Fun with Framing.


The title of this post is a bit misleading, as (in my opinion), framing your art is anything but fun! I’ve always tried to go the budget route… tracking down my frames + mats on Amazon or at my local art store… but something inevitably goes wrong. The mat usually ends up being just a quarter of an inch too small… the artwork keeps sliding out from under the mat, or – the worst – despite my best measuring efforts, everything just ends up being so much bigger (or smaller!) than I anticipate and I have to start over from scratch.

I recently discovered a service called Framebridge and instantly got hooked. They make framing your art so easy, allowing you to focus on the part that is actually fun… hanging your art or creating a gallery wall! You simply upload your art or plug in the dimensions, choose your frames + mats (and it will show you how everything will look.) A few days after you place your order, a package will arrive for you to send them your art (or you can upload the art files directly, if you have them.) Pop your art in the mail, and in a couple weeks, your art makes its way back to you… beautifully framed.

Annnd, I’m super excited because I have a special offer just for you guys… take 20% off of two+ items with code STRIPESANDSEQUINS. (Expires 2/6)



These prints are from my beloved friend Aly’s print shop… I love how nice they look in their new frames. Naturally, I hung them above my bar cart.


Another really cool function is their Instagram printing service! This makes the process even easier- log in with Instagram, choose which ones you want to print, and then select your frames. (Such an incredible gift idea – and the framed Instagram prints are only $39, which I think is very reasonable.)





Created in partnership with Framebridge. 

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  1. Noemi:

    Alle these frames are really beautiful, I have the “Press for the champagne” too, it’s too cute!
    And you’re right, framing is not funny at all!

    1.23.15 Reply
  2. Noemi:

    I meant “Press for champagne” 🙂

    1.23.15 Reply
  3. melissa:

    Such cute frames!

    1.23.15 Reply
  4. Jackie (York Avenue):

    Sounds like a great service, especially for printing Instagrams. Framed and Matted I think is a similar service, but this one seems a little more budget-friendly. I love the gold frames.

    1.23.15 Reply
  5. Emily&Elizabeth:

    I’m in the process of creating a gallery wall so I’m glad I ran into this post! Thanks for the discount code 🙂
    xo Emily

    1.23.15 Reply
  6. Trang's corner:

    Such a cool post! Love this post!
    Love from – a lifestyle, cooking, fashion blog

    1.23.15 Reply
  7. Emily B. | @FlourMagnolia:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m always bummed when I find some great prints I want to hang on the wall, but then never get around to it because framing them would cost more than the artwork. Excited about the discount code as well! I was planning to have some things framed for my husband’s birthday coming up and now I’ll get even more bang for my buck : )

    Also, congrats on the new site! I can honestly say, it’s my favorite layout I’ve seen. Yours was the first blog I ever really started following years ago, and you’re still a daily must-read.

    1.23.15 Reply
  8. Jamie:

    Loving the mirrored frame with “As If” inside. Perfect for when you’re having one of those days!

    Hello There, Lady!

    1.23.15 Reply
  9. Eden:

    Beautiful selection of frames. Have a nice weekend!

    1.23.15 Reply
  10. Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache:

    Framing is such a royal pain in the butt. It took 11 months for me to print and frame any pictures. This service will definitely alleviate the horrors of going frame shopping now.

    1.23.15 Reply
  11. alyson:

    Gorgeous frames, and absolutely love the instagram idea!


    1.23.15 Reply
  12. Lindsay Ava:

    I love how art and what you frame and put on your wall has become so versatile in the past few years 🙂 So cool you can just send it out and it will get back framed 🙂

    1.23.15 Reply
  13. Alexandra:

    This is fabulous! I’m so happy to support businesses that are run by women. Fantastic.

    Warm Regards,

    1.24.15 Reply
  14. Katie:

    Look great so I went to order some however the code you shared doesn’t work 🙁

    2.1.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Oh no! I just sent an email to their team and will find out what is going on. So sorry about that!!

      2.1.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Hi Katie! Wow – I heard back quickly from the team… they said the code is working! Are you trying to order two items or more? Please let me know. I want to make sure you are able to take advantage while the offer is still good. 🙂

      2.1.15 Reply
  15. Alexandra:

    I Absolutely love the drink prints! Thanks for sharing the shop!

    3.11.15 Reply
  16. Lisa LeMacher:

    Awesome and fun ideas

    11.2.16 Reply