Gifts for Guys!

Gifts Ideas for Guys

Gift Ideas for Guys

Shopping for men can feel really daunting. My boyfriend, my dad, my two brothers-in-law, etc! My boyfriend appreciates nice clothing but will rarely shop for himself so he is pretty easy. And my dad is really into blues music and food, so gifts in those realms always go over well. For my brothers-in-law, it is usually something from Faherty. I have a lot of luck with Faherty (but will have a code with them in a few days so don’t buy anything until then!). Today’s roundup is all about the men in our lives. I tried to keep things practical but still creative and a little bit fun.

A few more standout things!
  • If he travels a lot, this neck pillow is a godsend. My bf and I both have this and we LOVE.
  • A nice cashmere scarf is luxurious and something he probably would never think to buy himself.
  • A fun activity, like this hot sauce making kit (this is so cool!). Or pickleball paddles — and make a plan to play together. Short Court is my friend Neil’s company; I love my paddle.
  • Really good glassware that you can enjoy together. They’re not just for whiskey; Negronis work great too. These are fun glasses too!

PS. Find more gift ideas here!

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  1. Jennie:

    I always love love LOVE your gift guides, Grace! Thanks for all the time you put into curating such wonderful options. I also wanted to share a great gift idea my bff just gave me: if your guy (or anyone else in your life) is super into board games, you can go on Etsy and there are a ton of shops that make beautiful upgraded pieces (wood instead of cardboard, metal instead of plastic, etc).

    11.13.23 Reply
    • OOH I love this! Thanks for sharing. Wondering if I could find a cool monopoly set to give my bf/his kids. That is always our favorite to play together.

      11.13.23 Reply
      • Jennie:

        Love that! There are so many cool/beautiful options. Lol, in my household Monopoly always starts a fight Wait, also for your bf (he’s an architect if I’m remember correctly?), I was in World Market the other day and they have a mid century modern gingerbread house kit. I was dying over it!

        11.13.23 Reply
      • Maeve:

        Ok so this is unrelated to the gift guide but wondering if you’d consider posting about dating a guy with kids? Totally understand if that’s beyond your comfort zone! But asking because I’m in a relatively new relationship with someone with kids and I’d love to hear more about other women’s experiences.

        11.13.23 Reply
        • Probably not, I’m sorry! The Internet just doesn’t feel safe these days and I don’t think that my boyfriend would really like it as he is pretty private.

          11.13.23 Reply
        • This could be a good thing to post about or search in the Facebook group, I’ve seen a lot of women talk about it there.

          11.13.23 Reply
  2. Katie:

    The make your own hot sauce is such a cute idea – thanks for this guide!!

    11.28.23 Reply