Fun Beauty Trick – Get Gorgeous Tresses, While You Work Out!

I’ve discovered a fun new beauty trick, all on my own. (Perfect for all of my fellow busy, workaholic, beauty-obsessed, yoga-addicted friends out there.)

So here goes… Pre-yoga, I smooth in a handful of Umberto Beverly Hills Collagen Pre-Shampoo Treatment. (It’s meant to be applied to dry hair and left on for ten minutes.) I comb it through, and pull my hair back into a neat little bun or braid. After an hour of yoga, I hit the showers, and shampoo it out.

The result? Hair that’s soft, shiny, intensely hydrated, and deeply conditioned… (and I didn’t have to sit around for 10 minutes waiting for it to sink in before my shower.) I’ve heard of people who do a similar thing while sleeping, but for me that leads to greasy face/pillow case. Yuck.

It’s $9.99 at Target. This little trick will work with any other pre-shampoo treatment, but I like the Umberto product (and it’s a good price!)

…Gosh, don’t you just love multi-tasking?

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