Frank Body Scrub.


A week or two ago at work, one of my girlfriends was complaining about her {nonexistent} cellulite. In a hushed voice, she said, “I bought Frank Body Scrub.” This immediately piqued my interest… “What’s Fraankkk!?” I exclaimed back. Then our other friends chimed in. “Frank is magic. Frank turns your skin into velvet.” “Frank gets rid of your cellulite.” I was all like, “What? How do I not know about this!?!!?” I mean, I’m the blogger in the group and read a gajillion blogs for work, and I’d never heard of this stuff, not even once. Cut to me on their website, five minutes later, placing an order. I liked that the product is all natural and contains yummy ingredients like coffee grains, brown sugar, sea salt, almond oil, and orange essence. And everyone I know seems to rave about it… check out the comments on my instagram if you want further evidence… they got fanatical! Also, I have a kind of dirty sense of humor and love their marketing. I think it is hilarious/awesome that their slogan is “Get Naked. Get Dirty. Get Rough. Get Clean.”

Frank arrived in the mail a few days later and I got up early yesterday morning just to use it. Frank doesn’t mess around. At the end of my shower, I covered myself in the stuff and scrubbed. You scrub all over, concentrating on any dry spots, stretch marks, cellulite, etc. Now, be forewarned. Frank is messy. A bit of a nightmare if you are a clean freak. He is dark brown, smells like coffee and leaves coffee grits all over the shower. And then, for best results, you are supposed to stand around naked while it works further magic and dries. Then, you get back in the shower and rinse it off.

Standing in the shower naked for ten minutes sounded kind of awful so I brushed my teeth, fed the cat, and did the dishes. Naked, covered in the scrub. I looked pretty terrifying. These are the benefits of living alone, friends.  But when I rinsed off, my skin did feel just like silk. I’m hooked.

Also, my friend uses it every other day {but only leaves it on for five minutes} and said that her cellulite is completely gone. I’ve only used it once, but my skin definitely feels amazing — smooth, silky, and definitely firmer. Anyway, you can get it here. And for the record, I got the coconut one. Its a couple dollars more but I love coconut oil.

PS – If you’ve tried this, and want to leave your experience in the comments section, I’d be so grateful – I’d love to hear what others think about it.


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  1. Nnenna says 4.24.14

    I think I read about this on a British (or was it Canadian?) beauty blog but I’ve never tried it before. I’m definitely intrigued though- especially if it really does get rid of cellulite!

    • Tayla Tawhiti says 8.28.14

      Yes it does, I have one of each bag and they are amazing ! Definatly worth it. But I live in NZ so idk how much the shipping difference is? 🙂

  2. Rose says 4.24.14

    Alright, I haven’t even heard of this but you have me sold! Heading over to check it out 🙂

    Blonde in this City

  3. Lauren says 4.24.14

    I don’t really believe in miracle products, but for the relatively low price I’m going to give it a shot. I have ketosis pilaris (and cellulite, too, duh) and would love to give that the boot before summer – and this is SO much cheaper than the KP duty products.

    How many uses do you think you’ll get per bag?

    • Grace Atwood says 4.24.14

      I have KP too! On my arms – its the worst. This definitely helps. Have you tried Glytone? Their body wash + lotion is amazing for KP – I like it better than KP Duty. But honestly this is even better… and it is all natural. I would say you’d probably get 8 or 10 scrubs from the bag? But I’m not sure. I used a lot the first time, probably more than I needed.

      I really hope you try this as it sounds like we have similar skin issues. Let me know what you think!

      • Stacey says 4.24.14

        I need to try this pronto, I have KP and nothing seems to help it at all!


        Five Minute Style 

        • Joanna says 4.27.14

          I used to have KP and discovered Skin Milk’s Shower Gel on Amazon. Bought a pack of 6 for less than $5 each and have never turned back! My arms are smooth as a baby’s bottom and people always compliment me on how soft they are! Give it a try — found them on too!

        • sarah says 8.13.14

          I have KP too and NOTHING helps…not even that Derma Duty. However I recently started using Mia products, their body butter specifically and the KP has gone away! It is crazy. Give it a try too.

      • Lauren says 4.24.14

        I ordered one of the Glytone kits on Amazon and liked it, but never ended up reordering. Now I just exfoliate and use Amlactin, which I buy in big bottles from Costco, but it just hasn’t been getting the job done lately. Ordered two bags of coconut frank scrub! I’ll keep you posted 🙂

      • aly says 1.5.15

        If you stop using it do the results backfire?

        • Grace Atwood says 1.5.15

          I think so. The caffeine is what tightens the skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite (a temporary effect – but note that there’s no real permanent cure for cellulite) and the scrub exfoliates dead skin cells… so if you stop using it and aren’t exfoliating, your skin will go back to it’s old state. But this is the same as with any topical treatment… if you stop using something, you stop seeing results (sad but true!)

    • Joanna says 4.27.14

      I used to have KP and discovered Skin Milk’s Shower Gel on Amazon. Bought a pack of 6 for less than $5 each and have never turned back! My arms are smooth as a baby’s bottom and people always compliment me on how soft they are! Give it a try — found them on too!

  4. Kate says 4.24.14

    I don’t typically buy into Miracle Creams, but I will definitely give this a shot. After your review, I’m kind of excited to get scrubbing! Thanks for the tip. 🙂

    • Grace Atwood says 4.24.14

      Me either, but based on the price + what friends said (and that its all natural) I gave it a go. So glad I did! Let me know what you think!

  5. What?!! Can’t believe I’m just learning of Frank now! The package is so cool I’d buy it just for that! Wonder how long the results last. Like if I used a whole package and then went months without using it.

    • Grace Atwood says 4.24.14

      I’m pretty sure that if you stop using it the results go away (at least that’s the case with most anti-cellulite products…) but I don’t know! Will be interesting to find out. 🙂

  6. Sally says 4.24.14

    well great, now I’m placing my order too – beauty products get me everytimee!!

  7. Kate says 4.24.14

    How many scrubs does each pack give you? Or do you use the whole pack for one scrub?

    • Grace Atwood says 4.24.14

      I’m not positive but my estimate is probably 8 – 10?

  8. Shelby says 4.24.14

    sounds lovely!!

  9. bellebellebeauty says 4.24.14

    oh I am totally sold. I have KP too – I wasn’t a huge fan of KP Duty so I am ordering this stat!

    • Joanna says 4.27.14

      I used to have KP and discovered Skin Milk’s Shower Gel on Amazon. Bought a pack of 6 for less than $5 each and have never turned back! My arms are smooth as a baby’s bottom and people always compliment me on how soft they are! Give it a try — found them on too!

  10. Emma Fox says 4.24.14

    I ordered mine the other day – still waiting on it! Can’t wait to try it though!!

  11. Kate R. says 4.24.14

    Never tried anything like this before, but I just bought it! Excited to give it a try and get ready for summer 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation!

  12. Peyton says 4.24.14

    Just placed my order! I have KP issues on the backs of my arms as well, and have had little luck with KP Duty. I can’t wait to try this! Love reading all your beauty product recommendations, Grace.

  13. Ghazaleh says 4.24.14

    ooh always love coffee scrubs at the spa… just ordered it with the coconut. thanks for the tip!

  14. kdburke1988 says 4.24.14

    I really want to try this stuff, but I know my boyfriend would think I was a total idiot for standing around in coffee grounds, naked, for 10 minutes…he would probably mock me for life, and I would NEVER hear the end of it.

  15. Justine says 4.24.14

    I’ve been wanting to try this! It’s on my must have list now:)

  16. christina says 4.24.14

    I appreciate your honest reviews and you have definitely sold me on this one! Thanks!

  17. Annie Reeves says 4.24.14

    Okay, I’ve gotta try this. At the very least, it sounds like it will smell amazing!!

  18. Sarah says 4.24.14

    I was super tempted to buy this last week, but ended up trying to mimic it at home. I tossed day old used coffee grounds, some white sugar (only because I was low on brown), some table salt, and some coconut oil together, and mushed it around till I got a good paste. Have used my mix three times in about a week, and the results are pretty stellar. Will probably add some of Weleda’s almond oil to my next batch, and try brown sugar and sea salt. DIY if you dare? I’d be curious how it compares to Frank. 🙂

    • megg b says 6.5.14

      exactly… its so easy to make yourself.. ive been using this scrub for over a year… i just mix coffee, coconut oil, or olive oil and brown sugar, whatever… it just sloughs off old skin like a great exfoliator…. i couldnt imagine paying for something i could make super easy.. nice advertising though

      • Grace Atwood says 6.6.14

        hey megg – just FYI – this isn’t advertising! Just a product I loved. I bought it myself and wasn’t paid in any way to promote it.

  19. Hysterical! I wonder if my husband will leave for a few hrs while I try this out.

  20. Amanda says 4.24.14

    Oh, I am DEFINITELY going to have to give this a try! Thanks for the recommendation!

  21. Rachelle says 4.24.14

    I am waiting for my order, now you have extra excited to try this.


  22. Lauren says 4.24.14

    I’m sold..just ordered some Frank. Ready for summer.

  23. Diana says 4.25.14

    Ordered !!!! Great Post Sweets!

  24. Lisa says 4.25.14

    I can’t believe this is only $14.95.. It sounds too fun not to at least give it a try! Just bought it.

  25. Bee says 4.25.14

    This is great stuff!! I had just bought the KP Duty to prepare for my spray tan and was uber impressed with how wonderful my body felt after using. I just did another scrub yesterday (post vacation)!! I am definitely pinning this for purchase after depleting my KP jar since it sounds less expensive and I never knew our bodies could feel sooo good after an at-home body “spa” treatment !! Thanks!!

  26. ajminneapolis says 4.25.14


  27. jillian says 4.25.14

    sooo interesting! i really want to try this stuff! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  28. Kimberly Whittaker says 4.25.14

    I have been so intrigued since you first mentioned it… this post took me over the edge! Just purchased. 🙂 Is it terrible that I am already scheming about how I can create a fun Instagram photo too? lol

  29. Isabelle says 4.25.14

    Need to try this!

  30. perri schneider says 4.25.14

    I’ve been using Frank for a few weeks now! I absolutely love the coconut one. Only set back is the complete mess it leaves in your tub 🙁 But my skin is incredibly soft and I like to use it (gently) on my face too!

  31. Rhonda Jenkins says 4.25.14

    I love all of these comments, because:
    1. It seems like this products really works so I want to try it.
    2. It makes me realize that a lof of y’all have KP, so I’m not alone!

    haha amazing what a little blogger love can do. Thanks for sharing, Grace!!


  32. kiley says 4.25.14

    going to buy right this second – love an all natural product suggestion! thanks lady!

  33. Laura Kathleen says 4.25.14

    Hi! How long would you say one order of the scrub lasts? I think I need it! haha

  34. Tara says 4.25.14

    Wow. Couldn’t resist the all-natural coconut goodness. Thanks for the tip, Grace!

  35. HeidiM. says 4.25.14

    Two days in a row you got me!! I ordered the black otte dress yesterday and the coffee scrub today! What would I buy without your blog in my life? 😉

  36. Becca Krzmarzick says 4.26.14

    Sounds like a really interesting product, makes me want to try it! I’m getting married this summer and the honeymoon includes a beach & bikini… so this would be helpful!

  37. Becca says 4.26.14

    I think I need to try this!!

  38. Rapunzel says 4.27.14

    I had never heard of it but I got given frank as a secret Santa gift best gift ever love love love it my skin feels amazing and I smell so sexy lol

  39. Cathleen says 4.28.14

    How many uses per package?

  40. marlynchaviano says 5.5.14

    I am ordering mine RIGHT now!! I’ve never believed in stretch mark creams- but I believe it will (hopefully) work on my cellulite! Shall I buy a brush to massage in the coffee scrub or just use my hand?! Thanks for the review! <3

  41. Tracy says 5.7.14

    I am a coffee addict a friend told me about Frank.. weird messy but smells devine. I bought for the coffee factor however it does make my skin feel beautiful.

  42. Mercedes says 6.1.14

    It’s pretty incredible. I ordered on Thursday and it arrived next day (I live in Los Angeles) and my first use was today. It smells delicious and after scrubbing with Frank my skin was left feeling SO soft, I couldn’t believe it. I was so impressed that I gave it to my mom to try, she suffers from psoriasis that covers most of her body. Hopefully she will find some relief. I will post a follow up after she uses it.

  43. Kristy says 9.20.14

    Just used this product, the cacao version & the first thing I noticed is the KP I have on my arms looks like it faded. Granted its still there but it’s only my first use so I’m almost positive it will get rid of it after more uses. I’ve had creams prescribed for this but they smell horrible & are extremely expensive. Like anything I believe I will have to use this consistently to keep the KP under control but not a huge deal, we keep up with haircuts, waxes, manis/pedis, etc

  44. Frank Scrub says 1.17.16

    I’ve been using the Frank Body Coffee Scrub for about 2 weeks now about 2-3 times a week when I have had an evening free. I have slight eczema on my elbows and top of hands plus have cellulite and some stretch marks from my 2 births in the last 6-7 years. I was impressed by the results on first use, definitely my skin felt softer, smoother and firmer and definitely saw a fading in my cellulite and war wounds as I like to call them. But its only after using the coffee scrub for a couple weeks that I’ve really seen a dramatic diminishing of my cellulite/war wounds. I think it softens the hard pigments and makes your blood flow better helping the skin to repair itself. All in all, this is a wonderful product from our cousins down under and I highly rate it. Will keep using it and hopefully, if I’m feeling brave enough, upload some before and after pics. But I’ll get back to you on that! 🙂

  45. anne kendall says 6.16.16

    I’m definitely going to try this now! My cellulite is #tooreal.

    • graceatwood says 6.16.16

      I hear ya… mine, too!!! This makes a difference… at least in the short term. I also really love their body cream… it tightens things up immediately.

  46. Kathy says 5.16.17

    Can anyone recommend me a smooth and gentle body scrub?