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If you are a regular reader in these parts, you know that I don’t tend to wear a lot of face makeup in my everyday life. It isn’t because I don’t need it (I spend a lot of time on skincare but my skin is far from perfect – I have dark circles under my eyes, broken capillaries around my nose, and little red splotches here and there). It’s more because I’m lazy and if I’m working from home I like to put a mask on while I’m working. But when I go out (or when I’m taking photos for the blog), I want my skin to look as good as possible so thats when I like a little extra help.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been testing bareMinerals BarePro Foundation + Concealer. I can say with full confidence that I really, really love both products. Together, they are quite the little dream team – they conceal imperfections and even out skin tone
without looking like a mask. I like covering up flaws but I never want to look like I’m wearing too much makeup. I’ve been a big fan of the brand for years (this tinted moisturizer is one of my all time favorite everyday products), so it was nice to find a foundation/concealer combo that I really love.

So that you could really tell the difference, I did my brows, put on mascara, and a little lip gloss for both pictures and took these photos in the exact same light so that all variables are consistent. I hate, hate, hate overdramatized before photos when it’s clearly taken in bad light or the person doesn’t have any other makeup on. The only difference is that in the “after” photo,  I’m wearing the foundation + concealer. It’s a big improvement, but I like that my skin looks like ME – just a little bit better. And for those who will ask, my shades are Golden Ivory 08 (foundation) and Light-Neutral 04 (concealer).

(Note that I really wanted to show you how the products look without any adulteration, so I didn’t put on bronzer, blush, or highlighter. Those would be the next step.)

What I love most about these products –

  • Most importantly, I still look like me! The results are really natural looking. I definitely look better in the after photo, but not overly done up.
  • The concealer goes on really smooth (it doesn’t settle into creases + fine lines) and it completely covers my dark circles. I like the concealer so much that I’ve been using it every day, even on days where I don’t put foundation on.  It does SUCH a good job with my dark circles.
  • Good-for-you skincare ingredients! I’m always focused on the texture of my skin and the foundation contains papaya enzymes which help with skin texture.
  • It stays on all day. The concealer is designed for 16-hour wear and the foundation wears for 24 hours. While I’d never keep my makeup on for that long of a time period, my skin looked great for the full 9 hours that I had it on. It’s also completely sweat-resistant. I never wear makeup to the gym (and definitely don’t condone it!) but in the interest of product testing, I wore it during a 3 mile run and it didn’t budge.
  • It’s reasonably priced! The foundation is $34 and the concealer is $24.

Another shot of the before. My skin is naturally pretty good (as you know I’m big into skincare), but it’s definitely not perfect. You can really see the little red spots and imperfections in my skin tone.

photography by Trent Bailey; thank you to bareMinerals + Shopstyle for partnering on this post!


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  1. I love how natural the look is, Grace! It really brings out your beautiful features! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4.27.18 Reply
  2. I love how you do your before and afters by just changing one variable. The foundation looks great!

    4.27.18 Reply
  3. First of all your skin is amazing. Second, I love bareminerals. I have been using the powder foundation for years, and am also obsessed with their lip products (the shade snarky is the prettiest pink). I haven’t tried this new foundation, but since I’m basically out of my powder it’s up next! I love how the store always runs promotions and coupons too – it’s really one of my favorite makeup companies. Happy Friday! xAllie

    4.27.18 Reply
  4. Thank you for taking these in the same light! I’m with you—I hate when the ‘before’ is basically just a terribly taken photo so you can’t really see the results. This product looks great! I’ll have to check it out.

    briana |

    4.27.18 Reply
  5. Natali:

    I have never tried Bare Minerals cosmetics but you make them look and sound very tempting! 😀

    4.27.18 Reply
  6. Cy:

    I love their moxie lip glosses! I don’t have dark circles, but have a friend who would love the concealer. And yes you have great skin. We are always our worst critics! I have a good skin too, but large pores, not much I can do about that. Because I have larger pores, some make up just doesn’t work well. Like you, I don’t like too many layers and less is definitely more as you get older. I’m going to get a tester of the foundation to try. I always enjoy your recommendations!

    4.27.18 Reply
  7. One of my other favorite bloggers, Whitney of Naptural85 also raves about Bare Minerals. I’ll have to give their products a try.

    Happy Friday

    4.27.18 Reply
  8. Lisa:

    you’re skin is insanely good without anything – good work! i’ll definitely check this out, i used to wear their tiny foundation but got away from it for some reason.

    4.27.18 Reply