The Most Luxurious Gifts!

The Most Luxurious Gifts

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The Most Luxurious Gifts

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The Most Luxurious Gifts!

This gift guide is packed with what I think are the most luxurious gifts out there. It was fun to pull together. Do I need (or would I ever purchase) these $1300 pajamas? Decidedly, NO. But they certainly are fun to look at. Other luxuries are a little more worthwhile, like the Brent Neale diamond bubble G pendant I wear every day. Or my favorite (but very luxe) moisturizer. It keeps me young, I swear. Or at least.. thinking I’m young, ha! Or the planner I use every day. (This one is the very best, it’s so elegant and slips easily into most purses, but I like that it has a whole page per day – I don’t use it as a calendar but rather to manage my to-do list!).

But also: the best makeup brushes I’ve ever owned, my dream luggage (this + this are at the top of my wish list), and the expensive hairbrush that’s worth every penny (read this blog post and all the comments!).

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  1. Cy:

    OMG the hatbox!

    12.4.21 Reply
  2. Lisa Autumn:

    The earrings under number 4 are GORGEOUS!

    x Lisa I

    12.8.21 Reply