Favorite Things: January 2013


This month, a lot of pretty things have caught my fancy.  It’s been hard not shopping, but it’s a good thing.  Luckily, I’ve been able to test lots of beauty products this month… and have been window shopping up a storm.  Here are my favorites from January.  Read on below for why I love them, and let me know in the comments what YOU loved this month!

PJK’s resort collection = so good… (and making me crave summer even more than before.)  This dress is going to find its way into my closet, I just know it.

Space.NK used to make a seaweed bath soak that was my favorite.  It detoxified and de-bloated like no other.  I’d only be able to sit in the tub for twenty minutes tops, and then I’d have to get out… but once I was out it felt like I’d had an intensive seaweed wrap.  They discontinued the line, but this soak is just as awesome as my original old favorite… I’m so thankful that I found it!

This slightly inky dark blue shade from La Metier de Beaute = a new favorite, and so fun!  It’s the perfect hybrid between cobalt and navy… I haven’t seen anything quite like it.

Robert Rodriguez‘ spring stuff is so good.  I really love this party skirt.  If I were allowed to shop right now, it would be in my closet.

mi-me makes amazing handmade (natural) beauty products.  I’m particularly obsessed with their tangerine lip butter and avocado butter.

My coworker wore this TopShop dress to a wedding (in the nude color) and looked absolutely amazing.  She returned to the office, singing its slimming/awesome/chic abilities.  Nearly everyone in our office now owns one.  It’s magical.


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  1. love that Robert Rodriguez party skirt!

    XO, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares

    2.6.13 Reply
  2. A seaweed soak sounds very relaxing, I want to try it out!


    Kristina does the Internets

    2.6.13 Reply
  3. That soaks sounds cool. I usually just opt for bath salts and I’ve never really tried out a soak with any specific purpose, but this one sounds like something I need to try out!

    2.6.13 Reply
  4. cannot wait to try that soak – thanks for sharing!

    2.6.13 Reply
  5. Ooh, that soak sounds promising, even thought I’m not really a bath person. I might have to try it! I love drinking Yogi’s “peach detox” tea when my face looks bloated/puffy- always gets rid of the puffies!

    2.6.13 Reply
  6. must check out that dress; love a piece that can transform based on accessories! ANd, adore that nail color, too.

    2.6.13 Reply
  7. The cute of that skirt is gorgeous. Love it

    xo Ashley

    2.6.13 Reply
  8. Love that nail polish! I’ve been sticking to deep reds for far too long, and that inky blue is the perfect shade to mix things up

    2.7.13 Reply
  9. I have a thing for a good navy nail polish so I will definitely be checking out La Metier de Beaute! Thanks for sharing!


    2.8.13 Reply