Gift Guide: The Boss.

The Stripe The Boss Lady Gift Guide 2015

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Today’s gift guide is for the boss. I hesitate to use the phrase “girl boss” as for whatever reason I kinda hate that term! (It’s a little played out and possibly slightly demeaning? I don’t know. Am I weird for feeling that way?) Regardless, these pieces are for the gal whose got her stuff together. Sleek, sharp basics that will help her to do her job better… or at least look cool doing it!

(Editor’s note – this guide is not meant as a gift for your actual boss. Is it even appropriate to give a gift to your boss? Rather, these picks are meant for that super successful friend or family member who is “the boss.” and has her stuff together. I’d never suggest gifting your actual boss with lingerie or expensive skincare products.)

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Leave a Comment


  1. Jess Zimlich:

    Double commenting today, but I’m so glad there is someone who finally agrees with me on the term. I’m not a fan at all. It’s too overplayed and it comes off as cheesy to me.

    12.2.15 Reply
    • Pat Schwab:


      12.2.15 Reply
  2. Isabella:

    Hey Grace,

    Love your gift guides! Wanted to let you know that this Nars Steven Klein palette offers SO much more for the $ and is pretty awesome – 🙂

    12.2.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      thank you!! you are right!

      12.2.15 Reply
  3. Pat Schwab:

    I don’t like the term girl boss either. They are women!

    12.2.15 Reply
  4. M:

    Normally love your guides…but a slinky chemise for your boss?!? In what world is that appropriate? This reeks of sleezyness that I don’t expect from you.

    12.2.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Hi M – oh my gosh, I think you might have misunderstood me – this post is meant for that friend who is “the boss.” I would never condone giving your actual boss lingerie (in fact I am giggling to myself right now at the absurdity of it!) the same goes for the saint laurent purse and many other things… it’s just meant for that friend who is super successful and “the boss.” I hope that clarifies!!! I’ll reword the copy in my post to state that.

      12.2.15 Reply
      • M:

        OMG I am howling with laughter now. Thanks for the clarification…I was so confused!

        12.3.15 Reply
  5. Megan:

    just came across your blog and love it!

    12.4.15 Reply