22 Favorite Winter Recipes.

Favorite Winter Recipes | Winter Salad Recipe
I love this salad recipe!

This winter, I really upped my cooking game! I am proud of myself – I am learning new skills and find myself really enjoying cooking and entertaining. It’s mostly thanks to moving into the new house. For the first time in my life, I have a nice kitchen and dining area. It has been a fun little adventure. Our weekly family dinners have become a time to test out new recipes or learn from my dad. Same goes for cozy nights in with my boyfriend; we love nothing more than to stay in and cook together. It really is just the best… especially on colder nights. Today I wanted to write a big round-up of all the recipes I’ve been loving, just to have them all in one place. I hope this gives you a little cooking inspiration.

PS – while this post focuses on food, I’d be remiss not to point out my easy hot toddy recipe. Perfect for cozy winter nights at home.

22 Favorite Winter Recipes!

Best Winter Soup Recipes

Oh She Glows’ Vegan Cream of Tomato Soup

This is a classic favorite soup recipe of mine. I love it because my stomach can be a little sensitive to dairy; if I have a true cream of tomato soup I will usually feel a little bit sick. This one swaps in a mixture of vegetable broth and soaked cashews for the perfect alternative to cream. I am not personally a vegan but love a lot of vegan recipes as nuts can be such a good replacement for heavier dairy. I found the recipe online but would also recommend the cookbook!

Molly Baz’s Golden Get Well Soup

This is another favorite soup recipe; just so well suited for cold weather! I definitely recommend purchasing Molly Baz’s cookbook, it is one of my most used cookbooks and is worth every penny. I wrote more about it here! This soup gets so thick and hearty that it could almost pass for risotto. I love how flavorful it is, it’s perfect when you are sick or really just any time you are craving something comforting. I couldn’t find the recipe online but this TikTok video shows it being made.

Slow Cooker Chili

I love this recipe from The Pioneer Woman. Chili is the best for cold days and movie nights, and I really like her recipe (and love that it’s made in a slow cooker, so no tethering yourself to the stove to stir!

Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Such a good recipe from Ambitious Kitchen. This is another favorite winter dinner idea to make as it’s hearty and delicious… and made in a slow cooker so you don’t have to spend your time in the kitchen waiting around, stirring, etc!

Winter Chicken + Meat Recipes

Liz’s Chicken Pot Pie

This recipe is so good when you are craving warm, good comfort food… perfect when there is cold weather, for cozy winter nights. I love that it is a healthier take on the classic, referred to by some as Chicken Pudding. I also love that it’s a one pan wonder. Once you’re done, you’re done, just throw the casserole dish in the oven and have fun with your friends or family. The creamy sauce makes it feel decadent; the lack of pastry makes it more manageable.

Coq au Vin

This was one of my bigger cooking undertaking’s this fall. It turned out so well, with a bit of help from my dad. I used Ina Garten’s more simplified / dumbed down version. My dad did not approve. He recommends Julia Child’s more complicated but much better recipe. If you use Ina’s recipe, definitely soak the chicken in wine the night before and triple the butter/flour mixture. Definitely one of my new favorite dinner recipes. While it is a bit time consuming, it isn’t difficult.

Liz’s Baked Chicken Tenders

I like to eat like a child at times and this recipe is so good (and pretty healthy!) I like to put mine in the air fryer and serve with lots of Buffalo sauce. They’re perfect over a salad!

Japanese Chicken Meatballs

This recipe (from It’s All Good) is one of my all time favorite holy grail recipe when I am looking for delicious but healthy dinner recipes. I make a double batch at least once a month. The meatballs are a healthy source of protein and I love that the recipe incorporates garlic and ginger… they’re so flavorful! I like to serve these with a big salad and Lee’s Housin Sauce.

Steak Au Poivre

I love steak au poivre. I use my dad’s recipe (he won’t let me post it, ha ha) BUT this Bon Appetit recipe is pretty similar to his. In fact, I had always put this dish into the “too fancy, I’d never be able to make it myself” category but it really isn’t very hard. The steak is the hard part; I leave that to my bf.

My Grandmother’s Meatball Recipe

This meatball recipe is a family favorite. Growing up, my mom made this for us constantly. I make this less than the chicken meatballs (these aren’t quite as healthy) but they are one of my absolute favorite recipes and such good comfort food. They’re really great served with rice or over egg noodles. Make sure you make the sauce as well, it’s so good.

Winter Fish Recipes

Allison Roman’s Citrusy Soy Salmon

This is one of my favorite easy protein recipes that is always a wonderfully easy dinner and big crowd pleaser. The charred scallions and citrusy soy sauce are a really nice touch — makes it feel like a fancy, elaborate recipe but truly, it’s so easy!

Jenny’s Salmon Salad

OMG this salad. I love this salad. I think I love it as much as I do as it’s hearty — every salad should have potatoes in it. This salad feels like a meal. It’s really substantial. My boyfriend has a huge appetite and is not a big salad person… I’ve made this for him a few times and he loves it. It’s a good thing to have in the fridge if you have people staying with you.

Chrissy Teigen’s Skillet Charred Fish Tacos

This is another fun and easy dinner idea. I make these year ’round as it is my favorite taco recipe (it is meant to be a healthier version of Wahoo’s… yum). I love the chili garlic marinade. This is a fast one to whip up. The only change I make is swapping out Sriracha for Red Clay hot sauce.

Salmon Burgers with Herb Aioli

This Food & Wine recipe was a favorite this summer (my boyfriend and I made it together and quickly got obsessed, making it again and again!). The flavors are just so incredible together. Of course the burgers are great as sandwiches but for something lighter, I love putting them (+ the aioli!) over salad.

Winter Pasta Recipes

Chrissy Teigen’s Zucchini Bolognese

This is one of my all time favorite recipes to make. It is a bit time consuming but man — it is SO good. I like to make the sauce the night before and then make the zucchini noodles the day of. I love that it uses both ground beef and ground pork, and I love that you’ll have extra bolognese sauce. That’s the best part for sure.

Winter side dishes, salads, sauces, and vegetables

Brooks Reitz’s Lazy Man Beets

These beets are a new favorite side dish. Brooks is a friend here in Charleston but he doesn’t know that he’s also my remote cooking teacher. I love his substack and got this beet recipe from that. I will never cook beets any other way. No peeling! And the peels get so delightfully crispy and caramelized! I love them as a side or over a salad (arugula + pistachios + goat cheese + these = heaven).

Salad Freak Sheet Pan Salad

Salad for dinner might not sound all that appealing but this one is SO good! It’s extremely satisfying and also very easy to make (love any and all sheet pan dinner ideas if you have them!) Unfortunately I could not find the recipe online but I promise, the Salad Freak cookbook is worth every penny.

Food 52’s Marinated Squash & Zucchini

This is such a good (and easy!) side dish. I love making a big batch of this and eating with whatever protein (meatballs, grilled chicken, salmon, etc!)

Liz’s Whipped Feta Dip

I love this recipe because it reminds me so much of the feta dip at The Daily (one of my fav grab & go spots here in Charleston). It’s so easy to make and absolutely delicious!

Lee’s Housin Sauce

This recipe also comes from It’s All Good, still a favorite cookbook of mine especially when I am trying to eat clean. I made this (with the chicken meatballs the other night for dinner and my dad was like, “you MADE this from scratch!?!” he was very impressed. Then I showed him the recipe and he agreed that it really is so easy! This is great with grilled chicken breast, veggiest, anything really.

My Dad’s Salmon Gravlax

This is our family’s favorite appetizer and my dad very generously let me post this recipe. When we had our family restaurant, it was one of his signature, most popular appetizers… now, he makes it for us quite often. It is the best. Make extra as it will go fast!!!

Winter Dessert Recipes

My Mom’s Chocolate Upside Down Cake

I am admittedly not a huge dessert person (I’d rather spend my calories/money/effort on a cheese board!) but I feel like in the South, everyone has dessert! This is one of my favorite go-to EASY winter dessert recipes. The key is to make it a few hours before your dinner party so that the chocolate frosting (the best part) is still nice and gooey. This is an ugly dessert but it’s a crowd pleaser without a ton of effort.

What’s the best thing you’ve cooked this winter?

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  1. Katie:

    This is a new recipe from How Sweet Eats (one of my favorite food blogs!) and it’s already a staple recipe in my house, I’ve made it twice this week! The best part is, I usually have all the ingredients on hand.

    Golden Cauliflower Chickpea Bowls

    2.24.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Oh thank you! I love her blog too!!!!

      2.24.23 Reply
  2. Martha:

    Molly Baz has a recipe from 2019 on Bon Appetit’s website called “Simple Ribollita”. It’s basically a simple veggie soup with bread bits layered on top and then baked in the oven so it forms a golden, craggy crust on top. Molly says jump and I say how high. Her recipes just don’t miss!!!

    2.24.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Oh my god that sounds incredible. I agree… Molly is our queen!

      2.24.23 Reply
  3. Cori:

    If you’re looking for sheet pan recipes, one of my favorite food blogs (sweetphi.com) has a recent sheet pan one I love (and a salad!)


    2.24.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      YUM! Thank you!

      2.24.23 Reply
  4. Natalie:

    LOVE this! I thoroughly enjoy reading through other people’s recommendations on recipes – sometimes that extra boost of verified confidence is what is needed before going through all the work to make something. Especially with the added context + tips!

    I recently shared a few of my tried and true favorite recipes here – I’ve had some winners lately! https://whatnatisdoing.com/recipe-roundup-what-i-made-this-week-1-22-23/

    2.24.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Thanks for sharing!

      2.24.23 Reply