The Best Ingrown Hair Treatment.

Flamingo Ingrown Hair Treatment Review
Flamingo Ingrown Hair Treatment Review

This is kind of a random thing, but a very good thing, and I wanted to make a little mini post about it!

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You know how much I love Flamingo (They are my hair removal FAV… I use their razor every day, their wax strips got me through quarantine — refer to this post for alllllll about that, and more recently I got super into their body cream… it’s so rich and luxe; I still can’t believe that it is only $10!) But another product I absolutely love is their ingrown hair treatment.

Flamingo Ingrown Hair Treatment Review

Ingrown hairs are the worst. Hair removal is a pain and treating ingrown hairs just sucks. Back in New York I would get my bikini line sugared (at Shobha, highly recommend) and rarely got ingrowns. Here in Charleston I go to European Wax Center in Mt Pleasant but they only have waxing. I personally prefer sugaring to waxing (more on that in this blog post) but have not been able to find a good place for sugaring here in Charleston (if you know of one, please let me know!). This may be a personal thing but I definitely find that I get more ingrowns when I get waxed vs. sugaring.

Ingrown hairs are caused by a few things. The first is improper or aggressive hair removal (these are just my personal opinions and experiences but sugaring is so much more gentle than waxing, and shaving is the absolute worst – don’t get me started on that!), but they can also occur naturally. If there is too much dead skin debris blocking the hair follicle opening it can causing the hair to grow sideways. This is most prevalent in crease areas of the body, so it’s not uncommon to get them along the bikini line.

There are a lot of ways to remove ingrown hairs but in my experience, treating ingrown hairs can be painful and frustrating and this flamingo ingrown spot treatment is the best way to treat ingrowns and soothe irritation. I’ll apply overnight and the problem will usually be fixed (or mostly fixed) the next day.

How To Use The Flamingo Ingrown Hair Treatment

Don’t exfoliate or use this right away.

You shouldn’t exfoliate after a wax for a solid 48 hours – the skin is going to be more sensitive!

Cleanse the area you want to treat.

I generally do this after a shower… your pores are nice and open, the skin is nice and clean, you’re ready!

Dab the treatment on the area.

The brand advises to apply the gel cream solution on clean dry skin twice daily. You will start to see results in 24 hours. I like to do it before bed. The ingrown hair will usually be fixed by morning.

Does The Flamingo Ingrown Hair Treatment Work

In a word, YES. Ingrown hairs are the worst, it’s hard to prevent them, but the Flamingo ingrown hair treatment really works! This treatment is an exfoliating solution you can absolutely depend on and I really appreciate how quickly it works. I love that it’s alcohol-free and starts working as soon as it’s applied. Some important product details: the formula contains white willow bark, lactic acid, and a blend of five fruit acids exfoliate and help free trapped hair—without drying out your skin. (Also, a little fun fact: white willow bark is a natural source of the popular acne treatment salicylic acid. The more you know!).

It’s also soothing! Bisabolol soothes while reducing redness. In Flamingo’s words, please put the tweezers down. I don’t know if you are supposed to do this but once the hair is freed and there is no more redness, I will pluck the hair. But only after the bump/irritation has settled down.

Best Ingrown Hair Treatment

Flamingo Ingrown Hair Treatment Review - How to use


photography by Carter Fish.

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