Fool’s Gold.

Not to brag or anything, but as a kid, I had a pretty killer rock collection. One of my happiest memories from my middle-school years was when my aunt drove me into Boston to take me to the Museum of Science for my birthday. It was their rocks & minerals exhibit, and I was pretty much in heaven.

As an adult, I get my kicks from the bead store. Going into New York Beads (37th & 7th, just north of MJ Trim,) gives me the same rush of excitement that I once got from the science museum. Pure joy.

Anyway, as of late, it’s felt as if my twelve year old self is colliding with my twenty nine year old self. Everywhere I look, I’m seeing fabulous pyrite (Fool’s Gold) jewelry. The same stuff I used to collect in my tackle box – but in the form of gorgeous baubles. Chan Luu (per usual) does an amazing job – as does a brand called Luv AJ. But the reality is, most of the stuff I’ve seen is on the pricey side.

As a consolation, I picked up a Luv AJ barrette (featured here) from Shopbop that was reasonably priced. (It’s now sold out… sorry friends.) I also picked up some pyrite beads to attempt to create my own Fool’s Gold statement necklace & earrings. (I’ll let you know how that works out.)

In the meantime, below are some of the Fool’s Gold pieces that I’m lusting after. (I mean, how gorgeous is that Alexis Bittar ring!?)

1.  Ring

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