45 Gift Ideas For The Home.

45 Gift Ideas For The Home

Today’s post is based on a reader request and will be one of those posts that I frequently update and re-share Gifts for the home! I wanted to pull together a massive round-up of home gift ideas so that next time you need a housewarming gift, a hostess gift, a gift for someone’s new office, you are covered.

Moving into a new place or buying your first home can be a huge milestone. Giving housewarming gifts is a great way to show your friends that you are happy for them. Gift-giving isn’t limited just to the holiday season, so today I wanted to put together an evergreen round-up of gift ideas for the home, both big and small. We spent a longggggg time on this one, I hope it’s helpful! Bookmark this page and anytime you need a great gift, here you go!

PS – I also have a big round-up of milestone gifts, right this way!

(And yes, it may be too early to start thinking about Christmas, but again: this is an evergreen post that I plan to keep updating. And also, one can never be too prepared!)

45 Gift Ideas For The Home

hostess gifts

I love showing up to a party with the perfect hostess gift. I try to keep my hostess gifts personal. But also like to be prepared in case I don’t have time to be super thoughtful. I keep a few vases (these!!) on hand to fill with flowers. Same goes with candles: I pre-wrap them so that I can grab them on the go in a pinch. My go-to candles are this or this. When all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a nice bottle of wine or bubbles. I also love giving this cookbook (it is so helpful) or this mini book set (it is $20 and has little notebooks organized by spirit (whisky, rum, gin, vodka, tequila, champagne, sherry, and amaro) with cocktail recipes for each.

A few other go-to’s: Red Clay margarita salts for someone new to town (or to bring to my NY friends), cheese knives (pair with a block of your favorite cheese!).

home office gifts

When a friend or co-worker has a big milestone (a promotion, new client, etc) a home office gift is a nice way to celebrate! I love this reading valet especially.. it’s so cool. I have never seen anything like this monitor memo board, and I have these wireless charging mats everywhere but the valet version is so chic.

housewarming gifts

I love a housewarming gift. This is where I would spend a little more (glassware is my go-to!). I talk more about this in my milestone gift guide but another thing I think that would be so nice would be to go in as a group or family to buy would be a Dyson vacuum. For something small but meaningful, consider a pretty brass cricket for the mantle. Legend has it that a cricket in the house will bring good fortune to the home when placed on the hearth or mantle.

Christmas Gifts for the Home

I know, I know, it’s early. And I am not buying Christmas gifts YET. But being prepared is so good. At the beginning of the holiday season, I always buy 5 or so extra ornaments and stocking stuffers (again: wrap them ahead of time! I like to use little post-its to remind myself of what I’ve wrapped up!) to have on hand for last minute holiday gifts, ornament swaps, etc. You can’t be too prepared. I did go ahead and order some of those goldfish ornaments. Silly but they are my favorite!

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  1. Nancy:

    Love these ideas. I am always afraid I will rush out of the house and forget to blow out a candle so interested in a candle warmer light. Ordered one on Amazon but returned cuz it looked cheap. Can you or any of your followers recommend one that is nice…not $$$ but decent looking. Thanks.

    8.17.23 Reply
    • I don’t have a good recommendation but maybe someone in the comments section will! Fingers crossed.

      8.17.23 Reply
  2. Dana:

    Love these! My go-to is a fancy-ish hand soap and cute towel from Williams Sonoma.

    8.17.23 Reply
  3. arlene:

    What happened to your IG?

    8.17.23 Reply