Get the Look: Chic Basics


I love absolutely everything about this look.  It’s easy, elegant, and just a little bit edgy.  Last year I splurged on leather leggings and now I want a pair of looser leather pants that I can cuff; so I’ll be turning to a less expensive or vegan version.  Add a loose weave sweater layered over a black bralette, chic heels to elevate the look, and a great bag… done.  Of course, cuffed pants aren’t exactly the most practical choice this time of year, but that isn’t really the point, now is it.

  1. Open Weave Sweater (High // Medium // Low)
  2. Black Bralette  (High // Medium // Low)
  3. Black Beanie  (High // Low)
  4. Cuffed Leather Pants  (High // Medium // Low)
  5. Tan Shopper:  (High // Medium // Low)
  6. Nude Pumps:  (High // Low)


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Leave a Comment


  1. jillian:

    oo i STILL want that tan shopper…it’s haunting me! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

    1.10.14 Reply
  2. I keep flip-flopping between a tan or black shopper. Most recently I was leaning towards black, but now I’m back on the tan kick! Thanks for sharing these picks.

    1.10.14 Reply
  3. Love this outfit & thank you for including both high & low options for each!

    1.10.14 Reply
  4. I’m in desperate need of a light-weight shopper tote like that! All of my purses are starting to feel like I carry bricks in them!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

    1.10.14 Reply
  5. Love, love it too! Shea Marie has some fantastic looks. Those cuffed leather pants are amazing!

    1.10.14 Reply
  6. Love this look! So so chic!

    1.10.14 Reply
  7. Love the outfit! Around this time of year, I always think about what basics I want to add to my closet to complement what I already own, so this post is perfect.

    1.10.14 Reply
  8. I love the leather leggings – dying for a pair of my own!

    1.10.14 Reply
  9. Gah, leather leggings. Someday. This look really is just beautiful, simply, and classy.

    1.10.14 Reply
  10. Love this look!

    1.11.14 Reply
  11. One of my favorite looks!

    1.12.14 Reply