Found, Finally… The BB Dakota Sheldon Dress at South Moon Under

Oh, this dress… this stupid, stupid dress. 
Let’s recap. 
First I thought it was a great alternative to Anne Taylor’s sold-out version.
I ordered it from Urban Outfitters and they sent me a disgusting white slip dress.  Their customer service team was rude and I vowed to never shop there again.  Perhaps I am being a tad bit overdramatic,
Then, your comments rolled in.  It happened to everyone who ordered the dress, it seemed.  (Crappy job on UO’s part…)
First we learned that the dress is not the “Graydon” dress, but actually the “Sheldon” style.
Then we learned that it will be appearing at shortly.  (It’s still not up there, I checked compulsively.)
But then I found it here, at a hole-in-the wall online boutique called “South Moon Under.”  Ordered it immediately.  It better be the the most amazing, perfect L.W.D. ever for all the hoops I’ve gone through to obtain it.

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