The Best Irreverent Gifts.

For the person who hated 2018 or just swears a lot. This is meant in good fun... I love pretty things with curse words!

Irreverent Gifts - The Stripe Irreverent Gifts


GG Maull Personalized Pouch


Irreverent Gifts

School Suplies

The Stripe

you're going to love these!

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  1. Such a quirky and fun gift guide! I appreciate this fresh take! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Emily says 11.27.17

    Need those pencils! Love this guide. 🙂

  3. Wendy says 11.27.17

    this is amazing! love all of it.

  4. Dana says 11.27.17

    THIS IS GENIUS, GRACE! I laughed so hard when I looked through this — some of these gifts are so perfect, haha!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  5. Erica says 11.27.17

    So many good gifts on this list! The gnome, sweatshirt and tee shirt…love them all!

  6. Theodora says 11.27.17

    In just 2017, I lost my mom, my dog, my job and had a breakup…so if someone could just send this to everyone I know…

  7. Jenn Lake says 11.29.17

    This. is. everything.

  8. Jordan G says 11.29.17

    I was thinking about buying this ornament for a friend who has had a really hard year, but now that I think about your love of irreverence and cats, you probably need this on your tree.

    • grace at the stripe says 11.29.17

      Oh my gosh, this is AMAZING – thank you so much for sharing. I know a few people that need it!!!!

  9. Allyson says 12.4.17

    Definitely the best gift guide I’ve seen this year so far <3

  10. Victoria says 12.6.17

    Just saw this on FB and duh, had to share with you:

  11. Oh yes, this is the list for me and my people. I bought that oven mitt for my mom when she was going through radiation this year as part of a “fuck cancer” care package. Great finds, great humor!

  12. briana says 11.27.18

    Omg I love the sleep mask! Need it in my life immediately.

    briana |

  13. Jess Zimlich says 11.27.18

    I fucking love this 😉

  14. Kaitlyn says 11.27.18

    Bookmarking this less as a gift guide and more of a “I’m definitely buying these for myself” guide! Ha!

    Love this!

  15. kim says 11.27.18

    i look forward to this guide every year…loving the picks you have, especially that oven mitt!

  16. dana says 11.27.18

    These are beyond amazing, Grace! I love all of your picks — especially that sleeping mask! So funny!!

    The Champagne Edit

  17. Abby says 12.3.18

    What a fun and innovative gift guide! You made me smile today, thank you!
    I haven’t gifted the oven mittens yet, but Blue Q’s dish towels and socks are my go to birthday gift for literally all my rad female friends. They always make the recipient laugh and that’s all you need from giftgiving, I think. I particularly love the sassiness of their slogans. “Bitch, I am the secret ingredient”, “I like long romantic walks to the fridge” and “Do one thing everyday that scares your family” are my favourite ones.