Fishtail Braid Tutorial.

fishtail braid tutorial final

And we’re back with another hair tutorial! This time around, we have a fishtail braid tutorial. One thing I love about this braid is that it’s really versatile. You can leave the braid neat and tidy for a polished look, or pull on the tail to mess it up and fatten the braid up a bit. It’s the perfect summer braid and so fun + easy!

The key to nailing this look is really in the prep work, which we’ll get to. It’s amazing what you can do to your hair with product + a little bit of magic (Jay will teach you all of the magic… so read along for that part!)

fishtail braid tutorial 1

We started with freshly blown out hair. Similar to the Game of Thrones braid from a month ago, he shampooed my hair but did not use any conditioner. The reason for this is that it helps the braid to hold better. After towel drying, he did add two pumps of Oribe’s Balm d’Or Heat Styling Shield, which protected my hair. He wanted me to tell you guys that he swears by blowing hair out with a boar bristle brush as it tames flyaways without pulling too hard.

fishtail braid tutorial 2

He then applied anti humidity spray to the ends only and curled them with a 1.25″ barrel curling iron. I asked him why we were doing this and he explained that the wave makes the braid fall a little bit easier, and the ends won’t broom out.

fishtail braid tutorial 3

From there, we parted my hair to the side and used what Jay calls a “U Section” to separate the front + back. Jay emphasized that it’s good to play with the part and make it a little bit messy.  Clip the bottom section out of the way.

fishtail braid tutorial 5

Next… add volume! To fluff up the two sections at the top, Jay sprayed on Thick Dry Finishing Spray and rather than teasing my hair, he laced it with a boar bristle brush. (Note that I didn’t know what lacing meant, he explained that while a tease starts at the ends of your hair, a lace starts in the middle. And lacing it using a boar bristle brush gives it a more airy finish… he compared it to “cotton candy vs. spider webs.”

fishtail braid tutorial 6

fishtail braid tutorial 7

fishtail braid tutorial 8

fishtail braid tutorial 9

fishtail braid tutorial 10

Determine whether you want to have a few pieces left out of the braid in front. Jay recommends smoothing these guys with a bit of Fiber Architect to give them that messy, bed head sort of vibe.

fishtail braid tutorial 11

To start the fishtail, grab two giant sections (one from each side) and cross them over each other.

fishtail braid tutorial 12

Check the volume in front, and secure with bobbi pins that match the hair so that they remain hidden.

fishtail braid tutorial 13

Play with the front and tame any frizzy bits around your face with pomade.

fishtail braid tutorial 14

Back to the braid. Continue to take pieces from the bottom of each side and cross them over.

fishtail braid tutorial 15

Do this until you have two equal sections.

fishtail braid tutorial 16

fishtail braid tutorial 17

Continue to grab from each side, holding tight with your thumb. For a messy look, you can grab different sized pieces (skinny + big), just be consistent. Another tip that Jay had was to braid down (with gravity) vs. out… it will help the braid to lay flatter.

fishtail braid tutorial 18

fishtail braid tutorial 19

fishtail braid tutorial 20

fishtail braid tutorial 21

Like I mentioned earlier, you can tug the braid to add a little volume/make it feel a bit messier.

fishtail braid tutorial 22 fishtail braid tutorial 23

fishtail braid tutorial 24

Jay finished by curling the pieces we left out, and then we were done!

fishtail braid tutorial final2

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photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Alexandra:

    Gorgeous! I love a fishtail braid for the summer – and your hair color is fab!

    Warm Regards,

    6.2.15 Reply
  2. Jessica:

    Loving this! I wish my hair was long enough for fishtail braids, but to be honest, even when it was SUPER long it was so thick it wouldn’t even work!

    xo Jessica

    6.2.15 Reply
  3. Kat Smith:

    SO beautiful! Almost reason enough to grow my hair out again 🙂

    Kat |

    6.2.15 Reply
  4. Allison + Amy | VelvetCrate:

    Your hair is utter perfection! Love this braid.

    6.2.15 Reply
  5. Taylor - Lights Camera Catwalk:

    Love this simple tutorial! Too bad my hair isn’t long enough yet 🙁

    Xx Taylor

    6.2.15 Reply
  6. Zen:

    Never figured out how to do 1 of these but your post makes it very clear! I’m going to try it to set off the DIYs I just did for floral hair clips on my creative living blog 🙂

    8.19.15 Reply