Gift Guide: The Cat Lady.

I am a cat lady. And a proud one at that. If we are being fully honest, I was a cat lady (or at least an aspiring cat lady) well before I actually possessed a cat. I don’t quite understand the stigma associated with being  a cat lady. I have a bustling social life, travel frequently, and my apartment smells like Le Labo – certainly not a litter box. That’s just gross you guys. Being a cat lady is chic, y’all! I secretly think that the stigma of being a cat lady was created by some jealous man somewhere who was upset that his lady or crush preferred her cat to him.

To be honest, I love all animals. If I lived in a house I would have three cats and a couple of dogs. Maybe a bunny. And a hedgehog or two. Oh, I love hedgehogs. Especially this one. But I love cats the most. Tyrion is my best pal… he greets me when I get home and curls up with me every night. If I’m having a bad day or am not paying him enough attention, he head butts me being like, “Mom… get your sh*t together.” Just looking at that squishy smoosh face makes even the most stressful days melt away. Boys love my cat. Girls love my cat. Other cats wish they were my cat. (Okay maybe not.) But yeah… Tyrion. He rocks. And if you don’t like cats (or at least animals), I’m going to just go ahead and assume you have questionable morals. But I digress. To my people, my fellow cat ladies… this guide is for you!

one // two // three / four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen // fourteen // fifteen

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  1. Amanda says 12.9.14

    This post speaks to my soul. Thanks Grace!

  2. ~ Carmen ~ says 12.9.14

    Haha, I think everyone knows someone who this gift guide would fit. I’d love that black cat ear beanie! :] // ▲ ▲

  3. Cheri says 12.9.14

    You should add to this guide the cute navy blue cat print t-shirt which is available at Ann Taylor Loft right now for half off, I just ordered one, can’t wait for it to come! 🙂

  4. Agoprime says 12.10.14

    i love these items with cats!

  5. HMC says 12.10.14

    This is amazing–and while I would definitely classify myself as a dog person, those flats have been calling my name for months!

  6. theladybuchanan says 12.10.14

    This just made my day…especially the Thug Life Cat shirt 🙂

    The Lady & The Beard

  7. Jess Zimlich says 12.10.14

    MEOW! I have a friend who would die over each and every one of these pieces.

  8. itsjamiestone says 12.10.14

    I obviously love this! #catlady

  9. Vanessa says 12.10.14

    This is amazing.

  10. Mandy says 12.17.14

    omg I love all of this!!

  11. Beth says 12.18.14

    Are you me? Thanks for the smile fellow cat lady 🙂