February’s Amazon Finds.

February's Amazon Finds

February’s Amazon Finds

This month’s Amazon finds are delightfully random. A nice mix of fashion, beauty, plus lots of random home and cooking goodness. Far and away the best thing I bought on Amazon this month was these hydrating masks (a Courtney Grow rec). It made my skin feel like I’d had a hydrating facial. My skin was dewy, plumped up, and hydrated for days afterward. I liked them so much that I ordered a 16 pack for fear of them selling out. Also notable re: hydration, I repurchased my favorite foot cream. The best $10 you can spend!

There is also a very important last minute addition. This ultra cozy cable knit sweater arrived over the weekend and it is perfect. I took my usual medium and it is big and soft and I just love it so much. Can’t recommend it enough. It has the softness of angora and it’s only $40. I love mine so much. I bought the beige and like it so much that I also ordered “mustardyellow.” You have to love these color names.

Claudia had a really cute post with Spring decor items and I bought these faux flowers (orange ranunculus are my fav and these look so real) and topiary style bunnies for Easter. The other thing I was influenced on was this cookbook stand, by Julia Berolzheimer. I had been looking for one and ordered this on the spot when she posted it. I love that it flattens for easy storage.

Other notable finds: these ripple glasses could pass for something fancy from Mociun, Carly won’t stop talking about this milk frother, and I am absolutely obsessed with my new rice cooker. I love that it steams veggies too!

PS. Last month’s Amazon finds.

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  1. Regina:

    Got my mom those slippers for valentine’s day after you recommended them. She loved them! So fun and what a price. Thanks!

    2.19.24 Reply
    • Teresa:

      Curious on the foot cream. It looks like it is paraben free in the description, but the ingredient list on Amazon lists two parabens???

      2.20.24 Reply
      • I’m not sure, I just know it’s really effective! If you are worried about certain ingredients I would go by the ingredient list.

        2.20.24 Reply
    • They make me so happy – just fun!

      2.20.24 Reply
  2. Kate:

    The ripple glasses are for sure based on the Sophie Lou Jacobsen ones they sell at Hay/DWR, so you’re def on the money about Mociun! Curious how you balance providing ‘dupes’ that are affordable for your audience vs supporting original designers. Also, I know this is a conversation that people have been having about influencing for a long time (so much drama about a dress one time IIRC?) and wouldn’t expect you to screen literally every item, but wondering how you approach the balance!

    2.23.24 Reply
    • Thank you for letting me know, I hadn’t seen the originals! Love Sophie Lou Jacobsen and have bought several of her pieces.

      It is exactly that – a balance. I have realized I will never please everyone (“that’s too expensive!” “that’s a knock-off”) and that everyone would ideally like me to only showcase items that are under $100 but completely sustainable/ethically made, original, etc. but that is just not realistic. So I strike a balance. I spend my money (and support!) original designers constantly but I also do a monthly post of Amazon finds and love finding something that everyone will be able to buy.

      2.23.24 Reply
  3. Laura:

    Thanks for sharing your picks! I bought that sweatshirt dress in black at the beginning of January and LOVE IT! I get so many compliments, asking me where I got it, etc. It washes like a dream and is super comfortable. Perfect with black tights paired with booties or loafers. Will be sad when I have to put this one away for next year.

    2.24.24 Reply