Friday Fashion Crush – Kiel James Patrick Rope Bracelets

Growing up on Cape Cod, loved our rope bracelets. You’d slide it on, and once it was there, its stayed there – for the rest of the summer and through fall if you were lucky. (But usually after a summer of swimming lessons and playing at the beach, your rope bracelet would fall off.)

Kiel James Patrick gave this classic bracelet a twist, with his line of preppy, Cape Cod/Hamptons/Summer inspired items… from headbands to keyfobs. But my favorite (naturally,) are the rope bracelets.

I’m partial to the Mariner & Cape Poge Bay style, pictured above. It’s the most traditional… in classic rope, lined in plaid, with a big enamel button to make it removeable. The best part though, is that the button is customizable. So mine will be fastened by a lilac enamel button.  (It was a hard decision… I also really liked the pink and mint green.)

Check him out here

P.S… I found him through one of my favorite blogs… The Love List.

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