Game Changers… a few Secret Weapons.

Every so often, I like to highlight the products that I am loving.  Not just in aesthetic sense… everyone can have a favorite lipstick or nail polish… but products that really work – and help to actually make life better.

1.  Stiletto Hardware:  I love this company.  These little memory foam inserts make walking in heels… AND flats… so much better.  They sent me a pair of each type for review… I promptly placed an order for six more pairs of the heel cushions – they’ll be going in all of my flats!

2.  Express Tights.  I’ve written about them before, but these are good.  There is absolutely no need to spend $50.00 on Wolford tights.  (Take it from somebody who has.)  Express tights are under $20.00, last forever (I still have pairs from 3 years ago,) and are as opaque as they come.  I buy them in bulk.  Stock up now, while they are on sale.  (Right now if you order ’em online, they’re just over $10.00.

3.  Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.  This stuff is such a treat.  I’m so bad about bedtime cleansing, but this turns it into a spa experience.  Massage a few pumps into your skin, and rinse off using hot water and the accompanying muslin cloth.  It smells amazing (like eucalyptus) and is perfect for cold weather temps as it won’t dry out your skin.

4.  Wine Away.  I’m such a klutz, and love nothing better than a good Bordeaux.  Which is why… I carry a small bottle of this in my clutch, and keep a bottle at home in our kitchen drawer.  If you have a problem with spills, you need this.  It gets red wine stains out like nobody’s business.

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