How to Find Pretty Much Anything Online.

how to find pretty much anything online using the ebay shopbot | the stripe

As I have mentioned before, the best part of moving into a new space is redecorating. It’s really become all about the thrill of the hunt. My sister and I have a pinboard, and I go back and forth with her and a few other design-obsessed friends all day long, stalking the perfect items. eBay has turned out to be one of the best resources for all things vintage and whenever I find something I love that is sold out. A lot of the furniture I’ve chosen is very clean and modern. That’s beautiful, but I still want the space to have character. So I’m relying on vintage items to do that. Think milk glass champagne goblets, vintage pineapple lamps from the Regency Hotel, and Slim Aarons prints. It’s been really fun tracking down those perfect pieces and then figuring out where to put them.

Recently, through my partnership with eBay, I was introduced to their new ShopBot. You guys… this is cool. Like, really cool. Everyone has an app these days and none of them have knocked my socks off but this is really awesome. Essentially, you can take a photo of an item you see in real life, (or upload a photo of something you found on the Internet), and the bot will track it down. It’s basically like having a personal assistant who will do the grunt work for you. Truly just so cool.

how to find pretty much anything online using the ebay shopbot | the stripe

The ShopBot “lives” inside of Facebook Messenger and is so easy to use.

You can just click this link (if you are on your phone)… or just open up Facebook Messenger (or download the app for iOS or Android). Go in and add “eBay ShopBot” as a friend, and then click “Start Shopping” to get a message from ShopBot – it’s pretty simple from there!

how to find pretty much anything online using the ebay shopbot | the stripe

how to find pretty much anything online using the ebay shopbot | the stripe

As I mentioned before, you can chat with the ShopBot to tell it what you are looking for, you can browse collections, or you can (my favorite option!) take a photo of something or upload a pic and it will find what you’re looking for. There are a million ways to use this. Imagine you’re at a museum and see a really cool piece of art. You could send it to the bot, and order a print off eBay within minutes. Or you are at a party but you don’t really want to ask the host where they got that really cool glassware. Send a photo of it to the bot. You’re on Pinterest and find the perfect side table but it isn’t linked for shopping. Upload the image to the bot. I could go on.

I decided to test the functionality on my banana leaf pillows. I love these pillows but I got the last set and they are now sold out. I am hoping to find two more to add to my dining room chairs when I’m not using them.

how to find pretty much anything online using the ebay shopbot | the stripe

I took a photo and sent it to the bot.

how to find pretty much anything online using the ebay shopbot | the stripe

how to find pretty much anything online using the ebay shopbot | the stripe

I told it my color choice and price range and BOOM. Look what popped up. Pretty cool, huh? The future is definitely here… I am so excited about this fun new trick!

how to find pretty much anything online using the ebay shopbot | the stripe

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  1. The app sounds convenient, a great, even faster way to use the internet to source out things you need!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.17

      It’s seriously so awesome. Thanks Charmaine, I hope you are having a great week!

  2. Kristin says 4.20.17

    Wow so cool! I will definitely be giving this a try. Thanks for sharing!


    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.17

      Hope it helps you find whatever you may be looking for – it’s really great!!!

  3. Marty says 4.20.17

    Great find! And you need this coffee table book in your life / new place:

  4. Dana says 4.20.17

    This is INSANE!!! Trying this out ASAP. PS: Those pillows are amazing and now I want them 😉

    Pink Champagne Problems

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.17

      It truly is. I felt like it was out of the Jetsons or something. I’m dating myself. Ha.
      They are the greatest!!! You need. 🙂 xo

  5. Briana says 4.20.17

    Umm, this is amazing. Also, those pillows are everything!

    Briana |

  6. Jenn Lake says 4.20.17

    WOW! What an amazing idea for an app! Have a great Thursday ahead, Grace!

  7. Marta says 4.20.17

    That’s such an amazing thing! Like, that’s exactly what everyone needs. Ebay has done well.

  8. diana pearl says 4.20.17

    This sounds amazing! And I love that it’s a part of messenger. I need to try. Thanks for sharing! x

  9. natalie says 4.20.17

    whoa. this is very cool! I’m planning a move for end of summer and attempting to start completely fresh with furniture and décor. This is so helpful! thanks for sharing grace!

    by the way, I’ve LOVED following you along on insta stories with all your apartment updates 🙂 The floors are so fun!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.17

      Thanks Natalie! I am so happy that you have loved the apartment updates… annnnnd so happy this will be helpful! I am seriously obsessed!

  10. Amanda says 4.20.17

    Congrats on the new apartment! Looks fantastic! I saw this and thought of your new place immediately – think you need one!

    Second, did I see on your Instagram story that you were somewhere and got to pick your plant(s) and the vase/jar it came in? And there were boxwoods? Was I making this up? If not, could you share the info? I’ve been looking for low/no maintenance plants/decent fakes for my new apartment which has very little natural light combined with the fact I have no green thumb. Good combo, huh??


    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.17

      Aw thank you so much Amanda! I LOVE that planter – it’s so pretty!!!!!

      I don’t think that was me!!! I was at Home Depot and bought a few palm plants… and then some planters for them but that is it!!!

  11. Meg says 4.23.17

    Whaaaat, this is so cool! May have to download this myself.