My Favorite Post-Workout Smoothie.

I remember when I first started working out with my trainer. She put me on a verrrrry clean meal plan (which I need to be better at sticking to, especially after Europe)! I had a really hard time at first. I am more of a savory person so I didn’t expect myself to miss a little something sweet as much as I did, but I suddenly had a major craving for sweets. And so she turned me onto the Peanut Butter Split smoothie at Juice Generation. It’s become my favorite. Either I will stop at Juice Generation on my way home from a workout or make this as soon as I get home. Note that Alex recommends having this right after you work out, as a meal... and preferably before 5pm (I’m not supposed to have carbs after 5pm when I’m sticking to my plan. The best time to have carbs is right after a workout. I typically work out with her around 10:30am and then have this for lunch at noon.


  • One cup milk of your choice (my favorite is coconut milk)
  • One frozen organic banana
  • One scoop protein powder (I love this one)
  • 2 Tbsp. organic Peanutbutter (I love Justin’s)
  • 3-4 ice cubes

Blend it all in a high-power blender* and you’re done! So so yummy, and so healthy!

*This Vitamix is my favorite! The to-go smoothie container is fantastic and the smaller size is great if you live in a smaller space like I do. It’s much smaller than the original but just as effective.

(In case you want to pin this for later, I made you a little graphic. 😉 )

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  1. Candice says 2.22.17

    This looks great, I can’t wait to try it! I’ve really been on a smoothie kick!

    • graceatwood says 2.23.17

      This is a good one! Hope you try it!

  2. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says 2.22.17

    Oh yum, it sounds delicious!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    • graceatwood says 2.23.17

      So yummy! Hope you make it! x

  3. Breanna Marie says 2.22.17

    Yum! I use PB2 for a similar smoothie. I also like to add dates if I feel like I need a little sugar.

  4. Jess Zimlich says 2.22.17

    I didn’t realize Vitamix made a smaller size blender! This is a game-changer. My magic bullet is two smoothies away from biting the dust and I always thought the other one seemed far too big for what I would use it for!

    • graceatwood says 2.23.17

      YES! Total game changer. I have so little counter space (and my old one was actually too tall for the space so I had to put it on top of the stove which was another issue). This is the best for small spaces.

  5. Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says 2.22.17

    Ohh yum! This sounds a lot like the Vegan Nut Butter Smoothie from Smootie King which is my ALL TIME FAVORITE.

    • graceatwood says 2.23.17

      Ooh I’ve never tried that! It’s really good!!

  6. Eme says 2.22.17

    This looks and sounds yummy! I have been thinking about buying that very vitamix blender lately.

    Eme x

    • graceatwood says 2.23.17

      I love mine!! So happy they made a smaller one 🙂

  7. Lisa says 2.22.17

    My favorite part of working out are the post workout smoothies!! Mine is exactly the same except my protein powder is chocolate flavored. SO good.

  8. Azanah says 2.22.17

    I make a peanut butter banana smoothie everyone morning for breakfast, its so delicious and surprisingly filling. I’ll have to try this recipe out sometime!

    • graceatwood says 2.23.17

      It’s so good! What do you put in yours?

  9. AR says 2.23.17

    YES to this! Any combination including peanut butter is the best!

    • graceatwood says 2.23.17

      I whole-heartedly agree… yum!

  10. Rachel says 2.24.17

    Have you tried powdered peanut butter? It is a great option since it has so few calories.

    • graceatwood says 2.27.17

      I have not but I have heard great things!!!

  11. Lauren says 2.25.17

    The PB Split smoothie w almond milk is my FAV at juice generation <3 I usually get it with 1/2 the PB to reduce the total amount of calories since it's pretty high – nothing beats it! 🙂

    • graceatwood says 2.27.17

      Oh what a smart idea! x