Gifts for the Design Lover.

Gifts for the Design Lover

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PS – The Material Knives are NO JOKE. The best knives I’ve ever used and the stand is just beautiful. I have a partnership coming up with them this weekend and through that, a discount code – GRACE20 gets you 20% off.

Gifts for the Design Lover

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Gifts for the Design Lover

Ever the true Libra, I love beautiful things. Maybe too much, I envy those beautiful minimalist bookshelves with just an object or two I see all over Instagram. Mine are filled to the brim. Putting this gift guide together was really fun for me (it felt like shopping but not!!!). Beautiful bowls and mobiles (I have this mobile and want this one!), gorgeous art books (and a Damien Hirst coloring book!?!), this gift guide speaks to my soul.  Also! I am so thrilled that one of my favorite artists (I have a few of her collages) Melvin G has started selling her prints on Chairish! I highlighted this one above but truly, they’re all stunning.

Also I cannot stop thinking about this cloud robe – it’s amazing! But I know I would 100% ruin it/cannot rationalize the price tag. If you’ve seen anything similar at a lower price point, let me know.

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  1. CG says 12.2.21

    I would love a review of that razor! I’m so curious!

    • grace at the stripe says 12.2.21

      I know I am curious too! I just included it because it’s beautiful (and from a Black owned small biz) but have not personally tried it!

  2. Val says 12.2.21

    I’m always on the hunt for good knives, thanks for the discount code and recommendation! I just purchased the trio

  3. Chelsea says 12.2.21

    Just the list I was looking for — my uncle is an artist and I think he’ll love the puzzle!

  4. Julia says 12.2.21

    I love Olivia von Halle robes! The silk is extremely high quality (very thick and luxurious) and they can be washed on the gentle cycle (I use the laundress products – just need to make sure it is washed with similar colours). Those robes almost always make it to the NAP sale – that’s how I got mine (and it helps that it is one size). In fact, I may have just convinced myself to get one with the Egyptian cats

    • grace at the stripe says 12.2.21

      OH THAT IS A GOOD ONE! I will keep my eye out, hoping this one goes on sale!!!

      • Julia says 12.3.21

        Good luck!;) hopefully it makes it to the sale! And thank you for the thoughtful gift guide – I think this is my favourite! So many beautiful finds

  5. Pat Schwab says 12.2.21

    Is the knife set handwash only? Also what are the handles made of. I have ones that are all stainless steal and get way to slippery when I am washing them. Thanks, Pat