Favorite Things: September 2012

It’s crazy to think that another month has come and gone…  it still feels like August was just a week ago.  Now we’re already into October; the leaves are starting to fall; and my jackets, sweaters and scarves are into heavy rotation.  Below are a few of the things I’m loving most right now… a recipe for glowing skin, some tough little studs, my favorite Fall nail color, and much more.

What struck your fancy in September?  I’d love for you to share in the comments.

For more on my faves, keep reading.

  1. My latest skincare addiction is Caudalie’s Vinexpert Firming Serum, followed by the Night Infusion Cream.  This combination leaves my skin soft, supple and firm… and is the best way to wake up with glowing skin – even after a not so great night of sleep.
  2. Chic studs like these and these are a must for Fall.  I’m loving silver & gunmetal hues, paired with black and gray.
  3. Christin got me hooked on these water bottles.  They are so pretty, but also highly functional.  I keep hearing warnings about plastic and metal bottles… glass is the way to go, especially when it is pretty like these ones.
  4. Goop + Chinti & Parker is a collab after my own heart.  This little navy sweater is made from 100% cashmere with the sweetest elbow patches.  Love at first site.  I do just wish they were a little more affordable.
  5. I am obsessed with absolutely everything at Lulu & Georgia – so many bright fun pieces for the home!
  6. These sparkly nail polishes are the bees’ knees.  Ruby Red Slippers is my personal favorite – I love the red glitter set in deep dark black and wore it pretty much all month.  (Also pictured is Cleopatra in New York and Let’s Go Crazy.)


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Leave a Comment


  1. PennyPincherFashion:

    Love these posts, Grace – those stud earrings are perfect and I was also drooling over that navy heart sweater (so not in my price range, though!)

    10.5.12 Reply
  2. Emilie:

    I’ve been meaning to buy a Caudalie product (the Beauty Elixir) but I always forget as soon as I’m at Sephora. Thanks for sharing and coincidentally reminding me about that. 😉

    10.5.12 Reply
  3. Mal @ The Chic Geek:

    Love those sparkly nail polishes, they’re gorgeous!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    10.5.12 Reply
  4. Alyssa:

    I’m so into sparkly nails right now–that burgundy Deborah Lippman shade is gorgeous!

    -AlyssaThe Glossy Life

    10.5.12 Reply
  5. The Avg Girl Guide:

    OMG the nail polish is AMAZING! And, that navy sweater? swoon.

    10.5.12 Reply
  6. Danielledee:

    I adore Caudalie products! Going to have to try one of those nail polishes. Can’t believe it’s already October. Have a great weekend, Grace 🙂

    10.5.12 Reply
  7. Kathy:

    I’ve been on the fence about those goop Chinti + Parker sweaters for so long!! They’re gorgeous so I keep trying to justify the price to myself, but I just can’t help but think about all the other stuff I could buy with that $$…

    10.5.12 Reply
  8. christin schindewolf:

    I need so many new nail polishes. And like so many new BKR bottles! 

    10.5.12 Reply
  9. Bettina:

    I need to get the DL ruby red asap!

    10.5.12 Reply
  10. Noemi:

    I’m gonna try these products by Caudalie, I read good reviews and they’re not tested on animals, which is great. I love the nail polishs, the red one is the one I saw on your nails in your recent posts, I suppose, so cute!

    10.5.12 Reply
  11. Nicole Levine:

    obsessed with those pillows! 

    10.5.12 Reply
  12. Lia ~ Smart n Snazzy:

    Great picks!  I am coveting the DL polishes, specifically Red Ruby Slippers!  I’ve never seen glass water bottles, but those are way cute.  
    Smart n Snazzy

    10.5.12 Reply
  13. FashionableHostess:

    We are so on the same page. I love everything…. 
    Own the water bottles, pillows, and tray! ha


    10.5.12 Reply
  14. BrightonKeller:

    woah woah wait!! I need that little lacquer tray! yes please!! 

    10.5.12 Reply