Gift Guide: The Hostess.

The Stripe Holiday Gift Guide for Hostess

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And today marks the start of my gift guides! Get ready for a lot of them… (I’ve twenty planned, to be exact.) If you have requests, please comment and tell me… but in the meantime, I always start with one of my favorites… the hostess gift. Earlier today I shared a fun option, but here are twenty more picks! Hostess gifts can be tricky as you don’t want to spend a million dollars, but you also want to show him/her you are grateful for hosting (and secure an invitation for the following year!) Here are a few of my tried and true hostess gifts. A nice bottle of wine doesn’t hurt either. From posh (luxe glassware) to cheeky (animal butt magnets), there’s something for every hostess.


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  1. Great gift guide.

    11.19.15 Reply