Glitter Girl


I’m really excited to be featured over on Glitter Guide today as a Glitter Girl.  I’ve been reading their site from day one and love their whole team, so this is a big honor to me.  Be sure to pop over to learn a little bit about me, this blog, and my role at BaubleBar.  A big thanks for the feature, Glitter Guide!  In the meantime, here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot.






photography by Trent Bailey

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Leave a Comment


  1. honestly, b.:

    Loved the article Grace! You look absolutely stunning in each photo, and I loved reading your insight into how you juggle a full-time job and blogging. That is something I am always interested in hearing from successful bloggers.

    xo Brooke | honestly, b.

    9.24.13 Reply
  2. Amy Havins:

    LOVE this! You look beautiful! xx

    9.24.13 Reply
  3. ceislin:

    Can’t wait to read GG… love these photos!

    Classy Chic & Chardonnay

    9.24.13 Reply
  4. Cathleen:

    I love this article and the pictures. You look great, and I love the ways you’ve displayed your jewelry! I need to start an inspiration board.

    9.24.13 Reply
  5. Andrea:

    I love your feature and I’m honestly dying for your sparkly toolbox!! 🙂 So fun!
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

    9.24.13 Reply
  6. Vicki @ WITC:

    Is that a rhinestoned Caboodle? I wonder if my parents still have mine in the basement… Love all the sparkles.

    9.24.13 Reply
  7. Belen Baquerizo:

    Congratulations! I love your office space and the frame with the pink lips! And your outfit for the pictures is cute too. stripes and sequins.
    Visit my new post! 🙂

    9.24.13 Reply
  8. elle [wonderfelle world]:

    This is awesome Grace! You are gorgeous and talented and I loved the feature!

    9.24.13 Reply
  9. Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache:

    The article was great! In the first picture you have a set of small drawers from grey to black. Would you mind sharing where that’s from?

    Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache

    9.24.13 Reply
  10. Rhonda Jenkins:

    I loved reading the feature at Glitter Guide! I think it’s so fun to learn more about my favorite bloggers! Such an inspiration!


    9.25.13 Reply
  11. Christine:

    LOVE the lips picture, would you mind sharing where that is from?

    9.25.13 Reply
  12. Vivian Morelli (@lostinseoul):

    Grace, I love your blog so much and I find you so inspiring. Loving your book collection, and your skirt!

    9.25.13 Reply
  13. Hitha | Hitha On The Go:

    Can’t think of a better person to be featured as a Glitter Girl 🙂 Loved this feature.

    9.25.13 Reply
  14. The Preppy Leopard:

    You look so great! And I’m pretty much dying over how cute your loft is. Seeing spreads like that always makes me want to scrap everything in my house and start from scratch.

    9.25.13 Reply
  15. Bee:

    Love getting Glitter Guide in my inbox each day so I was SO EXCITED to see you featured!! Perfect match!!

    9.25.13 Reply
  16. Andi:

    These photos were just gorgeous!!! Congrats!

    9.25.13 Reply
  17. JennySueMakeup (@JennySueMakeup):

    I die if that’s a glittered Caboodle!!!! Great pics!

    9.25.13 Reply
  18. Nnenna:

    I loved reading this article on Glitter Guide- congratulations on your feature Grace!

    9.25.13 Reply
  19. Marissa:

    Your feature is stunning – i can’t get over how much sparkle you have! But then again, why should I be surprised 🙂 xo

    9.25.13 Reply
  20. Maria G.:

    Glitter Girl, you look so natural in this image. Stay in it longer 🙂 I have never thought that simple objects added into a shot can make it so sophisticated and nice. Here I mention the 4th photo with rings on books… You definitely worth to be on this photo shooting as you deserve it, your kind smile is awesome.

    9.26.13 Reply