Gift Guide 2016: The Blogger.

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I know I have a lot of readers who also write blogs, so I always do a social media gift guide (you can see last year’s here!) I personally lose extra batteries + USB cords as quickly as I lose hair ties so getting an extra one in my stocking is always appreciated (especially if it’s pretty, like this one!) I was given a copy of Aimee Song’s new(ish) book, Capture Your Style and while I was skeptical, I have actually learned SO much from it in terms of upping my own instagram game. I would definitely recommend it for anyone interested in growing their social media audience and/or making their feed look a bit prettier.

But the coolest gift on this list (in my opinion) is this selfie necklace or this selfie bracelet. The designer is Abby Dubois, of EACH Jewels (a fellow BaubleBar alum)! You actually submit a photo/selfie of the recipient and they will make the necklace/bracelet look like anyone you’d like it to! I haaad to highlight them here as it is such a creative idea!!

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Top: Selfie Necklace // BaubleBar x Target Braid Charger // ‘All You Need is Love and Wifi’ Tee // Kate Spade Phone Wristlet // Pink Portable Charger // Glitter Phone Case // Hashtag Pin // Portable Salmon Charger // Hairlip Emoji Pin // ‘But First Lemme Take a Selfie’ Tee // Like & Dislike Stamps

Bottom: ‘Capture Your Style’ by Aimee Song // Emoji Wine Glass // Lumee iPhone Case // Dancing Emoji Girl Dress // ‘Believe in Your #Selfie” // Heart Print Sonix Charger // ‘I’m Kind of a Big Deal on the Internet’ Tee // Nails Painted Emoji Pin // ‘All The Feels’ Mug // Selfie Bracelet

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  1. carrie says 11.28.16

    Ha! Such fun ideas.


    • graceatwood says 11.28.16

      So glad you approve! 😉 xo

  2. Mary says 11.28.16

    OMG. I have already sent this post along to my hubs! haha! This is so great! I love everything you’ve listed!

    • graceatwood says 11.28.16

      Aw yay!!! Hope you takes note! 😉 xx

  3. Elizabeth says 11.29.16

    Love this gift guide! The red Kate Spade is a must! 🙂

    • graceatwood says 11.30.16

      Agree! And you can charge your phone with it!

  4. Marta says 11.29.16

    Those are all great ideas! Definitely sending this post to my friends and help them in case they don’t know what to give me haha

    • graceatwood says 11.30.16

      Aw, yay! 🙂 there are some really fun things on here!!