necklaces!

  32. Brenda b says 12.4.15

    Fabulous ❤️

  33. Beth says 12.4.15

    Beautiful! I have an Ariel Gordon infinity knock necklace and would love to add this to my collection.

  34. Jess Zimlich says 12.4.15

    The one you’re wearing is gorgeous!

  35. Mackenzie says 12.4.15

    The lariat! Definitely my favorite piece!

  36. Kendall says 12.4.15

    I love dainty everyday jewelry!

  37. Michelle says 12.4.15

    I have a pair of Ariel Gordon earrings that I love and wear every day!

  38. Merideth says 12.4.15

    the lariat necklace is gorgeous!

  39. Cecelia says 12.4.15

    1 diamond huggie pair of earrings for me…..coming right up… you say!!! YAY!!!

  40. Rachel says 12.4.15

    All of it is beautiful! I love the horizon necklace, and that ombre effect!

  41. Alison says 12.4.15

    I love the simplicity of the arc geo necklace!

  42. Karen says 12.4.15

    The Pave Diamond Eternity Band! Gasp!!!

  43. erica says 12.4.15

    honestly, that diamond lariat necklace would have been my pick too! i love how dainty and sophisticated it is, but unexpected at the same time

  44. Allison K says 12.4.15

    I love all of the rings! My favorite is the Pave Diamond Eternity Band.

  45. Christine says 12.4.15

    Love the twin diamond cuff!

  46. alana says 12.4.15

    I love the mini rose cut stacking rings!

  47. Amanda Robbins says 12.4.15

    That Love Knot Ring is gorgeous! Perfect for stacking.


  48. Emily says 12.4.15

    I love the double diamond stacking ring!! Beautiful!

  49. Elizabeth says 12.4.15

    Such a gorgeous piece!

  50. Jherell says 12.4.15

    The Diamond Lariat necklace is beautiful! I also like the Twin Diamond Choker. It’s subtle and classy!

  51. amanda says 12.4.15

    the lariat!

  52. Krista says 12.4.15

    Yes!! I have been coveting the lariat for years! Though I have the elephant necklace, which I also love.

  53. Amy Works says 12.4.15

    Love the Jacks Studs and Champagne necklace!

  54. Alexa says 12.4.15

    I really love the etched star ring. Everything is so simple and dainty, I love it!

  55. Meredith says 12.4.15

    I love the stacking rings!

  56. jess martin says 12.4.15

    the lariat necklace!

  57. Emily R. says 12.4.15

    I love her etched star ring!

  58. Kellie says 12.4.15

    I am OBSESSED with Ariel Gordon and have been eyeing the Diamond Lariat!

  59. Rachel says 12.4.15

    I’ve been a fan of Ariel Gordon’s jewelry for years and love all of the love knot and menagerie pieces.

  60. Lauren says 12.4.15

    I have he dual birthstone ring and love it. It’s great if you have kids to put their birthstone! The Champange necklace is in my wish list!

  61. Lauren says 12.4.15

    I absolutely love this piece and the close to my heart necklace!

  62. Erica says 12.4.15

    The diamond lariat is a stunner.

  63. aurelia says 12.4.15

    hello! I love the diamond triad necklace!! The lariat necklace as well, perfect staple for everyday wear.

  64. Delaney says 12.4.15

    I think my favourite is the Diamond Arc Necklace 🙂 It’s so simple and delicate

  65. Hannah L. says 12.4.15

    I love the diamond lariat and the hamsa pendant necklace – both beautiful and delicate!

  66. Casey says 12.4.15

    Love the lariat, but also love LOVE the twin diamond cuff. So delicate.

  67. Emily says 12.4.15

    I think I love all the earrings…as well as this necklace!!

  68. Stephanie says 12.4.15

    I love the classic signet ring!

  69. Ellen Mazur says 12.4.15


  70. Lisa Gravelle says 12.4.15

    The Gold Diamond Lariat is my definite favorite with he Gold Dust necklace coming in as a close second. Happy Holidays!

  71. Lauren says 12.4.15

    I love the twin diamond cuff!

  72. Camille says 12.4.15

    The lariat is gorgeous!

  73. Danielle m. says 12.4.15

    The *Lariat* is definitely the prettiest!!

  74. Nora says 12.4.15

    I love the mini emerald cut stacking ring – so pretty!

  75. Leslie says 12.4.15

    Love the Gold Dust Lariat!

  76. Rebecca says 12.4.15

    I love the diamond horizon wreath ring!

  77. Tanya N says 12.4.15

    Love so much on the site, but especially the pave huggie earrings.

  78. Elisse says 12.4.15

    my favorite is the signet necklace!

  79. Eleni says 12.4.15

    I love the gold dust lariat, so simple.

  80. amy says 12.4.15

    I love the lariat-it is so elegant!

  81. Alexandra says 12.4.15

    The lariat is definitely the prettiest and most delicate piece!

  82. Jayne Boyle says 12.4.15

    I love getting gift ideas for Christmas from your favorite things page, Grace! So many favorites! Thanks for keeping me hip!

  83. katie says 12.4.15

    I love the diamond horizon necklace!

  84. Jacinda says 12.4.15

    The lariat is definitely my fave! Also, diamond is my birthstone, so it’s extra special! xx

  85. Kara says 12.4.15

    I’ve actually been eying the diamond lariat necklace for a looong time now. It seems like a great piece to add to anyone’s repertoire!

  86. Jane says 12.4.15

    Love this giveaway and the collection! I think my favorite would be the diamond horizon necklace, but the lariat piece is stunning!

  87. zoe kimberly says 12.4.15

    I absolutely love all the gold layering! I would wear my lariat necklace with the monogrammed gold signet necklaces — perfection.

  88. Heather L. says 12.4.15

    I love the sterling starry night necklace! Great giveaway!

  89. Carrie says 12.4.15

    Any of the necklaces would be gorgeous, her chains are so delicate!

  90. kate says 12.4.15

    the diamond triad necklace!

  91. Michelle Deller says 12.4.15

    I love the Diamond Arc Ear Pins!

  92. LaTanya says 12.4.15


  93. MFC says 12.4.15


  94. Sarah says 12.4.15


  95. Emily says 12.4.15

    I think the lariat is my favorite!!

  96. marissa n says 12.4.15

    I’d combine the AG lariat with the triangle pave huggies for a super wearable everyday look!

  97. shannon says 12.4.15

    everything is beautiful, but i think the twin diamond cuff is my favorite.

  98. claire says 12.4.15

    the horizon necklace!

  99. Vicki Wurgler says 12.4.15

    I love the Diamond Hook Studs

  100. Kristine L says 12.4.15

    I love any of her love knot pieces!!

  101. Jackie (York Avenue) says 12.4.15

    The twin diamond cuff is so delicate and gorgeous. Absolutely love it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. Anita Carol Gambrell says 12.4.15

    These pieces are all so elegant , I’m liking the STARRY NIGHT NECKLACE best today!

  103. Mili says 12.4.15

    I love the delicate gold dust lariat!!

  104. Anna Y says 12.4.15

    Wow! The diamond lariat is gorgeous!

  105. Rust says 12.4.15

    Love the Emerald Pave Huggies earrings!

  106. Emma says 12.4.15

    love this 🙂

  107. Natalie says 12.4.15

    I love The Menagerie Elephant necklace. It is so dainty and makes a subtle statement. Plus, I just love elephants!!

  108. Tara says 12.4.15

    I love the geo diamond half disc!!

  109. Alicia says 12.4.15

    Her jewelry is so dainty and feminine. I love the lariat – it’s so pretty!

  110. Megan Berry says 12.4.15

    Understated diamonds are TRULY the best look on every woman!

  111. Hayley says 12.4.15

    The lariat has ALWAYS been my favorite and I’m so thrilled you’re doing this giveaway!

  112. lauren says 12.4.15

    i love the lariat! it’s delicate, simple and timeless!

  113. Savannah says 12.4.15

    Stone ear jackets in Lapis!

  114. Annie Reeves says 12.4.15

    This one, please! <3

  115. Elyse G. says 12.4.15

    So many pretty things! I’m kinda in love with the dual birthstone ring. *fingers crossed*

  116. Eudora says 12.4.15

    Everything is so gorgeous but I absolutely love the lariat and the snake charm necklace!

  117. jacqueline prudhomme says 12.4.15

    Love this diamond lariat necklace! Would love to wear with t shirt and jeans to dress up a casual outfit.

  118. Kimmie says 12.4.15

    I love the diamond lariat necklace!! So classy!

  119. Christina says 12.4.15

    I actually have been searching for a delicate lariat forever! This one is perfect with the small diamonds, I love it!

  120. MichelleH says 12.4.15

    This lariat is beautiful. I also adore the Alphabet Bracelet with our family’s initials.

  121. nicole says 12.4.15

    I love the huggie earrings and stacking rings! All of the pieces are beautiful!

  122. lindsey says 12.4.15

    I borrowed this necklace from a close friend (my “something borrowed”) on the day I got married!

  123. Lauren Mandel says 12.4.15

    Love the lariat at all of the rings!

  124. Genevieve says 12.4.15

    This is gorgeous! I love how simple it is–super versatile.

  125. Kim Henrichs says 12.4.15

    I love the Garland ring!!

  126. Susie says 12.4.15

    The lariat, of course!

  127. Julia Hickman says 12.4.15

    The Champagne necklace is gorgeous too!

  128. Jennifer says 12.4.15

    Crossing all fingers and toes, because that necklace is so gorgeous! So delicate and feminine- just the jewelry staple I need in my life!

  129. Rebecca says 12.4.15

    I love the Diamond Lariat or Spike Pendant necklaces from Ariel Gordon!!!

  130. Morgan says 12.4.15

    The lariat!! Such a great everyday piece that adds a little oompf to the layering trend.

  131. Sheila says 12.4.15

    I’m obsessed over the pave teardrop necklace! It is gorgeous and would go with any outfit. Plus it’s very unique which I love!

  132. Amanda @GlitterItGold says 12.4.15

    Loving the horizon studs and sapphire huggies! These giveaways are all amazing!

  133. Lauren says 12.4.15

    that twin diamond cuff is so dainty and beautiful!

  134. Ginna says 12.4.15

    I love this lariat!

  135. Lindsay S. says 12.4.15

    That lariat is my fav! I had a cheaply costume jewelry version back in college that I wore allllll the time. What an awesome giveaway!

  136. Lael says 12.4.15

    I love layers necklaces! This one looks like a beautiful piece to add to everyone’s collection 🙂

  137. Kirby says 12.4.15

    Love this necklace! I’ve been searching for one just like this!!!

  138. Eleanor Cutler says 12.4.15

    So timeless! Love it

  139. Tara Dunn says 12.4.15

    I LOVE lariat necklaces, and have several in silver, but none in gold. I never wanted to try gold in the past, but it is so big right now I know I need a statement piece like this to add to my collection. Beautiful!

  140. Emma says 12.4.15

    I love the emerald cut stone lauriet!

  141. Alex says 12.4.15

    Love this!

  142. Emily Rose says 12.4.15

    Everything is so gorgous! Love the birthstone cuff!

  143. Lexi Sebren says 12.4.15

    The Diamond Horizontal Necklace is my favorite. It’s so delicate and beautfiul!

  144. Adrienne says 12.4.15

    My fave is the menagerie necklace (giraffe) – I wear it all the time! 🙂

  145. Kate says 12.4.15

    My favorite Ariel Gordon piece is the Marquis Geo Necklace — so pretty and such a amazing company

  146. Jenn J. says 12.4.15

    The Mini Emerald Cut Necklace is beautiful. I’d love to wear this beauty every day!

  147. Felicity says 12.4.15

    the lariat is so pretty!

  148. Olivia says 12.4.15

    The diamond lariat, ahh!!

  149. Hannah says 12.4.15

    I think this delicate diamond lariat necklace is stunning, but I also LOVE the birthstone charm ring!

    xx Hannah //

  150. Paulina Rios says 12.4.15

    I Love the Diamond Dust Necklace!

  151. Veronica says 12.4.15

    Love the stacking rings!

  152. Shara says 12.4.15

    The lariat is so gorgeous!

  153. Katie D. says 12.4.15

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I love the diamond lariat but I also love the gold dust lariat. Could dress it up or down!

  154. Megan says 12.4.15

    Oh I have wanted the lariat for-ev-er

  155. Kristina says 12.4.15

    I love Ariel Gordon’s satellite chain because it looks so dainty, you can combine it with everything and even by itself it is always a stunner. But it would look so pretty with the lariat!

  156. MJ Moore says 12.4.15

    This necklace is love-at-first-sight! I also love the Diamond Drop Hoop Earrings 🙂

  157. Rachel Stocki says 12.4.15

    This necklace is gorgeous! I also love the rings.

  158. Cathi says 12.4.15

    Jumbo circle signet necklace is my favorite!

  159. Meredith says 12.4.15

    love the diamon lariat with a v neck tee!

  160. Katie wagner says 12.4.15

    Mini diamond dust hoops!

  161. molli says 12.4.15

    Like all of it!

  162. Tara says 12.4.15

    So many lovely things! The diamond lariat piece is so delicate and pretty!

  163. Cindi says 12.4.15

    I love the TRIPLE PEARL OVER THE TEE LARIAT the most!

  164. Alex says 12.4.15

    Love her style but have to say the lariat is so exquisite and unique!

  165. Alex says 12.4.15

    A good lariat is so hard to find- this one is perfect!

  166. Megan Snyder says 12.4.15

    The diamond triad studs are adorable!

  167. Ashley says 12.4.15

    I love the diamond triad necklace, beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  168. Angelyn says 12.4.15

    THIS piece is now my favorite…so delicate and beautiful!

  169. Danielle S says 12.4.15

    Such a great company with feminine and modern design. I love the bracelet’s I have and look forward to adding personalized pieces

  170. lauren says 12.4.15

    The every day stud is my favorite!

  171. Jaime W says 12.4.15

    Love the lariat, but they are all gorgeous!

  172. Jennifer says 12.4.15

    It’s hard to choose, but I’m really loving the lariat and all the geo necklaces!

  173. Martha Morris says 12.4.15

    Really like the diamond arc necklace!

  174. melissa says 12.4.15

    So many great pieces! Love the pave coupled chain ring.

  175. Eva says 12.4.15

    in love with the turquoise triad necklace!!

  176. Elizabeth says 12.4.15

    It’s so hard to pick just one but I love the Champagne Necklace!

  177. Cheryl Yang says 12.4.15

    I love this Ariel Gordon diamond lariat necklace! This is actually the first time that I have heard about Ariel Gordon but I have always wanted a lariat necklace. I would love to win it! 🙂

  178. Kim Pincombe Cole says 12.4.15

    I’m crazy over the CHAMPAGNE NECKLACE! I mean, come on – 20 diamonds?! And that name?! Love….

  179. Gibson Smith says 12.4.15

    I love the AG Hex Geo Necklace- I love that it is like a bar necklace but with a twist. Love!

  180. Corey Greene says 12.4.15

    The lariat that you are giving away is unbelievable and all of the Huggie earrings I adore!!
    Thanks for doing a giveaway- I love looking at your blog!

  181. mai says 12.4.15

    beautiful pieces! i really like the love knot.

  182. Kristen says 12.4.15

    her pieces are so delicate and stunning. the arc geo necklace is a favorite

  183. aly says 12.4.15

    love the lariat the most!

  184. Sarah says 12.4.15

    You look gorgeous in your selfie!

  185. Caity says 12.4.15

    I love all the delicate necklaces, especially the Starry Night one!

  186. Natalie Costa says 12.4.15

    This diamond lariat is my favorite piece! Love your blog!

  187. Jen says 12.4.15

    Egg ring-I’m in to everything Rose gold right now to celebrate my daughter Rose’s birth in October:)

  188. Jeniffer Amparo says 12.4.15

    Their knot ring is just such a classic!

  189. Keli says 12.4.15

    I love Ariel Gordon jewelry! I wear one of their rose gold necklaces almost everyday!

  190. Margaret says 12.4.15

    Lariat all the way!

  191. Elise says 12.4.15

    I have been obsessed with this necklace for ages– definitely my favorite AG piece combined with the rings! What a great giveaway!

  192. Jessica says 12.4.15

    I love Ariel Gordon jewelry! It’s dainty but exquisite! My favorite is the diamond lariat and I also love their turquoise necklaces!

  193. clarissa says 12.4.15

    the lariat is the loveliest!

  194. Shira says 12.4.15

    I love the rose cut balance ring and horizon ring!

  195. Ashley says 12.4.15

    I really like the simplicity of her pieces but I really want that diamond lariat!

  196. hayden says 12.4.15


  197. Melinda says 12.4.15

    The diamond horizon earrings are stunning. I love studs that are dainty but still make a statement!

  198. perri says 12.4.15

    What a classic and stunning necklace! I would be so honored to wear that around my neck!

  199. Ronida says 12.4.15

    I think the lariat is perfect and it would make a fantastic layering piece.

  200. Selena Hutchins says 12.4.15

    Honestly, it’s been this piece since I saw your styling of it. It looks so timeless.

  201. Car says 12.4.15

    I love them all

  202. va says 12.4.15

    diamond link ear cuff

  203. Jordan says 12.4.15

    The diamond lariat is one of my favorites!! Dainty & classic, with some sparkle!

  204. Lillian says 12.4.15

    The lariat necklace is beautiful!

  205. Kim S says 12.4.15

    This would definitely go with everything!

  206. Andrea says 12.4.15

    The diamond lariat and the diamond horizon necklaces are absolutely stunning!

  207. Heather says 12.4.15

    My favorite is the diamond lariat, but also love the rose cut stone necklaces. What I REALLY need is that jewelry case though!!

  208. Dawn Saunders says 12.4.15

    Beautiful diamond lariat ,,, fingers crossed!

  209. Beth Friedman says 12.4.15

    I’m a fan of the mini diamond dash.

  210. Taylor says 12.4.15

    Love the diamond triad necklace!

  211. Sarah C says 12.4.15

    I like the diamond droplet bracelet but the lariat necklace is also stunning.

  212. Sage Howard says 12.4.15

    The close to my heart ring and the red ruby ring!

  213. wendy sue says 12.4.15

    the gold dust necklace! and the starry night ring!

  214. Kris T. says 12.4.15

    The Lariat is beautiful, but I think the Champagne necklace is my favorite!

  215. Haylee Harker says 12.4.15

    I would love to make this a staple in my wardrobe!!!

  216. Pat Schwab says 12.4.15

    I love your necklace and the twin diamond choker. Beautiful pieces.

  217. Lauren says 12.4.15

    I LOVE the dual birthstone ring and would love to stack a few on my fingers!

  218. Kate says 12.4.15

    Great Giveaway! I was introduced to your blog by my friend in Tokyo! Love all the necklaces, especially your diamond lariat. These delicate style of necklaces are super popular here in Japan. Ariel should open a shop here! xx

  219. Diana Guerguieva says 12.4.15

    Besides the lariat, I like the horizon necklace, jacks studs, dual/chain birthstone rings, and leather jewelry case!

  220. Jen says 12.4.15

    I absolutely adore her slim signet ring. Great update to a classic!

  221. Stephanie V says 12.4.15

    Love this lariat the most-something I’ve never seen before!

  222. Jessica says 12.4.15

    love the diamond chain drop earrings!

  223. Sam DeMatteo says 12.4.15

    This is such a timeless piece that I would cherish forever. Something this simple and elegant will never go out of style!

  224. Erin says 12.4.15

    I love the diamond arc necklace

  225. Vanessa W. says 12.4.15

    the Diamond Lariat is my favorite

  226. Shannon Weel says 12.4.15

    I am such a fan of Ariel Gordon Jewelry and I absolutely adore all of her pieces! My favorite honestly is the lariat, but I also love the Starry Night Ring and the Mini Rose Cut Stacking Rings.

  227. Haley says 12.4.15

    I LOVE the Dual Birthstone Cuff…wow

  228. Jo Anna says 12.4.15

    The lariat is the best!

  229. Jacqueline says 12.4.15

    The Garland ring!

  230. April Crisafulli says 12.4.15

    In love with the MINI DIAMOND FLORET RING! So pretty!

  231. Rachael says 12.4.15

    The Ariel Gordon Diamond Lariat necklace is gorgeous!

  232. Angela Whitmore says 12.4.15

    Love the lariate!

  233. Elisabeth says 12.5.15

    The lariat is my favorite, so timeless and it goes with anything!

  234. Aston D says 12.5.15

    The diamond lariat is stunning.

  235. Gigi says 12.5.15

    That lariat is irresistible!

  236. Megan M says 12.5.15

    I have been coveting this exact necklace – it’s so classic with a twist. Ever since I got my engagement ring (and then wedding band) I’ve been feeling like I need more sophisticated pieces to form a more cohesive look. I’ll still always have a big collection of fashion and statement jewelry, but I’d like to feel like a lady some of the time.

  237. Kristiana says 12.5.15

    This piece is absolutely perfect! Dainty yet different 🙂

  238. Abbie says 12.5.15

    Everything!, but that diamond lariat is my fave!!

  239. Lay says 12.5.15


  240. Allie says 12.5.15

    I love the Lariat necklace the most, but those “pave huggies” earrings are also so tempting ah!

  241. Allie says 12.5.15

    I love the diamond lariat the most, but those pave huggies are tempting!

  242. emily says 12.5.15

    i can’t get enough of the twin diamond cuff! that piece is stunning and simple, elegant and delicate. love love love!

  243. Vanessa says 12.5.15

    The love knot stud earrings are so cute! I like them.

  244. Brittany S says 12.5.15

    Love the length and how delicate it looks. Simply stunning.

  245. Erica says 12.5.15

    Love Ariel Gordon! I received one of her initial necklaces as a gift and wear it all the time!

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