Friday Fashion Crush – Norma Kamali All in One Dress

Yesterday, I attended the Real Simple 10th Anniversary Event in Grand Central.  One of the featured speakers was Norma Kamali and she presented her “All in One Dress.”  She showed it on several different models (each being beautiful, but with totally different body types,) and somehow it managed to look amazing on everyone.

She designed this dress back in 1972 and what is so great about it is that there are a zillion different ways to wear it.  (Below are my top 4.)  It’s a smooth soft jersey material (great for packing…) and the ways to wear it are literally endless.  (you can even wear it as a skirt!)

My personal favorite way to wear it is the traditional way (as a tunic/mini-dress.)  But I love the off the shoulder, halter, and strapless versions as well.  Way to go, Norma!

Oh wait – I didn’t tell you the best part… its incredibly affordable!  As of 4/25 you’ll be able to get it at Wal-Mart for only $24, with $.97 shipping!  Yes, you heard that right…  it’s under $25! 

If you’re not feeling all that patient, you can order it from the Norma Kamali website for $50.

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  1. B Burke:

    i have been trying to purchase the Norma Kamali all in one dress. I cannot locate a US store that will ship to Halifax Canada. does not have the colour or size I am seeking.

    Can you direct me? I’m travelling to Italy in a month and would love to take this dress along.

    3.26.13 Reply